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Component Overview (AVG Business Antivirus)

Component Overview (AVG Business Antivirus)

There are many components that come along with AVG Business Antivirus, both in the baseline Antivirus and in the additional versions.

Antivirus Components by Product License

ComponentAVG Email Server BusinessAVG File Server BusinessAVG Antivirus BusinessAVG Internet Security Business
File ShieldXXXX
Web Shield  XX
Email Shield  XX
Anti-SpamXX X
Enhanced Firewall  XX
Behavior Shield  XX
Data Safe  XX
ExchangeXX X
SharepointXX X
Data Shredder  XX

Components by Operating System

ComponentWindows WorkstationsWindows Servers
File ShieldXX
Web ShieldXX
Email ShieldXX
Enhanced FirewallX 
Behavior ShieldX 
Data SafeXX
Data ShredderXX

Enabling and Disabling Components

Many of the shields and tools available in AVG Business Antivirus can be enabled or disabled on the device. This is especially useful if you are trying to install only a few of the components on a server, or just keeping your number of tools to a minimum.

  1. Open the AVG Business Antivirus client UI
  2. Click on the proper button for the component you are trying to enable or disable:
    • Computer: File Shield, Behavior Shield
    • Web & Email: Web Shield, Email Shield
    • Hacker Attacks: Enhanced Firewall
    • Payments: Anti-Spam
  3. Beside the component you want to alter, do one of the following:
    • To enable the component, move the slider to On
    • To disable the component, move the slider to Off
  4. If required, confirm your choice

Installing and Uninstalling Components

Most Active Protection features are installed with AVG Business Antivirus, but these components can be uninstalled and reinstalled as needed via the Troubleshooting menu.

  1. Open the AVG Business Antivirus client UI
  2. Navigate to Menu ▸ Settings ▸ General ▸ Troubleshooting
  3. Click Add/Modify Components
  4. Beside the components you want to alter, do one of the following:
    • If the component is not yet installed, check the box beside it
    • If the component is already installed, uncheck the box beside it
  5. Click Change to confirm once you are finished making your edits

Configuring Components

You can access additional configuration options for each Active Protection component either on the component page in the UI or in the Settings section.

Main Shields

Other Components


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