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Charges and Payments

What are credits and how do I use them?

If you are carrying a credit on your account, those credits will be automatically applied in the next billing cycle. If the available credit amount is higher than the amount due in the next billing cycle, the excess will be applied to subsequent billing cycles. Credits are shown on your invoices as a discount. Credits applied to your account cannot be refunded.

Will I be charged for the Avast for Business trial period?

Any products in a free trial period are not counted towards that month's billing. All devices using the trial version of the product will be automatically added to the next month's billing unless you have specifically notified us that you wish to cancel the trial for that device, for example by switching to the free product. Please note that, once a trial period has started, it cannot be paused and restarted later.

Will I receive confirmation of payments for Avast for Business Products?

You will receive automated notifications in the following situations:

  • after a successful charge to your account, you will receive an email with the invoice for that billing period
  • after a failed charge to your account, you will receive an email with a request for payment and a link to the unpaid invoice
  • after you have made any changes to your subscription, for example by activating or deactivating a premium product, you will receive an email confirming those changes


How quickly should I expect a device to update in my console after I have added it?

The device will be visible in the console after the software has been downloaded and installed and the device is connected to the internet.

The length of time for this to occur depends on the method you chose to add the device. For example, if you sent an email link to the device owner, this may take longer than if you installed the software on the device yourself.

How would I know if one of my remote devices is in trouble?

As the manager of the console, you will receive regular notifications informing you of the status of your devices and of tasks assigned to those devices. On your console Dashboard you can also see the overall health of your total network together with a threat-detection graph that shows the performance of the software over time.

How do I set tasks for devices in different time zones?

If devices are in timezone that is different to the admin’s time zone, then created tasks are launched immediately regardless of the time zone device is currently in. When admin is scheduling tasks for the future, admin’s local time is default for all other devices (regardless whether they are in same time zone or not).

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