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Michael BrightMichael Bright 

Why Two AVGUI.Exe In Task Manager After Updating ?

Since updating my AVG free antivirus yesterday I am now getting two of AVGUI.EXE in task manager for 90% of the time I'm online. Are other people experiencing the same issue ? 
Best Answer chosen by Michael Bright
AvinashAvinash (Avast) 
Hello Michael.
We're sorry for the delay in responding.
Our developers have confirmed that two AVGUI.exe files is expected behavior due to technology which we are using for the user interface.

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Priyanga SekarPriyanga Sekar (Avast)
Hi Michael,
This isn't the expected behavior. We will certainly help you with this.
Could you confirm that there was no virus scan in progress when you checked the CPU usage?
There are chances for this to happen when both old and new version of AVG are present on your computer. To check this, get into C:\ drive and access "Program Filesx86" and "Program Files" folder.
Get into AVG folder and see whether it shows both "AV" and "Antivirus" folder in it. Please let us know version of AVG AntiVirus free program installed on your PC (Open AVG Antivirus free program interface, click on "Menu-->About").
Please keep us updated.
Michael BrightMichael Bright
Further to my answer to your questions which is waiting approval to be listed. I thought you might like to see the balloon tip from process explorer for one of the suspect AVG filesComments From Process Explorer
Michael BrightMichael Bright
Thanks for replying. No virus scan in progress when I checked task manager. I do not have "Program files x86" on my computer as it is a windows 7 machine.I looked in the "program Files" folder and in the AVG folder was just an "Antivirus" folder obviously with sub folders within. In the about section of the AVG program it says software version 19.8.3108 (build 19.8.4793.439) virus definitions 190919-0 ui version 1.0.184. I have several identical machines which all show the same two AVGUI.EXE files in task manager after updating the program to the version that was released yesterday.If I do not update to yesterdays version of AVG I only get one AVGUI.EXE instance in task manager. I did try an uninstal and reinstal of AVG but still have the same problem. The facts are that if I do not update to yesterdays update I only get one AVGUI.EXE in task manager. I have several machines and I ask that you get someone to try the update on a Windows 7 machine then go on the internet for several minutes and then check task manager. As I have stated I only get one AVGUI.EXE if I don't update !!!
Kenny SmithKenny Smith
ya this is the same with me after the update
Sarath PriyanSarath Priyan (Avast)
Michael, Let's repair AVG Antivirus FREE and restart your PC and check if you see one .exe file.

Click on the link (https://support.avg.com/SupportArticleView?urlname=Repair-AVG-Antivirus) to check for the steps to repair AVG.

Keep us posted! 
Michael BrightMichael Bright
I have done the repair wizard at the link you posted and although only one AVGUI.EXE appears afterwards, another then comes along shortly afterwards , so I have two again. Does Kenny have two again and what does he mean by "reset", "reset what" ? I would like someone at AVG/AVAST to do what I have already done on a Windows 7 machine and then wait a few minutes after the first AVGUI.EXE appears to see if another appears. Failing a satisfactory outcome I will have to set all my machines to not update the program, only the virus definitions. Please help me with this matter !!
Kenny SmithKenny Smith
wait ya it came back , with Repair and reset the computer 
Kenny SmithKenny Smith
if you look in the picture you can see two AVG Internet Security System https://imgur.com/a/vWXa2kL
Sarath PriyanSarath Priyan (Avast)
Hi Michael and Kenny,

Thank you for the update.

Please share the screenshot of two .exe files on your PC with the file path to check further.

You can post the screenshot here in your topic. Click on "Answer" & then click on the "Image" [mountain symbol] & follow the instructions.  
Kenny SmithKenny Smith
ya i uninstal and reinstal it and still get the 2 AVGUI.EXE , and it happens on my windows 10 computer and windows 7 computer i have so it is something with the update that is doing it .
Michael BrightMichael Bright
My latest posting has been held in pending review for sometime and I am anxious for a detailed response from you because with Saturday and Sunday coming up you will all probably be at home and leave me to find my own way, even though it may mean having to uninstal AVG which is a pity.
AVG comprises of AVG/Avast/Piriform and in the UK we have a saying that is "Jack of all trades and master of none" I'm beginning to think you belong in that category.
AvinashAvinash (Avast) 
Michael, support on this forum is available 24/7.
Could you open task manager, click Processes tab and share a screenshot of it?
Michael BrightMichael Bright
I have only just seen your message. I am not very good at screen shots but perhaps you may be able to enlarge them. I have taken one from task manager and the other from process explorer. Both files show in process explorer the path c\program files\AVG\Antivirus\AVGUI.EXE. If you look earlier in this conversation I attached a screen shot of the jargon process explorer showed for one of the processes , would this be a clue to what is happening. Also what alterations were made in the program update of yesterday. Please try and get this sorted as I do not like using a computer that is not acting as I would like. As I have said before if I do a disk revert a few days before yesterdays AVG update I only get one AVGUI. EXE in task manager. If you cannot sort this out can a user carry on using the previous update of AVG but continue to download virus definitions ?task managerprocess explorer
Michael BrightMichael Bright
As a further question why does task manager show "AVG Internet Security System" when the only product I have installed is "AVG free antivirus".
Kenny SmithKenny Smith
User-added image
Kenny SmithKenny Smith
and this isn't just on my windows 10 computer but with my windows 7 computer to both have the update so something happen with Avg update 
AvinashAvinash (Avast) 
Michael and Kenny, thank you for sharing the screenshots from your computers.
I have forwarded your query to our next level technicians for help. We'll get back to you once we have an answer.
Appreciate your patience.
Michael BrightMichael Bright
I'm signing off for today. Will look at the posting tomorrow to see if anything has been added. Thanks to Kenny for proving its not just me affected. There could be  other people affected who don't look in task manager and unaware of the situation.
Kenny SmithKenny Smith
ya i was thinking the same , people don't look or they don't come here so that's why there isn't more people talking about it but Thank you Avinash will come back tomorrow and see if there is any updates on this.
Michael BrightMichael Bright
Attention of AVG. Its 10.30am (uk time) Saturday morning. Can I have an update regarding the problem Kenny and myself are experiencing ? I have several machines all with AVG "free antivirus" on them but I am at the moment only using one machine where I have already uninstalled AVG and installed a Microsoft product whilst you decide what the problem is. As mentioned I do have AVG on the other machines so can continue to work with you to find a solution.
Bernard LennardBernard Lennard
I also have the same issue on Windows 10 after the last AVG application update - I use AVG Internet Security (paid version), and have two of AVGUI.EXE in task manager etc for all of the time that I'm online.
Michael BrightMichael Bright
I think AVG should get on to this matter as soon as possible. Prior to the recent program  update task  manager showed me as having AVG Antivirus but after the update, task manager says I have AVG Internet Security System see picture above.

It is clearly a major fault at AVG and I suggest they sort this matter out as soon as possible. Is it a virus or just someones incompetence ? We need answers !

Is AVG going the same way as CCleaners (Piriforms) disastrous update of a year or so ago ?
Michael BrightMichael Bright
After being told AVG offers 24 hour support I am very disappointed that they have not had the decency to reply to my messages. I class this issue serious until proven afterwards. Perhaps they shut at weekends.
I am fortunate on all my machines I have full system images from before the alleged BAD update. I am gradually going to uninstal AVG from most if not all of them , ccleaner as well since they all come from the same "family".

I say again AVG ,give us the decency of an update ! If I lived in the Czech Republic or wherever your HQ is I would bring my computer in and put it on your desk asking for an explanation.

Wayne KingWayne King
>As a further question why does task manager show "AVG Internet Security System"
>when the only product I have installed is "AVG free antivirus".

I'm not sure you should be too concerned about the name shown in task manager,
as the core elements of protection and the GUI are the same for the AV and
IS products. Before this recent update - which I have *not* applied yet - the
Task Manager shows "AVG Antivirus" on my system although I have AVG Internet
Security installed.

I suspect TM is using the "File description" from the file's properties.
The "Product name" property may be different. e.g. - On my system the
"File description" is "AVG Antivirus" but the "Product name" is
"AVG Internet Security System".

As to multiple AVGUI.exe tasks running - that's normal under some conditions.
That is the part of the product that handles the user interface. (GUI)

There is always at least one showing as that is the resident part of the program.
If you open the GUI there will be a second instance showing in the TM. The same
if you open the widget.

If you open the GUI and minimize it to the task manager, then open the widget as
well, you will see three instances of AVGUI.exe in the TM. That is normal
behaviour for many applications. e.g. - Firefox and Chrome will spawn many
tasks with the same name every time they are run.

Granted it's a little puzzling that it should spawn an instance just as a
result of running a browser. But I seriously doubt that your protection is
adversely affected in any way. Testing it at amtso.org may ease your
apprehensions somewhat.

User-added image

User-added image

Michael BrightMichael Bright
Wayne, whilst I respect your reply you have internet security installed which is different from the AVG free antivirus that I have. I therefore do not think your comments apply to my query. AVG may apply the right update for YOUR installation but it goes without saying that your update will contain different imformation  to me having just the basics (AVG Antivirus) and you having Internet Security.
Until a definitive response is heard from AVG I will each day remove the product from one of my machines until such time as a response is heard from AVG themselves.
I will use a different anti virus for the time being on each machine I change. I do not visit any dodgy websites like gambling,p*orn, torrents etc so hopefully I will be okay.
Michael BrightMichael Bright
If you cannot bother to do so, each day I will be removing AVG from one my machines, so far I have removed it from two machines and another will be removed today if no answer is given.

AVG/Avast provides poor customer service.
Kenny SmithKenny Smith
ya i been using AVG for over 7 years and i can tell EACH YEAR that it's getting worse :( after my plan is up im going to have to find another Antivirus .
AvinashAvinash (Avast) 
Hello Michael.
We're sorry for the delay in responding.
Our developers have confirmed that two AVGUI.exe files is expected behavior due to technology which we are using for the user interface.
This was selected as the best answer
Kenny SmithKenny Smith
LOL ya use more memory and cpu , like i said each year it's taking more and MORE cpu and memory to use this gg
Michael BrightMichael Bright
Thanks Avinash for confirming two AVGUI.EXE is normal behaviour for AVG. Unlike Kenny I find AVG light on resources .I have only 2GB of RAM running Windows 7, with all shields on. I much prefer AVG to Avast even though I realise they are very similar to each other in components etc. Whilst I was waiting for the official response I checked out some other free antivirus, one was Russian,enough said. One antivirus could only be used on one machine in the home ! A couple of others insist scans can only be run whilst online, WTF ! When everything is taken into consideration I am very happy with AVG.
Dinesh KrishnanDinesh Krishnan (Avast)
Thank you for your understanding, Michael. We're glad to know that you've chosen AVG. Each antivirus has an unique scanning engine & algorithm. Hence, the functionality differs. Thank you for reaching us. Have a great day! 
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