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abdo benabdo ben 

quickenn ipfinder.io

AVG aborted connection to https://ipfinder.io/ when launching Quicken after fresh install.
forgot password on my laptop windows 10 .
-980888528-980888528 (Avast)
Hello Abdo,
We will look into it.
Please share the screenshot http://support.avg.com/SupportArticleView?urlname=How-to-create-a-screenshot of that error message you received to check and assist you further.
Have you tried with different browser?
abdo benabdo ben
there are problme with isp ??? 
i don't know the problem  
abdo benabdo ben
This support.avg.com page can’t be found
No webpage was found for the web address:https://support.avg.com/servlet/rtaImage?eid=9070N000000LhZg&feoid=Body&refid=0EM0N000001gjn6
User-added imageUser-added image
abdo benabdo ben
User-added image
abdo benabdo ben
Priyanga SekarPriyanga Sekar (Avast)
Let's check whether AVG is causing this. 
Disable AVG temporarily (Right click on AVG icon under system tray next to clock, click on toggle bar to disable it) and check if that fixes the issue.
Did you try accessing the website in different browsers? 
The issue with AVG support will be resolved within few hours. Meanwhile, try accessing the page in alternative browsers say Edge, firefox. 

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