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Ian WIan W 

AVG TuneUp (with or without AVG Styler) support for Windows Vista?

Here are a few more questions related AVG support for Windows Vista; I am looking for clarification in regard to support before I make a purchase of one product or more.
  • Does AVG TuneUp still support Windows Vista?
    • If it does not, would the community know of the last version to support that operating system?
  • Does AVG TuneUp still provide and support AVG Styler?
    • If it does, is the current version supported by Windows Vista?
    • If it does not, would the community know of the last version of AVG Styler to support that operating system?
    • Will licenses purchased for current or future versions of AVG TuneUp allow for use of AVG Styler in Windows Vista or later (even if the latter product has been discontinued)?
Thank you for reading this and for your myriad of products. I am thoroughly grateful for your support for that operating system.
Balasubramanian SBalasubramanian S (Avast) 
Hello Ian,

Our old version AVG TuneUp is compatible with the Windows Vista and XP whereas the latest version of TuneUp will be compatible from Windows 7, 8 and 10.
To install the old version of AVG TuneUp, refer this article.
We aren't sure about the "AVG Styler" that you are referring here. Could you be specific about it?
Ian WIan W
Balasubramanian, thank you again for responding. Your past few responses have been incredibly helpful.

I am afraid that I am not seeing a link to install the old version of AVG TuneUp. After searching, I see https://www.avg.com/en-us/installation-files. However, this lists versions in the plural ("AVG Tune Up (legacy versions)") and I am confused about this, as only a single download is provided and I am unsure if it will function in Windows Vista (I have yet to test).

For the AVG Styler I am referring to the program that is referenced at the following link https://www.avg.com/en-us/tuneup-utilities-styler. For Windows Vista, downloads and information are listed here: https://www.avg.com/en-us/tuneup-utilities-styler-visual-styles-windows-vista.
Santhosh PannerselvamSanthosh Pannerselvam (AVG)
Ian, we will provide you the link to install the older version of AVG PC Tune Up. But we are unable to find any products under your account.

Are you looking for a trial version?

The product will work in Windows Vista.

Regarding the AVG Styler, are you able to download the Styler features?

If you face error, please provide us the screenshot of the error.
Ian WIan W

Yes, please provide the link! Will the link that you provide will also tell me the version number of the last version to work with Windows Vista? Or would you have this information with you?

In regard to no products being registered with my account, that is is because I have yet to register; I did not want to register until receiving clarification of support for Windows Vista (which is when I decided to make a purchase).

For AVG Styler, yes, the features are available from the installer for AVG PC TuneUp located at: https://files-download.avg.com/inst/mp/AVG_Performance_1683.exe, which installs a trial.

User-added image

After installation, "About AVG" lists the AVG PC TuneUp version at; the AVG Framework version is I am not sure if this is the latest version(s) for Windows Vista, however, or if the AVG Styler is still supported. Will purchases of future versions allow use of this version? Will a purchase for multiple machines allow for the simultaneous use of this version of AVG PC TuneUp in Windows Vista and a later version of AVG PC TuneUp in a more recent version of Windows?

I apologize for asking so many questions. The product offerings and their differing versions are quite confusing to me, particularly as I am unfamiliar with them.

Priyanga SekarPriyanga Sekar (Sitel)
Ian, we apologize for the incorrect info provided. 

The latest version of AVG PC TuneUp can be installed across the operating systems (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10) with no issues. 

AVG Styler feature was removed in the recent versions of AVG PC TuneUp and is no longer available in the latest version.

Please remove the existing program of AVG PC TuneUp (older version) from your control panel and install the latest one. We always recommend you to use the latest version to avail the advanced features and settings.

We couldn't locate any purchases of AVG PC Tuneup with the e-mail address you used to contact us. 

If you haven't purchased it, please contact our Sales team to purchase the product with available offers: 


Regarding AVG Internet Security Multi-device subscription, you can install it on multiple devices including Windows PC's and Android platforms. The latest version is compatible from Windows 7 and higher. However, for Vista and XP operating systems, the previous version (18.8) can be installed and the latest version isn't supported.

Please feel free to contact us if you need more clarifications about the products. We are here to help you anytime.

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