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dom kennedydom kennedy 

Inline hook ntoskrnl.exe

A few days ago my virus scan popped up with about 32 unresolved threats. All of them were rootkit threats found in this ntoskrnl.exe file in system 32. I have ran a bunch of other scans on different software and AVG seems to be the only one detecting this. Rootkits are a severe problem and I don't know how to go about removing them. What can I do about this?
AravindhAravindh (Avast) 
Hello Dom,
We regret for the inconvenience caused. We would request you to know whether you have installed AVG free or a paid version on your system and also mention your product name and also please send the screenshot of your detected threats so that we can assist further? Please click on the following link http://support.avg.com/SupportArticleView?urlname=How-to-create-a-screenshot  to send the screen shot. Thank you.
dom kennedydom kennedy
I'm using the Free version. Not sure what you mean by product name. Here is a zip file of screenshots of the full list of threats: https://ufile.io/fe195
Also here is a list of all the varieties of threats it is showing:
"";"Inline hook ntoskrnl.exe TmThawTransactions+0x42BD -> 0xFFFFF800A03E6838, %3Cunknown%3E";"Unresolved"

"";"Inline hook ntoskrnl.exe RtlTimeFieldsToTime+0x6AC -> 0x000000C3, %3Cunknown%3E";"Unresolved"

"";"Inline hook ntoskrnl.exe RtlFindClearBitsAndSet+0x93D -> 0xFFFFF800E740CBB8, %3Cunknown%3E";"Unresolved"

"";"Inline hook ntoskrnl.exe PsIsProtectedProcessLight+0x4DA -> 0xFFFFF800636E4C74, %3Cunknown%3E";"Unresolved"

"";"Inline hook ntoskrnl.exe MmTrimAllSystemPagableMemory+0xAC77 -> 0xFFFFF800A6A233F7, %3Cunknown%3E";"Unresolved"

"";"Inline hook ntoskrnl.exe MmSetPermanentCacheAttribute+0xB242 -> 0xFFFFF800A693BD00, %3Cunknown%3E";"Unresolved"

"";"Inline hook ntoskrnl.exe MmMapMemoryDumpMdl+0xE935 -> 0xFFFFF80087201B87, %3Cunknown%3E";"Unresolved"

"";"Inline hook ntoskrnl.exe MmIsRecursiveIoFault+0x1CB0 -> 0xFFFFF80069832F26, %3Cunknown%3E";"Unresolved"

"";"Inline hook ntoskrnl.exe MmAllocatePartitionNodePagesForMdlEx+0x5FFC -> 0x00000084, %3Cunknown%3E";"Unresolved"

"";"Inline hook ntoskrnl.exe memset+0x200F1 -> 0xFFFFF8006981E88D, %3Cunknown%3E";"Unresolved"

"";"Inline hook ntoskrnl.exe KeInsertQueueApc+0xE7B -> 0xFFFFF8009E05B511, %3Cunknown%3E";"Unresolved"

"";"Inline hook ntoskrnl.exe KeCopyAffinityEx+0x82B -> 0xFFFFF80085EE304B, %3Cunknown%3E";"Unresolved"

"";"Inline hook ntoskrnl.exe KeAttachProcess+0x327 -> 0xFFFFF800D9755EB1, %3Cunknown%3E";"Unresolved"

"";"Inline hook ntoskrnl.exe KeAcquireInStackQueuedSpinLock+0x19B9 -> 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFC74, %3Cunknown%3E";"Unresolved"

"";"Inline hook ntoskrnl.exe IoSetCompletionRoutineEx+0x472 -> 0xFFFFF800A24B8A46, %3Cunknown%3E";"Unresolved"

"";"Inline hook ntoskrnl.exe IoGetBaseFileSystemDeviceObject+0x396 -> 0x0000016E, %3Cunknown%3E";"Unresolved"

"";"Inline hook ntoskrnl.exe ExReleaseSpinLockExclusive+0x806 -> 0xFFFFF800E714E465, %3Cunknown%3E";"Unresolved"

KarthikeyanKarthikeyan (Avast) 
Hello Dom,
Thank you for providing the screenshot.
This threat message might be a false detection as well. We suggest you to check if the AVG program installed in your computer is up to date. If not please update the AVG program and see if that fix this issue. If the issue persists, please run the AVG repair and see if that fix the issue. Please click on this link for the steps to run AVG repair avgclick.me/RepairAVG
Thank you.
dom kennedydom kennedy
Ok I did a completly fresh install of AVG and it is no longer detecting the threats. Thank you for your help.
KarthikeyanKarthikeyan (Avast) 
Hello Dom,
We are happy to know that your issue is resolved. We really appreciate your patience and co-operation in fixing this issue.If you have any query regarding AVG, you can always contact us back.
Thank you.
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