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How to resolve update issues with Norman Endpoint Manager and Norman Endpoint Protection

If the Norman Endpoint Manager (NEM) or Norman Endpoint Protection (NPRO) clients are not able to update, you will see the following error message when opening C:\Program Files\norman\npm\bin\bdmirror.txt:

Error in the configuration file C:\Program Files\Norman\npm\bin\bdmirror.cnf at the line 1: not a key=value pair

To resolve the issue please follow the steps below:
  1. Delete the C:\Program Files\norman\npm\bin\bdmirror.cnf file
  2. A new file will be genereated and updates will begin to download
  3. Run C:\Program Files\norman\npm\bin\bdmirror.exe and check the bdmirror.txt
  4. The contents will now have changed and the issue will be resolved

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