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Console Migration Frequently Asked Questions (AVG Business Management Consoles)

Console Migration Frequently Asked Questions (AVG Business Management Consoles)

You can migrate your devices from the Remote Administration Console to either the Cloud Console or On-Premise Console by following the steps in Migrating from Remote Administration to the AVG Business Management Consoles.

Business Console Token Missing?

If you are trying to migrate your devices but find the Business Console Token is missing (from the On-Premise Console), do the following:

  1. Log in to the On-Premise Console
  2. Click General Settings, then Transfer from Another Console
  3. Press F12 in the browser to open developer tools
  4. Select the Network tab
  5. Click the Copy Installation Token button
  6. Locate "service?serviceName=InstallationPackageWS&operationName=generateRemoteAdminMigrationInstallationConnectionString" from the list in the dev tools menu, and copy the response to a notepad
  1. The installation token will be in quotes after "operationResult"
    • When copying the token, do not copy the quotation marks.
  2. Use the copied token in your Migration Wizard to begin transferring your devices

Receiving "More than One AVG License" error during migration?

An error message stating "You have more than one AVG license" may be caused by old or expired licenses on stations which may no longer exist.


Under the Licenses section in the left-hand navigation panel, you can see the current license numbers and their usage – any expired licenses here will need to be removed from the Console.

There are several possible methods to resolve this without contacting Technical Support:

Method One

Verify Stations

Verify if any stations are still activated with the expired license numbers.

  1. Navigate to the Stations and Application Servers sections of the Remote Administration Console
  2. Sort by the License Expiration column and verify if any stations use the old license
  3. For devices using the old license, verify if they should still exist (e.g. station was decommissioned, replaced)
    • If they should no longer exist, right-click ▸ Delete. You can highlight multiple stations to delete all at once
    • If they should still exist, verify if the Console is communicating and the license is correctly activated on the endpoints

Verify AVG Admin Server Monitor

Verify if the AVG Server Monitor is using the correct license.

  1. Open the AVG Admin Server Monitor
  2. Click Server settings and verify the license being used by the Server Monitor
  3. If the incorrect license is activated, click Change and enter the correct license number
  4. Click Ok on the dialog box and Server settings
  5. On the AVG Admin Server restart dialog box, click Yes, then minimize the AVG Admin Server Monitor
  6. AVG Admin Server will then be restarted (not the entire system)
Method Two

Download the fix.licenses.sql script from here

  1. Open the AVG Admin Console
  2. Open ToolsDatabase maintenance
  3. Select Load custom script
  4. Navigate to and open the fix.licenses.sql script
  5. The script will be checked automatically ▸ select Run scripts
  6. The script will display a green checkmark ▸ close the dialog
  7. Verify if the old/expired licenses are now removed from the Licenses section.

Once the old/expired licenses are removed, the migration should be successful. Should you be unable to remove expired licenses, please export your database (Open AVG Admin Console ▸ AVG Data Center ▸ Database export) and contact Business Technical Support with the created avgexport.dce file.

Receiving error message when importing my XML file?

If you receive an error message stating "You are trying to upload an XML file which does not match the product your company is using" when inserting your AVG Remote Administration XML file into your AVG Business Management Console, this is due to your shared license number settings in AVG Remote Administration.

To resolve the issue:

  1. Open AVG Remote Administration Console
  2. In the left menu, click Licenses
  3. Right-click Shared Settings and add your AVG Business Edition license number

You will now be able to insert your XML file successfully into your AVG Business Management Console.

Dashboard Widgets, Reports, and Tasks do not populate after moving devices from AVG Remote Administration to AVG Business Management Console?

Sometimes after you have moved your devices from AVG Remote Administration Console to your new AVG Business Management Console (Cloud or On-Pemise), it can take some hours for your devices to register to our servers. During this time you may experience no widgets on your dashboard, no data in your reports or inability to create tasks.

To resolve the issue, you can simply restart your devices after they have moved from AVG Remote Administration Console to your new AVG Console, or you can wait for approximately 12 hours for those devices to complete registration to your new console.

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