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Disabling AVG when Windows cannot start

If your computer fails to start and you suspect that AVG may be causing the issue, take the following steps to disable loading of AVG during the computer startup.
  1. Download and install AVG Rescue CD on a CD or on a flash drive from the AVG Download Center

    Visit the article What is AVG Rescue CD and the AVG Rescue CD Video below for more information and help with this step.

  2. Launch AVG Rescue CD.
  3. Select Utilities, and then select File Manager.
  4. Browse to /mnt/sda1/Windows/System32/drivers
    Note: If you have more hard drives in your computer, the Windows folder may be available in /sda2/, /sda3/, etc. instead of /sda1/.
  5. Scroll down to view files starting with "avg" in their name, such as avgldx86.sys, avgmfx86.sys, avgtdix.sys, etc.
  6. Select each file starting with "avg", and then press the keys SHIFT+F6 on your keyboard to open the file rename dialogue.
  7. Change the "sys" part of the name to "old" in the to: line, and then press ENTER to confirm the change. The name of the file will then be e.g. "avgmfx86.old".
  8. When all AVG files are renamed, remove the AVG Rescue CD CD or USB drive from the computer, and then restart the computer (press CTRL+ALT+DELETE keys simultaneously).
  9. Once your computer starts, uninstall AVG by following the steps in the article Uninstalling AVG software.


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