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How to add a customer and deploy an installation package

This article outlines the overview of installation options, and the steps for adding a new customer to CloudCare.

Please follow the steps below to Add a Customer in CloudCare. ​
  1. From the Partner Dashboard, press the Add Customer button.
  2. Complete the Profile information (Customer Profile, Mailing Address, Customer Type, Billing/Mailing Address). If the customer is Self-Managed, enter the Customer Administrator information. Once complete, press Save and Select Services.
  3. Select the services to be included with the subscription, and type of subscription.
  4. For Prepaid billing, enter the number of units (devices) then press Add to Cart. Shopping Cart checkout is required to complete the purchase of prepaid services. Press Finish to save and exit. If prepaid services are selected, continue to the next step.
  5. Press the Shopping Cart link located in the upper right corner of page to begin the checkout process.
  6. Update quantities, remove services or clear shopping cart. Press Checkout to continue.
  7. Enter payment information, verify/edit billing address and enter order confirmation email address (optional). After all mandatory fields are complete, press Submit Your Secure Order.

Installation options

Initially you can only use the Installation Package and Email Invitation options. Once one device is installed in the network, CloudCare will scan all the devices on that subnet and enable you to use the 3rd option, Remote Deployment.

Installation Package:

Create Installation package. Click Download to download the file to the local system/network location/removable device and then execute on the relevant device.

Email Invitation:

Send an Email Invitation to specified email recipients through CloudCare to download and install the selected services or Generate a Download Link.

Remote Deployment:

Once the first device is installed in the network, you are able to select Remote Deployment. Check the services/components you wish to install, then open Select Devices for Remote Deployment. The Scanned Devices list contains all WANs/LANs detected by the scan agent (first device you install in a subnet). Select the devices you wish to deploy to then press Deploy & Close.

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