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Sherman HSherman H 

luhe.fiha.a detected by AVG

1) I borrowed a USB drive with 2 MP3 songs on it

2) When I put it in my computer I immediatley got an alert from AVG saying that it had blocked luhe.fiha.a, and I removed them as reccomended.

3) Ever since then whenever I run a full scan with Norton, during the scan I get an alert from AVG saying that it has detected and blocked the luhe.fiha.a virus, and suggests I remove them. (This only happens when I run a scan with Norton, and it only happens while the scan is in progress, and it happens every single time I scan)

4) The Norton scan does not detect anything (or it will detect tracking cookies, but it never says anything about luhe.fiha.a) when I run microsoft malwarebytes the scan does not detect anything, and it does not give me an alert from AVG, other anti-virus software does not detect anything, nor does it give me an alert from AVG.

Here are more details:

Threat:              Found Luhe.Fiha.A
Object name:   c:\Windows\Temp\0000006
severity:           high
state                 infected
identified by:    resident shield

Extended element information:
process name: c:\program files (x86)\Norton Internet Security\Engine\\ccsvchst.exe
process ID:       5020
session ID:       0

also when I go to the file extension in c:\windows\temp   I do not see the 0000006 file
Alan BinchAlan Binch
Sherman, Using other security software on your system!!.. Have a look @ this article (
Sherman HSherman H
Does this mean I have the luhe.fiha.a virus, or do you think it is AVG, conflicting with norton?
Alan BinchAlan Binch
Sherman, As per the instructions have you actually tried uninstalling Norton?
Michael JarryMichael Jarry
Before removing Norton, Can you please clear your temporary Folder? The safest way to do it is to use Ccleaner, a Tool by Piriform found at The tool will just removing junk and clear your temp folder.

It looks like the Virus is in a temp folder.  And Sherman, you can check the file and folders options in Windows explorer if you wish to remove it manually.  If your on Windows 8/8.1 Go to view>Options>Change Folder and search options.  
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