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How to exclude files, folders or websites from AVG scanning

Please Note: The steps in this article relate to the AVG AntiVirus or AVG Internet Security products. If the instructions below do not apply to your product, you may be using the newer AVG Internet Security - Unlimited.


In certain situations, you may wish to define exceptions within your AVG program, so that AVG will ignore certain files, folders or websites when scanning. 
Note: Always make sure that the file, folder or website is absolutely safe. Even legitimate files and trustworthy websites may be compromised.
  1. Open your AVG program.
  2. From the Options menu select Advanced settings.

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  3. In the left pane select Exceptions.

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  4. In the right pane click Add exception.

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  5. In the drop-down menu please select the exception type.

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  6. Browse to the file, folder that you want to exclude or type URL 

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  7. Click OK to save details of the exception.

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  8. Click OK again to save the settings.

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