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Transferring an AVG Internet Security subscription to another PC

If you need to transfer your AVG Internet Security subscription from one Windows PC to another, you have to uninstall AVG Antivirus from the previous PC, reinstall the product on your new PC, then reactivate the product.

NOTE: Your AVG Antivirus subscription is valid for use on as many PCs as you specify when you purchase your product. For example, if you purchase a subscription for three PCs, you can use it on three PCs at the same time.

Transfer your subscription to another PC

  1. Uninstall AVG Internet Security from your previous PC. For instructions, refer to the following article:
  2. Install your version of AVG Internet Security on the new PC by following the steps in the relevant article:
  3. Activate your AVG Antivirus subscription on the new PC by following the steps in the relevant article:

Your AVG Internet Security subscription is now active on a new PC.

Troubleshoot activation issues

In some cases, subscription synchronization may take up to 24 hours after purchase. If your subscription is still not active after this time, refer to the following article:

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