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Robert WilsonRobert Wilson 

Cannot receive emails in Outlook

Hi. A couple of days ago, I couldn't receive emails in Outlook. Did some investigation with the service provider, and they believe the issue is on my side. I had some early similar issues through VPN, but this time I need to briefly turnoff my Email Shield in order to receive. Sending is not a problem.

I have been updating my AVG.

Ranjani BakthavachalamRanjani Bakthavachalam (Avast)
Hello Robert,

Yes, we are aware of this issue and our developers are working on a fix.

Please open AVG Internet Security -> Menu -> Settings-> Troubleshooting -> Uncheck "enable AVG Self Protection module" and check the status.

Make sure that AVG Email shield is turned on during this process.
Robert WilsonRobert Wilson
Thanks Ranjani,

I followed your suggestion but still unable to receive emails on Outlook without turning off my Email Shield.

Assistance please.

BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (Avast) 
Robert, our developers confirmed this as a bug and they are working on a fix.
It will be released in the next program update as soon as possible.
Your patience is much appreciated.
Robert WilsonRobert Wilson
Good morning,

I am still with the same issue of not being able to receive my emails through Outlook. Is there a fix please. As a temporary quick access I was able to receive by turning off the email shield, receive my emails, and then restore the email shield. Now it seems that option is barred. I am really having trouble. When is this sorted please.
Also when I go into my account, I get a 'Apologies we are redecorating'. Is there something wrong over there ?
Santhosh PannerselvamSanthosh Pannerselvam (Avast)
Robert, we are updating the interface of our AVG My account. That's why you have received the redecorating message in the website.

Regarding your outlook issue, we have offered our additional support through email. Please check for the email and connect back to us as soon as possible.
Martin StoneMartin Stone
This problem is in some several machines on different networks. But if you use Outlook 2011, Apple Mail, Write My College Essay (http://www.bestassignmentservice.com/write-my-college-essay" target="_blank) no problem. So settings are correct and it's not a firewall issue.
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