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Reeve DeanReeve Dean 

Norton Anti-Vrus and AVG (conflict?)

My Norton Anti-Virus security package advises me that I have AVG as well  and should remove it because it conflicts with their software.  I use both packages and would like to continue with both.  Is their an way I can disable the feature of one or the other that is causing this so I can continue to use both software packages safely?  Am I at risk continung to use both?
Alan BinchAlan Binch
Reeve, If you were just setting out to install AVG on your system this is the article (http://avgclick.me/prepareforAVGinstall) we would expect you to follow.
AVG Guru
Reeve DeanReeve Dean
This is fine, but it basically says I have to either uninstall Norton AV or AVG.  I use features of both.  For example, the Norton Password Vault and AVG Performance Functions to name a couple.  Is there any way to disable either one's "anti-virus" function?  I understand about the possible slowdown using both together.  Is there anyway to quantify how much speed  I'm loosing by having both loaded - and both paid for. Could I have Norton installed and in the automatic startup list while AVG is installed but started only when manually stopping Norton and then mannually starting AVG?
Divya KannanDivya Kannan (Avast)
Hello Reeve,
We certainly understand your concern. I would like to inform you that if you are using more anti-virus products on your computer and experience issues with malware detection or system performance, we recommend uninstalling the conflicting product. It is generally not recommended to use more than one security solution on a single system. They will compete for resources, which may result in slowdowns, crashes or in no protection at all. Please have a look at this article http://avgread.me/1OXmzPw  for better explanation. Thank you for understanding.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance. Thank you.
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