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Anti-Spam (AVG Business Antivirus)

Anti-Spam (AVG Business Antivirus)

Anti-spam ensures that the inbox in your mail management software is free from unwanted spam, junk emails, and phishing scams. This feature applies to email clients installed on your devices. You can configure the active Anti-spam settings with features such as:

  • the sensitivity of the scan
  • the subject line added to suspected spam and phishing messages
  • whitelisting domains or recipients of outbound emails
  • Microsoft Outlook features

Anti-Spam Settings


You can access these settings by clicking Menu ▸ Settings, then navigating to Full Protection ▸ Anti-spam.

Sensitivity: use the slider to indicate how carefully you want Anti-spam to analyze your incoming emails for potential spam. The default setting is Strict; with higher sensitivity, the component is more likely to detect unwanted emails, but also more likely to mark legitimate messages as spam

Mark in subject of spam messages: marks junk emails with the subject line *** SPAM ***, or modify the text as preferred

Mark in subject of phishing messages: marks scam emails with the subject line *** PHISHING ***, or modify the text as preferred

Add recipients of outbound emails and domains to Anti-Spam whitelist automatically: adds email addresses that you contact to a list of trusted emails (known as a whitelist) so that replies from these email addresses are not treated as spam

Add entries from address book to whitelist automatically (MS Outlook only): adds all contacts from your Outlook address book to your Anti-spam whitelist, which is a list of known and trusted email addresses. Messages from whitelisted email addresses are never treated as spam

Managing the Whitelist and Blacklist

  1. Navigate to Menu ▸ Settings ▸ Full Protection ▸ Anti-spam
  2. Select either the Allowed or Blocked tab in the table
  3. Click Add email or domain
  4. Enter the email address or domain you would like to whitelist (allow) or blacklist (block)
    • For a single email address, provide the full email address (
    • For a domain, provide the domain name only (

You can remove entries from the white or blacklist by clicking the trash icon beside them. Individual email addresses take priority over entire domains; for example, if is on your whitelist but is on your blacklist, emails from that sender will be blocked.

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