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Contacting AVG Customer Care

Please Note:

Official AVG support is only available from support.avg.com. If you see a phone number that is not on support.avg.com, this is not AVG Support. 

If you are using a Paid or Trial version of an AVG Product, to request support please follow the instructions below.

Phone, Chat or Email support

For help with billing, licensing or technical queries:

  1. Visit Technical Support form.
  2. Fill in all the details.
  3. Depending on the specified issue, phone number, chat link or email form will be displayed.
Note: Support may not be available in all languages

You may also find solutions in the resources listed below. 

If you are using a Free AVG Product and wish to locate support solutions, please follow the instructions below.

Knowledge Base

Use the search field at the top of this page or at support.avg.com, or browse the most popular articles for your Windows, Mac, Android or iOS product.

AVG Community

Visit the AVG Community,select the appropriate category, and then search or post your question. Before posting, you will need to log in using your AVG MyAccount or Facebook account.

The AVG Community is monitored and moderated by AVG Customer Care, and serves as an easy-to-use place to ask your question and discuss AVG products with other users.

Social Media

You can also follow AVG Technologies on our Facebook and Twitter channels.



    Tech Support

    Free consultation

    1-844-234-6038 (US) 0800-085-4139 (GB) for other countries click here

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