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Michael NybyMichael Nyby 

Questions About This Community

I would like to know where the basic information is provided on how posts are handled in this Community.

For example:

Are all posts by all Customers reviewed before being shown to the other members of the Community?

Are Community Members provided any information (via their email accounts, as I assume that is all that can be used) when posts are not approved?

And I suspect I have further questions, but at present those two are foremost.

Thank you for your attention.
Balasubramanian SBalasubramanian S (AVG) 
Hello Michael,

We request you to continue your conversation through your original post: https://support.avg.com/answers?id=9060N000000EbGO.
Whenever a user posts on AVG community, it will be held for review. If it is a valid AVG related concern, then it will be approved by concern team.
Once it is approved, post can be viewed publicly.
You will then get a response from the community team.
There is no specific email address to contact AVG. Hence, to reach customer care, use the links available in this article.
Thank you.
Michael NybyMichael Nyby
Balasubramanian, what you label as my "original post" does not relate to my questions in this thread, and so I do not understand that request.

And I am not asking for an email address for contacting any one individual at AVG.  I am asking where we can learn about how this Community platform works.

Now, you have answered one question and I thank you for that.  Would you please be so kind as to answer the next question.
Priyanga SekarPriyanga Sekar (Sitel)
We referred your initial query as original posts. My colleague has actually requested to keep the conversation in a single thread to get instant reply. 
No problem, we can continue here. Yes, if any customers post queries in our forum, it needs to be approved from our end.  So, we can filter out spam messages. 
If you require any further assistance regarding AVG products, let us know in detail. We're more than glad to help you.
Michael NybyMichael Nyby
So that I clearly understand your answer, if I am not posting spam and I am being polite and am on topic in a given thread I should not have to worry about a post not being approved.  Is that a correct understanding of the way that works? 
Dinesh KrishnanDinesh Krishnan (AVG)
Yes, Michael. You're correct about how the posts gets approved here. Only the spam posts will be removed or in other words, they don't get approved.
There might be a slight delay in approving the posts, depending upon the volume of requests we handle here.
Thank you for your understanding in advance!
Michael NybyMichael Nyby
All three Avast Team members that have contributed to this thread, thank you.  And I apologize for my delay getting back to this.

Next question, or observation, I have regards the very complicated process of logging in and then getting back to a thread, like this one.

There are three buttons on the page for logging in, but let me start with this one:

User-added image

Before I click the logging in button in blue marked as "logged" I am on this page:

1. -- https:[//]support.avg.com/answers?id=9060N000000Ebo8QAC# << Tag indicates I accepted cookies.

The next page I will be on after I click the login button will be this page:

2. -- https:[//]support.avg.com/support_authorization_required?l=en&startUrl=%2Fanswers

After entering my email address and the password I am then on this page:

3. -- https:[//]support.avg.com/answers?dt=login#!/feedtype=RECENT_REPLY&dc=All&criteria=ALLQUESTIONS

Right there we start with the confusion, if one is not familiar with this Community Platform.  Of course, a person will wonder what happened to the answer/comment box where he/she was requested to click on the login button.

In my case, I have to scroll down to find the category "General discussions".

I click on that and I am then on this page:

4. -- https:[//]support.avg.com/answers?dt=login#!/feedtype=RECENT_REPLY&dc=General_discussion_v2&criteria=ALLQUESTIONS

Then I'll have to scroll down the many questions and find the thread I started out wanting to post something in and I might find it, or maybe not.  The "maybe not" means that by this time I am fed up with all this and I give up.

When I finished all my research on this aspect of this Community Platform I then cleared all cookies and forms and browser history before I repeated everything and kept the log you will see below.

User-added image
So I have an observation, that could be thought of as a question:

That is a lot of navigating around to get back to where I started out when I was asked to click the login button to post text, whether a question, comment, or an answer.

A direct question, if you don't mind:

Where are the instructions for how to do all that explained above?

You have a Community Platform and so where are the instructions about how to navigate around this platform?
Priyanga SekarPriyanga Sekar (Sitel)
Michael, I am sorry for the dififculties you experience while navigating the community page. 
I appreciate your detailed explanation. Let me explain how this works. 
In general, users can post a query, it will be reviewed by us and we reply at the earliest as soon as we approved it.
In case, if the user is not logged in at the moment (even the user is logged in), the user will receive an e-mail notifying about our reply. 
You will a find a link to see the entire conversation happened in that posts, so you can easily follow up on the thread. 
Unfortunately, we don't have instructions about how the community platform works. However, all the posts that were answered will be notified to the users. 
I will take your comments as a feedback for consideration in future.
Michael NybyMichael Nyby
Thank you very much for your explanation and answer that there are no instructions.

I would like to ask that you elevate my concerns about there being no instructions for your Customers about how to use this Community Platform to your manager, or whomever you answer to as you do your work for Avast; and please do not ask me to use some other portal to send information to another department.

Asking me to simply use another portal would not look good to the Internet Community outside of this AVG/Avast Community where we should be able to discuss matters of urgency.  And that is the key word here --- urgent.

It is simply absurd for a company of this size and ability to generate profit as it does not to invest in a simple tool like an instruction manual of some sort for its Community Members/Customers.

We are being told how the Internet is a great method for educating people; well, here is a practical request --- instruct (educate) us in how to properly use this Community Platform.

Priyanga Sekar, if I do not receive further discussion with your immediate supervisor within one week I will move this discussion to another Community on the Internet, possibly Facebook, and find out what the opinion is of this situation with members of the Internet beyond this site.

I apologize to both yourself and your immediate supervisor and the executives at AVG/Avast for appearing to be exerting pressure upon the company/companies by using what appears to be a threat, but actually it is simply a communications system that is beyond this Community Platform and I will use what is available to assert the necessary pressure to see a wrong is fixed.

It is wrong for there to be no instructions for the AVG/Avast Customers in how to properly use this Community Platform.  It also does not make any sense.  In fact, it makes AVG/Avast look cheap.
AvinashAvinash (AVG) 
Hi Michael.
We'll definitely take this as your valuable feedback and pass it up to concerned team.

In addition to our colleagues comments above, I'd like to add something. When you click 'Logged' and complete authentication, you will again land on the same page where you can click the box to type your answer.
Based on the size of that particular thread, you might have to scroll down to the bottom of that conversation to find the box where you can type the reply.
Michael NybyMichael Nyby
I am sorry, Avinash, but your information is incorrect. about my being returned to the same page where the 'Answer/Comment' box is located.

I researched the baviour of the code about three times before I finally logged all the necessary information to provide your Team with an accurate explanation of what is happening.

And that third image in my post above shows you the exact times and my own copying of the addresses of each page also show you exactly what is happening.

Again, I am not returned to the same page I was on when I clicked the "logged" button.

Now you might be confusing a dedicated page with a page that includes all threads dated before the target thread (or with a timestamp of the same date previous to the target thread) but it is not the same page.  Now my vocabulary escapes me for how to properly explain that first page I am on, so I used the vocabulary "dedicated" and I apologize if that is the wrong word.

I would also like to point out that I have yet to outline/document what takes place if we/I were to use the login button at the upper-right of the page.  That is even more convoluted, if you'll excuse that choice of words.  But it really is.
AvinashAvinash (AVG) 
Thank you for getting back quickly, Michael.
Using the login button at the top right corner will take you to the My Subscriptions window where you can manage your active subscriptions registered to your email address.
When you click 'General Discussion', you will see all the queries from different customers and you have to search yours between them which could be time taking.
Instead, clicking 'Answer' on our reply will make sure you are on the topic and not redirected elsewhere.
Change in the URL for each action you perform does not mean you are being redirected to a different website.
Appreciate your understanding.
Michael NybyMichael Nyby
You really need to be more careful, Avinash.  Please.

I did not write that I was being directed to a "different website".  I wrote I was being directed to a different page.

And the addresses up there in that long post I did with the screen grabs clearly show different pages; from the outset HERE: https://support.avg.com/answers?id=9060N000000Ebo8QAC (without the '#' tag, which is to indicate I accepted the cookies.)

TO HERE: https://support.avg.com/support_authorization_required?l=en&startUrl=%2Fanswers (https://support.avg.com/support_authorization_required?l=en&startUrl=%2Fanswers) (And I have now removed the brackets, which I used in that post a few up, as a courtesy so it wouldn't be a hot link.)

https://support.avg.com/answers?dt=login#!/feedtype=RECENT_REPLY&dc=All&criteria=ALLQUESTIONS (https://support.avg.com/answers?dt=login#!/feedtype=RECENT_REPLY&dc=All&criteria=ALLQUESTIONS)

Possibly using the brackets was a mistake and so you did not understand the information I was providing.

Those are definitely three different PAGES.

If it is not clear yet, please let me know.  I will then provide screen grabs of the pages themselves.  I'll grab the appropriate place and resize even those grabs so they don't appear too large in a post here.

We have to be sure we are properly communicating here or we are both wasting our time in this effort.
Sarath PriyanSarath Priyan (Sitel)
I am sorry for the confusion, Michael.

Please share us the screenshot when you login with your email address and password in AVG Community page.

Awaiting your reply!
Michael NybyMichael Nyby
This is the page I land on, which you see a few posts up is #1:
User-added image
I scroll down to where you see an image I have already posted a few posts up and where I state I click on the blue text "logged" and is the login button.  That takes me to this page, which is adress #2 in that post above:
User-added image
After entering my credentials and clicking the Log in button, I end up on this page, which is address #3 in that post above. (That is four posts above, by the way.  Where I also provided images.) Again, after actually hitting the "Log in" button, I am here:
User-added image
And because it has now been a few hours we can scroll down that list and we will not easily find my thread.  let me show you, and note the interlocking parts of the images:
User-added image
Next one takes us the the "Show More" button:
User-added image

I think you can clearly see from the addresses I have been providing from the fourth post above with the images in that post and then again further down and now with the requested images that I am correct when I state to you that I have gone through three different pages, and that would be true of anyone else using that particular button to log in.

Can you imagine how confused a novice would be by the time they get to that "Show More" button?

Priyanga SekarPriyanga Sekar (Sitel)
Hello Michel, 
Thank you for taking time to write us back.
We realize that you are facing difficulties in locating your post and replying to the same.  
Let us check with our next level of support to see what can be done from our end. Your patience is much appreciated.

Michael NybyMichael Nyby
Priyanga Sekar, please understand that this effort I am going to in this thread is not for my benefit.  It is for the benefit of the person, your customer, that needs help and needs to do a post or add to a thread and cannot do that because your platform is too confusing.  And your company has not gone to the extra effort and expense to provide any instructions for that persn, your cutsomer, to be able to communicate with you.  I am simply giving you one example, but I have documented other problems.  In fact, I have been doing this work now for many hours and have a lot of information and records in a folder simply to try and achieve some measure of success in helping your company do a better job serving people, your customers.

I beleive that is the kind of work a good Internet citizen should be engaged in, if they have the time and knowledge/ability.  No different from helping people in the brick-and-martar world.
Michael NybyMichael Nyby
And I have been very careless in the last two posts with incorrect spelling.

That last sentence above should read:
. . . . . . . <=> <=> Correction <=> <=>
. . . . . . . No different from helping people in the brick-and-mortar world.
Michael NybyMichael Nyby
I have waited for approximately 20 days for some indication of what that statement about contacting the next level of support was meant to mean.  I believe in most cultures on this planet that shows plenty of patience.

So what exactly is the problem there at your company?

I am just a peon and not worthy of any further attention?

Of course, that is being a fair bit dramatic, isn't it?  And can aid you in suspecting that I am actually mentally unbalanced, and you might be right.  But I am a tad bit frustrated, so if that shows in my use of this language, you must admit that I am, at least, not using any profanity.

You know, this company has already insulted me by such a lengthy 'no further responses' type of response.  I mean, you do understand that after a certain length of time 'no response' is a response.  Of course, you know that.  It is a very basic truth taught at possibly the junior high school level.

I suppose I lied about something.  My frustration level is a bit higher than a 'tad'.
Balasubramanian SBalasubramanian S (AVG) 
Hi Michael,

We're sorry for the delay in response.
There is an option in our AVG community page to sort out the questions that customer posted.
Please visit https://support.avg.com/answers website and login using your AVG account credentials.
Once it is done, refer below image and click on 'All Questions'.
User-added image
You can find an option to select 'My Questions'.
Click on that option and it will list out all the topics that you have posted on our community.
Thank you.
Michael NybyMichael Nyby
I fully understand the problem with your response, Balasubramanian, but I can't really help you too much with that problem except to point out right here that you completely misunderstood the reason behind my post you responded to.  I assume the problem is you are still studying English.  You need to keep studying and learn from your mistakes, and you made a big mistake just above.

By the way, the URL of every thread can be found in the element, so your idea is good for some people, but for actual links whereby I can jump from an rtf/odt/pdf document to your site I use the element.

Do you know how to view the element?

There is probably another easier method to get the URL, but that works okay.
BUT let's get back to my key question --- where is the "NEXT LEVEL OF SUPPORT" that your colleague wrote about?
Balasubramanian SBalasubramanian S (AVG) 
Michael, I actually tried to quote about the 'My questions' available within our community page which would help you.
However, I completely understand that your concern is entirely different and I can assure you that we can take this as a feedback and work on it. 
It will take time for our senior team (Next level of support) to answer some of the queries. 
I have added a note and asked them to provide a suggestion on this matter.
I expect your extended patience on this matter.
Thank you. 
Bharath RogerBharath Roger (AVG)
We appreciate your patience, Michael.
Our senior team confirmed that, for messages posted in other threads, you need to scroll down and locate the messages. This is the only way to see the topics you have posted on other threads.
For the topics that you have created, it can easily viewed from My Questions. However, we have have taken this as feedback and shared this query to our developers.
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