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Pham Xuan HanhPham Xuan Hanh 
I just updated the license key in the Admin Console and it did not push the new key to the workstations. Am I understanding it right that the reason the other ones did not get the new license is because they were already expired and that prevents the new key from getting pushed out?
If there is no other way to push the new key out to stations I guess I need that SetLic tool for AVG Anti-Virus Business Edition 2012 and 2013 please.
Thank you so much.
Best Answer chosen by Pham Xuan Hanh
George PalingGeorge Paling (AVG Technologies)
Hi Pham Xuan Hanh,

You are correct - I've emailed the utilities to your login address for you to use for reactivation.


Stewart McKenzieStewart McKenzie 
Good Morning,

We are currently experiencing an issue when trying to push device manager on to client systems. The error appears to be associated with WMI. WMI has been enabled on the computers in question but the install still fails. We are able to rebuild the WMI Namespace on the local computers for the installation to work but it is a time consuming process which we would like to avoid. Would AVG please look in to why this is occurring? Please let us know if there is any additional information that will help to resolve this issue.
Thank you,
Best Answer chosen by Stewart McKenzie
KishoreKishore (AVG Technologies) 
Hello Stewart. I would request you to click on the following link to get connected to our business support http://www.avg.com/us-en/customer-support-business .
Adrian ForresterAdrian Forrester 

I have been rolling out AVG Internet Security 2013 Business Edition across our systems and have come across an issue I haven't been able to resolve.

One terminal previously had AVG Internet Security 2014 personal edition, which was uninstalled to make way for the new programs. However on installing 2013 there appears to be an issue with the AVG Filter Driver for the network adapter. It initially looks OK, until I reboot then AVG reports that there is an issue with the driver and the firewall fails to start. I have contacted support and not had a response. I would ask if anyone has had this issue to let me know how to resolve it.

For clarity, I have tried to uninstall and reinstall. I have tried repairing the installation. I have tried AVG Repair NDIS and finally I have tried removing, running AVG Remover and reinstalling.

I am running out of ideas to be honest, so any help would be appreciated.

Best Answer chosen by Zbynek (AVG Technologies) 
Adrian ForresterAdrian Forrester

The machine is running Windows 7 Pro. I got to the point of having no luck deleting folders (including the one listed above) and trying to clear down so much stuff I completed a factory restore on the PC to allow it to install OK. Not an ideal solution as we've had a few issues getting it back to where is was, functionality wise. But we've 'resolved' the problem.



Adrian CastanedaAdrian Castaneda 
We have just recently purchased the AVG AntiVirus Business Edition and are having a problem with remote installation via the AVG Admin Console.  

I was able to find a station to install and get all the way to "Browse for a file" when I receive the following error: 
No valid AVG 2013 installation files in specified folder - avg_ipw_x*.exe. 

I initially had the exe files located in a shared folder and thought that may have been the problem as stated on another post: AVG Admin Console Fails Install Station . I received the same error when trying to install from a local folder as well. 

Currently on AVG Version 3532 and AVG Admins Console 2013.0.2901

If we copy the exe file to the station and run it, we can install successfully and link back to the Admin Console.  Problem only occurs when installing remotely.  RPC ports are open as well. 

Any help is appreciated. 


Best Answer chosen by Adrian Castaneda
Alan BinchAlan Binch
Adrian, The AVG (SMB) support in Brno, Czech Rep.. will probably deal with your query @ their earliest convenience. Also, For a more direct contact method you may wish to try this link (http://www.avg.com/ww-en/customer-support-business).
AVG Guru
Hennie StoeldraijerHennie Stoeldraijer 
Op 14 december heb ik van u een nieuwe licentienummer ontvangen, bestelnur. 36-6231828

​Wanner ik mijn AVG programma wil activeren, krijg ik te lezen dat het licentienummmer neit juist is. Ik heb dit ook al geprobeerd met de functie knippen plakken.
​24 februai loopt mijn oude licentie af, graag voor die tijd een oplossing!
​Betreft AVG PC TuneUp, licentienummer TMC6S-9U6GF-HHRXJ-AKKL3-GBIQR

​In afwachting, Hennie Stoeldraijer


Best Answer chosen by Hennie Stoeldraijer
Alan BinchAlan Binch
Hennie, This Community is basically English language.. Query translation....
License Number
On December 14, I received from you a new license number, bestelnur. 36-6231828
Wanner I want to activate my AVG program, I get to read the license Number embedded neit is correct. I have also tried to cut Paste feature.
24 februai my old license runs off, like a solution for that time!
Subject AVG PC TuneUp, license number TMC6S-9U6GF-HHRXJ-AKKL3-GBIQR
AVG Guru
Paul MiddletonPaul Middleton 

I have AVG business IS edition.
I use Outlook 2010 and have the AVG plugin that checks for Viruses and Spam.

On a daily basis I receieve somewhere in the order of 50-100 spam emails.
AVG picks up that these are SPAM and appends the words SPAM to the email - it is also supposed to move the emails to the Junk folder.
Some of the emails are moved (not many a small percentage) but most are left in the IN box.
I know it is AVG that is marking these as SPAM as I have changed the official message in the firewall settings.

I have raised the issue with AVG support (several weeks ago now). I was asked to run a program that collects data about my machine and set up.  I was told to wait for 48 hours for a response. I have eaited for over two weeks now and chased several times but have not got a response.

The ticket number is 02611723

Anyone got any idea how to get AVG to do its job and move all the messages it marks as SPAM to the junk folder?

Best Answer chosen by Paul Middleton
Paul MiddletonPaul Middleton
That is the group i have been in touch with several times.

The first time they responded saying that they would not find my upload file.

I re-ran the program and reuploaded the file and sent an email on the 22/12/15
I followed up with an email stating the file name

The auto up load of the last file is

I was told to wait 24-48 hours.

Since then I have chased several times but have received nothing from them.

Dissapointed - DAMN YES

I get the feeling AVG have grown from a small company to a large company too quickly - it is selling a lot, but is not investing in the support arm or the business.

this is a bad strategy and will lose it business in the long run
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