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How to renew an Apple APNS certificate

In order to enroll and manage iOS and OS X devices securely using over-the-air MDM, Apple requires the use of an APNS certificate. When a new APNS certificate is created and issued by Apple, it comes with an expiration date exactly one year from the date of creation. The current APNS certificate in use must be renewed from the Apple Identity portal and uploaded into the Cloud Manager prior to expiration in order to continue management of currently enrolled iOS and OS X devices. Failure to renew the certificate before it expires will require a new certificate be created and all iOS devices will need to re-enroll in order to restore MDM functionality. APNS configuration is specific for Apple iOS and OS X only - it does not apply to Android devices.

The current certificate expiration can be verified from the Cloud Manager under Settings > APNS Certificate.

In this example, the certificate will expire on October 11, 2013 @ 6:55pm. To renew the APNS certificate, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to the Cloud Manager ( and select Settings from the top menu then APNS Certificates.
  2. Select the Generate Request button and download the MDM_csr.pem file when prompted.
  3. Login to the Apple Push Certificates Portal at - a valid Apple ID is required for login. After login, the Manage Certificates page should be displayed.
  4. Locate the certificate that matches the expiration date displayed in the Cloud Manager.
  5. Select the Renew button (do not select Revoke) on the matching certificate and upload the MDM_csr.pem file downloaded in Step 2 above when prompted. After the certificate has been updated and a new expiration date is displayed in the Apple Manage Certificates page.
  6. Select the Download button and save the MDM_ Centrify Corporation_Certificate.pem file when prompted in the Cloud Manager APNS setting.
  7. Select the Upload Apple Response button and upload the MDM_ Centrify Corporation_Certificate.pem file.
  8. After refreshing the Cloud Manager, the new APNS expiration should now be displayed. The updated expiration date of the renewed certificate now displays October 11, 2014. The actual expiration will be determined by the date when the new certificate is created by Apple.
    NOTE: After the APNS certificate is renewed and uploaded into the Cloud Manager, be sure to test MDM functions and iOS device enrollment to ensure everything is working as expected.

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