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cy brookcy brook 

Download problem..getting 'insufficient permissions all the time'.

Since installing the non-free AGV I am having the above problem...sometimes I can nag it and keep trying to save the file and it will happen but today I badly needed the New York Times font...and it is impossible to save it for opening and use..
It downloads but I cannot open it nor save it...
I sometimes need a photograph and such for my work and its proving a nuisance. 
I overcome this by taking a screen snap shop grab and saving that but I cannot do this with a font.
I have tried to restore the date of any new settings on my laptop but it was too far back to snatch.. I have tried tweaking AVG for 10 mins whilst I attempted to save but that made no difference... Can anyone please tell me how to overcome this annoying problem please.
Hari ShankarHari Shankar (Avast)
Hello Cy,
Thank you for reaching AVG Support Community.
We sincerely apologize for the difficulties you are currently experiencing.
We'll certainly check and help you with this.
I understand that you're not able to open the downloaded files on your PC.
May I know the operating system of your PC?
Are you not able to open a pdf/word file on your PC?
Do you get any error pop-ups while accessing those files?
Please let us know the version of the AVG Internet Security on your PC.
To check that, Open AVG Internet Security > Menu > About.
Please refer this article and disable the AVG application, then check whether you're able to access it. 
Thank you.
cy brookcy brook
Hello HS........thanks for reply..
AVG version    21.5.3185 bulid 21.5.6354.679
System Windows 10..  Browser is Opera.(who provide the download bar area in a visible click to see menu bar at the top of screen.
The problem is not opening files..it's saving them therefore I can never open them..
When I download they download to my computer I can the download bar but when I try
to save them (which I have to do to open them) the downloading icon area shows
the message "Interrupted..not enough permissions.."
I CAN  save my own work to files but NOT downloads from the internet such such as photosor zipped files containing fonts.  
You can click on the download area and open files that have been saved but this is impossible if they cannot be saved ..you can only click on the 'Interrupted not enough permissions' and, of course, that does not work because its not a file.  Quite hard to explain. I will be back when I have carried out your last instruction on disabling AVG but will have to do that later due to circumstances. Thank  you.
cy brookcy brook
...also the link you gave is closed due to: 
"Sorry, we're currently hard at work
improving our Support Center.
Please check back with us a bit later.
cy brookcy brook
Hello HS... Back sooner than I thought..
Yes...I disabled AVG and tried to save the very same zipped file and successfully saved it...
How about that... So it must be AVG that is stopping the normal way of saving a download..
If there is a way round not having to disable everytime I want to download and save I would love to know it... but at least this will do mean time.. ha ha..
Dinesh KrishnanDinesh Krishnan (Avast)
Appreciate your efforts in working towards fixing the issue, Cynthia.
Please re-enable AVG protection & attempt to save the same file. If you receive the error message, please share us the screenshot of it for better clarity.
cy brookcy brook
Thanks for you replly DK..
To cut a lengthy explaination out I have managed to find out what the problem is buy looking at this information that I got from an AGV screen box... It seems the problem is being caused by an oversensive RANSOMWARE response from my AGV.. I cannot screen grab this but this is the info..
app allowed..Weve allowed opera .exe to access your protected Desktop folder ..we;ll always allow this app. GOT IT
App name- C:/Progam Files/oprts/77.0.4054.203/opera.ee
Protected folder- C:USERS/CyBRO/Desktop
Dected by Ransomware Protection
App is allowed.
So if I could lower this sensitive ransomware response from AGV it would solve the matter...
How do I do that please.... or indeed, I would not mind turning ransomware areas off?  Thank you if you can help... 
Hari ShankarHari Shankar (Avast)
Thank you for explaining your issue to us.
Please open your AVG Internet Security/ AVG AntiVirus FREE on your PC > Click on the "Menu" > Settings > Select Basic protection > Ransomware protection > Here you can see the modes > Select Smart mode then click on the "View allowed/ blocked apps". If opera is in the blocked list then remove it and add it to allow app.
Please try the above steps and let us know the status.
cy brookcy brook
Hari  Shankar... Thank you for this very clear instruction...
I think this will do the trick and I should not be bothered by the over zealous
Ransom attack saviour...lol..  Thank you so much for your time on my issue.
Have a great week. Cy.
Hari ShankarHari Shankar (Avast)
You're most welcome. Please follow the steps and keep us updated about the status.
In case if the issue persists, turn off the ransomware protection temporarily and check if it works. If yes, then let us know and reply to this post.
Thank you.
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