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Viewing and Altering Licenses (AVG Business Management Consoles)

Viewing and Altering Licenses (AVG Business Management Consoles)

The Subscriptions page displays valuable information about your AVG Business Antivirus and Patch Management subscription(s) and gives you the tools to manage your protection.

The highlighted boxes on the page indicate which levels of protection you have for your network. For each level of protection, you can see how many subscriptions you have Available, and how many are currently Used.

To see when your protection expires, see the date next to Expiring in the boxes. Your protection expires after this date. If this says Multiple, click on the link to see the different subscriptions’ expiration dates. To see your auto-renewal status, see the status next to Auto-renewal.

Cloud Console


On-Premise Console


Buying Additional Seats

  1. On the Subscriptions page, locate the license you would like to buy more seats for.
  2. Click Subscribe more devices.
  3. If you have multiple subscriptions for the same level of protection, select the particular license you are adding seats to.
  4. Enter the number of seats you would like to add.
  5. Complete your purchase.

Uploading an Activation Code

  1. On the Subscriptions page, click Got activation code? at the top right.
  2. Type your activation code.
  3. Click Activate.

For more details on how to apply your purchased subscriptions to devices, see Applying Licenses to Devices.

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