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Sarah BoocockSarah Boocock 

AVG Protection won't install - Error code 0xc0070643

I have tried repeatedly to install AVG and it always gets to about 98% and fails. The last error code was 0xc0070643.
In order to try to reinstall I went through the recommended process of updatung the registry and removing the previous program install. It won't install.
AvinashAvinash (Avast) 
Hello Sarah.

I am sorry to hear about the inconvenience caused. Do you have any older version of AVG or any other anti virus program installed on your PC? I'd suggest you to visit http://www.avg.com/tools#tba2 and click on "AVG Remover" to download the remover tool and run it once. Then try to install AVG again. Please, feel free to let me know if you require any further assistance. Thank you. Avinash.
Neil EnglishNeil English
I too have the same issue and the AVG Remover hasn't solved this problem
Sreedevi PadmakumarSreedevi Padmakumar (Avast)
Hello Neil,
We understand it is disappointing when you are not able to install AVG after so many attempts.
Please follow these steps to send us diagnostic information from your computer. This information will allow us to analyze the situation and provide you with solution:
Click this link http://www.avg.com/filedir/util/AVG_SysInfo.exe to download the AVG SysInfo tool.
Run the downloaded tool.
Click Accept to confirm the license agreement, and then click Continue.
Once the screen Output created is shown, fill in any additional details, or click Attach if you want to attach any additional files, such as screenshots.
Click Send, fill in your email address, and then click Send again.
We will analyze the received files and provide you with further information.
Thank you.
ed warqued warqu
i have the same problem 0xc0070643.
Since installing the update (update to Windows 10 version 1511 for x64-based Systems ( KB3122947 ) ( Mex . Spanish ) I could not install avg, reading the record it seems that just when the program is installed is removed (for win instaler ) please help me

and I did what I said in the forums
Sreedevi PadmakumarSreedevi Padmakumar (Avast)
Hello Ed,

We understand it is disappointing when you receive error message during installation.
Could you please confirm whether you have any other security programs like McAfee installed in your computer?
This error generally occurs when there is any traces of older version of AVG or any other conflicting antivirus in your computer.
Thank you.
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