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Internet Explorer unable to connect to the Internet


Problem description

Whenever an application that connects to the Internet is changed, Norman Personal Firewall will ask to confirm if you have updated or changed the application in question. This is a security measure to prevent malicious programs from connecting to the Internet from your computer.

During the last few months, Microsoft has released several updates to Internet Explorer. As a result, Norman Personal Firewall will ask you whether you still want to permit Internet Explorer to access the Internet.

If you deny this request, Internet Explorer will lose internet access.


Edit the firewall rule for Internet Explorer, and change it from deny to allow.

  1. Right click the Norman tray icon (N-icon), and select Norman Security Suite.
  2. Click Personal Firewall.
  3. Click Configure.
  4. Click Rule Editor.
  5. Select I want to change or delete an existing rule.
  6. Locate the rule that refers to Internet Explorer and select it. Click Next.
  7. Change it from deny to allow. Click Finish.

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