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Greg HoughGreg Hough 

Updates Failing

Using AVG Free 2015.  Auto updates failing since Sunday 6/28.  Tried all remedies on AVG site. Tested/repaired network connections. (no prob getting online to any site).
Uninstalled/re-installed AVG.  Ran repair exe…Nothing works. Been running AVG over
two years on this PC with no problems at all.
Finally, tried a manual update of the definition files on the AVG Free site from a directory on my PC…also failed…“invalid update control CTF file”. Per AVG site I deleted the temp update files from inside the Advanced Settings menu and tried again to manually update…same error. Makes absolutely no sense… got a GIANT Anti-Virus headache going…could use some help
Greg H
Martin BaronMartin Baron
I'm having the same problem and so are others. Followed the instructions from earlier posts without asking myself, neither worked. Obviously the problem is at their end, so they should just fix it. JMO.   
BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (Avast) 
Hello Greg and Martin. Yes we have an issue with the online updater of AVG and we are working on this to fix it. I apologize for the inconvenience caused. If could provide us with the screenshot of the error message I will escalate this to our technical team and they will assist you further regarding this. Thank you.
Greg HoughGreg Hough
Ummm...New to this forum, how do I  provide the screenshot...

BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (Avast) 
Greg, please follow the instructions mentioned in this link: http://avgread.me/1aZxsAV to create a screenshot. Once the image is created and saved. Please attach the image file to this thread and do let us know. Thank you.
Greg HoughGreg Hough
On the left is a pop up...on the right is a desktop image.

BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (Avast) 
Thank you for providing the screenshot Greg. I have escalated this to our technical team and they will communicate and assist you further regarding this. Thank you.
Greg HoughGreg Hough
Ya know Balasubramanian... I'm in tech support for my firm's intranet and I see that you guys (and gals) are experiencing a "problem" at your end. I'm sure none of it is the fault of you or your support associates, but that doesn't make your lives any easier when you're getting hit with all of the fallout.
Here's hoping that this issue is quickly and completely resolved for all concerned. In this mannner we can all get back to dealing with our "other" daily problems... :) Yeah I know "smiley face" is so out dated, but we can always use a little humor in our lives... Thanks in advance for solving this problem...
Martin BaronMartin Baron
I know that it isn't support's fault that we're having a problem, but since the title of the topic is the same as the notice we got when we tried to update (that's why we're in here), I can't figure out how a screen-shot will help. IMO, that would be like you coming to me because your car won't start and I ask you for a photo of the warning light on the dash. I get more information, but it won't help me get it started. JMO.  
Komal Sathish KumarKomal Sathish Kumar (Avast)
Hi Greg, extremely apologize for the inconvenience caused. It seems that the issue has been fixed now. Please try to update AVG ( http://avgread.me/1TgZWYq ) and check if the issue has been fixed.

If the issue persists, even after updating AVG, please follow these steps to send us diagnostic information from your computer. This information will allow us to analyze the situation and provide you with a solution:
1. Click on this link http://www.avg.com/filedir/util/AVG_SysInfo.exe to download the AVG SysInfo tool.
2. Run the downloaded tool.
3. Click Continue to agree with AVG’s license agreement and privacy policy. AVG SysInfo will now gather the data.
4. Once the diagnostic output is ready, you may add comments, or click Attach file or Screenshot to provide us with extra information.
5. Fill in your email address, and then click Send output.
6. We will analyze the received files and provide you with further information.
Thank you.
B BookerB Booker
Unbelievable... Unacceptable... and SUPER frustrating.  I started having the issue over a week ago, and contacted AVG Live Support on several counts -- implemented several different solutions -- NONE of which worked.  Mind you... that was SUPPORT erroneously instructing me step by step -- apparently unaware of this thread, or the fact that they were misinforming me (chat transript logs will evidence this).

Meanwhile -- after searching through several threads, I found this one... and implemented Komal's proposed solution (see 07/01/2015, paragraph #1).  The manual update did in fact restore all modules to "green" -- HOWEVER -- the automatic update feature is NOT fixed.

It stalls every time on a file called "master.ctl 2/2" at the 15% mark -- and reports the "update failed" error.

At this point I will implement Komal's proposed solution as stated in paragraph #2 of his response -- and will post results back here for anyone needing assistance with it.

B BookerB Booker
Hi Komal... when time allows, can you please have a look at this and let me know via email what should be done?  Please append my email address (on file with AVG) to the following filename (sent via the AVG SysInfo Tool a few moments ago).


Most Appreciatively,
AvinashAvinash (Avast) 
Hello Booker. I am sorry to hear about any inconvenience caused to you in this matter. We are experiencing an issue with online updates and we are working on a fix for that. You will be notified once there is a fix. Appreciate your patience and understanding. Thank you.
Greg HoughGreg Hough
Hey Komal, et al…
I have FINALLY experienced a successful update. (maybe I need a cigarette). Of course it’s manual, and that’s an ongoing issue to be further discussed momentarily.
All this talk about updates and more updates, it occurred to me that it's never really been explained EXACTLY what files constitute an "Update"... Do we need ALL files from the update site, or is the current Iavi (virus definitions) and some combination of the others sufficient?
So…all along I have been attempting to load ALL of the files on your update site which currently consist of            1) Iavi….Virus definitions
               2) Ichiw…Database of safe applications
               3) Link Scanner…Link Scanner DB full
               4) – 7) Core modules and All necessary modules 32 - 64 bit (depending on your OS)   
Results…Iavi and x32 All necessary modules (my machine is 32 bit) update SUCCESSFULLY.
Ichiw and Link Scanner result in update ERRORS. Your mileage may vary…
FYI…I completed the steps Komal suggested earlier in this thread and sent my machine info, error screenshot, and a reply to the tech dept.
THIS IS the first time in more try’s than I'd like to mention that I have been successful updating ANYTHING...So there's that... How many more out there like me?????
BOTTOM LINE… Martin and Booker ( and surely many others) I FEEL your pain… The problem is that we only seem to be generating more questions.
Not exactly sure where this leaves us, and that's a BIG part of the problem… Manual updates – if you can actually get them to work are…well…MANUAL. And who’s got time?????????
Mentioned earlier, I am employed in support also…relatively small company…250 – 300 users at any given time. BUT if more than 5 (that’s FIVE) users experienced an unresolved issue for one NANOSECOND longer that 48 hours…my boss starts screaming like a 3 year old….. I can only imagine that the people in the tech dept of AVG are running around like their hair is on fire.
EVERY DAY this issue (let’s be clear – the issue is AUTO UPDATES FAILING) remains unresolved brings AVG as a company closer to some place ANY services responsive company would DREAD…
But lost in the dialogue is the ominous sound of SILENCE…i.e. What is the ETR..(Estimated Time to Resolution). NOTHING from the actual tech dept. on a timetable (a couple of days, a week, forget about it…NOTHING) for restoration of automatic updates. I’m sorry to say, but to this humble user it seems like it’s TWILIGHT ZONE time at AVG.
Really sorry for the long post…final irony… approx. 6 – 8  months ago on my recommendation, my brother purchased a one year package from AVG. He showed up earlier tonight…YEP…NO PROBLEMS UPDATING………and so it goes…
Greg H
Kat JohnsonKat Johnson
I been having problems updating for the past week, and wish I new what was going on.. is this on my side or AVG's update thing not working right, I keep getting the message to check my connection to the internet, as it cannot be reached.. I am about to find another virus protection, as you can tell by this post my internet is connected so it must be something with AVG that their not looking into or letting us know they are trying to find the problem, as it can not be all of us with this same problem with our computers.. it has to be with AVG updater not working properly and they are not letting us know to let them find the problem but to blame our equipment or computer for this. 
Komal Sathish KumarKomal Sathish Kumar (Avast)
Hi, extremely apologize for the inconvenience experienced by you.  We request you to reinstall AVG in your computer now to get the update issue fixed. ( http://avgread.me/1bsCjtC ). Please do not hesitate to get back to us for further assistance. Thanks.
Martin BaronMartin Baron
With high hopes, I uninstalled and reinstalled again. Well, the third time isn't a charm. Still won't connect to update server. The ball is back in your court folks. 
Aravind GnanamurthyAravind Gnanamurthy (Avast)
Hello Greg. I have sent email instruction to your email id. Please follow those instruction. Please feel free to contact us again should you need any further assistance. Thank you.
B BookerB Booker
Dear Komal & Avarind -- please help us to understand how solutions are being implemented.  Komal... your proposed solution in your 07/04/2015 post -- is that for EVERYONE or was that for an individual forum member?  Aravind... observing your 07/04/2015 post to Greg (given that I am new to this particular Support Forum) should I wait for an individual email from the Support Team in relation to my 07/03/2015 post -- or will an overall Update Solution be posted here in the forum for the general benefit of everyone experiencing the issue?

Many Thanks,
B BookerB Booker
Avinash -- thank you for your 07/03/2015 confirmation.  Looking forward to it.

My Best,
Greg HoughGreg Hough

I am now having no problem manualy updating the current Virus definitions file, and the All Necessary Modules file.
At least on my machine - and probably others - all of my prior failed updates seem to be related to my attempts to load ALL of the files. Now realize that the Virus Def and All Modules files seem to be sufficient and successful.
At this point, I think Booker sums up my only remaining question in his prior post..."will an overall Update Solution be posted here in the forum for the general benefit of everyone experiencing the issue?"


Martin BaronMartin Baron
It seems as if they are failing to realize that there are others following this thread and others like it looking for a solution too. I've read other threads myself hoping that somebody in support found an answer. I'm not savvy enough to sort through a manual update, that's why I depend on the automatic feature. I know that if I "fiddle around" too much, I run the risk of creating a bigger problem with my computer. I'm sure that I'm not alone in that respect. I know one thing for sure, folks that have considered upgrading from the free version are having second thoughts about doing that right about now. 
As it's been going, I'm feeling like a passenger on a broken down bus that's being asked to get out and push. JMO. 
AvinashAvinash (Avast) 
Hello Greg & Martin. I would like to notify you that the issue with AVG updates is rectified in a newer version. I would request you to run AVG remover tool based on your OS (32-bit or 64-bit) to completely remove AVG and then re install. To determine whether your OS is a 32-bit or 64-bit, please click on this link. http://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/827218

To download the remover tool, please click on this link: http://www.avg.com/utilities . Thank you.
Gary FunkGary Funk
Earlier this week I updated my avg antivirus free. Prior to this everything worked. Now the "identity protection" is disabled. I have use the "fix it" button and i have gone and tried to manually enable the identity protection. In both situations the "identity protection" is enabled of about 1 second and then it is turned to "disabled"
How do I get the identity protection is stay enabled?
Thanks is advance.
Alan BinchAlan Binch
Other Gary Funk posting (https://support.avg.com/answers?id=906b0000000D30rAAC).
AVG Guru
Greg HoughGreg Hough

Seriously…this just isn’t ANY fun anymore… At 63 yrs of age I feel fairly certain that I occupy some sort of senior “status”. Mind you… not in expertise, but in experience. I have been fumbling around with computers and the like for a LONG time and this experience has rapidly – if not already - achieved “RIDICULOUS” status.
Avinash… I instituted your suggestion based on your recent post today as follows: ” Hello Greg & Martin. I would like to notify you that the issue with AVG updates is rectified in a newer version. I would request you to run AVG remover tool based on your OS (32-bit or 64-bit) to completely remove AVG and then re install.”
SAME EXACT UPDATING ERROR ……… If you and your support colleges continue to drink copious amounts of the KOOL-AID this issue will NEVER be solved.
Look…here’s what my boss (remember I’m employed in support also) would say to me: FIND a PC that’s experiencing this update problem…roll out your “solution” to that user FIRST…and if successful…roll out to ALL users with the same problem. This is in place of simply regurgitating “solutions” that SIMPLY DO NOT WORK… thus insulting the collective intelligence of your users…
And yes… I will provide a screen shot of the error msg…But REALLY haven’t ya’ll seen ENOUGH screen shots by now?????
Dazed and Confused…
Greg H
Greg HoughGreg Hough
User-added image
Martin BaronMartin Baron
I tend to agree with you. It's way past the time where they should've put away their standard "script" and looked for a solution to the problem. A possible area to check would be in the updates/upgrades sent out by the server just before a lot (yes, a lot) of people started having problems. Comparing the before & after versions should at least point them in the right direction. Kind of like doing a 'restore' back to when things were working properly. Just trying to do my part "pushing the bus". JMO.    
BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (Avast) 
Hello Greg. Thank you for providing the screenshot. I have escalated this to our technical team and they will communicate and assist you further regarding this. Thank you.
Martin BaronMartin Baron
Will they be posting a solution to the problem for everybody going through it, or is it their plan to contact everybody individually? Some people that are having the exact same problem are probably just following threads like this looking for a solution instead of flooding the forum with the same question. That's what I initially did until none of the "solutions" actually worked.
I've uninstalled and reinstalled AVG 2015 Free three times already because that's what we were told to do. I would've done it a fourth time, but Greg tried that and it didn't work. 
It's been over a week already and people are still waiting, quite patiently I might add. I know that somebody at your end has been trying because last night the auto-update was cycling about every 10 minutes or so for quite a while. Hopefilly a solution will be found soon.  
Avg UserAvg User
Hi - I two have two XP systems that will not perform an automatic update.  Both systems can be updated via directory (manually).

When I attempt an update by clicking on the "Update now" button in the AVG AntiVirus Free gui, I see:
 - "checking for upgrades..."
 - " Update failed      Sorry, we could not reach our update server..." (see snapshot attached)

I have tried everything, including:
 - removing and reinstalling - no joy
 - removing, running the AVG utility to completely remove 2015 free and reinstalling - no joy
 - rolling one system back to a January 2015 image (full backup)
      - AVG was working fine in January
      - reinstalled AVG
      - updates still failed

Then I found this thread.  HELP!
Avg UserAvg User
Sorry - here is snapshot of error...Screen shot of Update failed message
Subhadeep KanungoSubhadeep Kanungo
Hi Martin and AVG User, some people are facing this issue at the moment. AVG is working on to fix the issue. AVG User at present you can update AVG manually. Follow the steps in the thread above.

Martin, once AVG fix the issue you will see that AVG will update automatically. It is not possible to contact every indvidual as you can understand. Thanks.
Avg UserAvg User
Hi - Two more pieces of the puzzle.

I have four XP systems left.  Two are updating and two are not.  The difference is that the two that are not updating were powered off for about two weeks (6/13/15 - 6/29/15). Missed an update?

I can use SysInternals TCPview to see connections made across the Internet.  See screen shots
Update attempt part 1

The second part of the connection:
User-added image
Avg UserAvg User
Hi - Just to be clear, the two snapshots above are from a failed update attempt.

Barry HollaBarry Holla
I'm having the same problem as others in this thread.  I also was away from mid-June to July 4th and cannot get auto updates.  Would be nice to have notice on AVG's website notifying users that there is a problem.  Has problem been resolved?  What needs to be done to get fix onto my computer?  I spent many hours trying to troubleshoot without knowing I was not the only one having this problem.
Greg HoughGreg Hough

Ya know...I've been working on this REALLY long post to assist in the Manual Update process...I guess I'll still post it (cause it works)...BUT it's MANUAL AND LONG...AKA pain in the ass...and this whole thread has become something of a "Whale"...

I just HOPE some of you are helped here...cause when software goes BAD...things can REALLY get screwed up...

Anyway...here's the post...


Balasubramanian,  et al…
OK…so it’s obvious that the Auto Update feature remains broken – going on a FULL week and some change.
 We – as users – hope it’s also obvious that the good folks at AVG are doing their DAMN’EST to establish a solution ASAP.
 And when that occurs…AVG will not be able to inform us one on one, but the Auto Update will just start working as proof of the fix.
 So…OK…BUT how many of the users with this problem are CONSISTENTLY manually updating their program???
 It can definitely be confusing even given the instructions from AVG’s website.
With no disrespect intended to the support staff…here’s my humble offering to those who may be confused or uncomfortable with the MANUAL updating process: This LOOKS crazy but just take a deep breath and all will be well…
In advance please let me comfort you…after you do this the first time…This whole process will only take 5…count ‘em…5 minutes out of your life………Promise. Here we go………
1) Copy and paste this - http://free.avg.com/us-en/download-update - into your browser window and hit enter. This will take you to the location of the files you need to copy into your AVG. Note: These files are dedicated to AVG Free… This site - http://www.avg.com/us-en/download-update - will get you to the necessary files for paid users.
2) You will need the IAVI  “Virus definitions” file and the “All Necessary Modules” file for your particular system be it x32 (32 bit) or x64 (64 bit).   So… 32 or 64??? There has GOT to be an easier way to determine this, (maybe AVG can help here) but in the mean time go here… http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/find-out-32-or-64-bit...  Remember, you ONLY have to do this ONCE once to determine if your system is x32 or x64.
3) Now…AVG will tell you to copy the two files – Virus Definitions and All Necessary Modules - to an external drive (i.e. flash drive or the such) This is what I did in the beginning, but I have found that it is not necessary to add this complication to the process. You can copy the two files into your “My Downloads” folder...hell…they may copy there by default depending on your browser. If not…click start…search…and search for “My Downloads”. When you find the folder just copy the two files into it. (If you’re feeling creative…RIGHT click on the folder and drag it anywhere on your desktop to create a shortcut to it. Cripes… I KNOW this seems just a TAD BIT too much…BUT like most things in life…just looks worst than it really is.
4) NOW…the two files are located in your “My Downloads” folder. Open your AVG program. In the “Menu Options” on the upper right…click “Update from directory”. Look down until you see the  “My Downloads” folder and click on it………AVG will grab the updates and load them in a very short time. You will be rewarded with an “Updates Successful” or the like message and you’re DONE………Till next time…Which brings us back to a question…..How OFTEN should we manually update the files…daily – bi-weekly – weekly…etc??? C’mon support folks…How often????? 

Onward and upward…..
Greg H
·  Open your AVG program.
·  In the menu Options, click Update from directory.

Greg HoughGreg Hough
Yeah...loking at this post in the light of day...just seems like a little TOO much trouble...

Here's hoping the folks at AVG get this sucker fixed SOON...

Over and out...

Greg H
Sig GrappSig Grapp
Excellent suggestion Greg, many thanks.
I, being quite paranoid would, recommend that we update daily.
Even when automatic update worked, mine was set for 5 am every day. I would do intra-day updates and always found new files so there you have it, do it daily, at least once.
Manually a pain but worst problem having to remove viruses !
Hopefully AVG free will get auto update fixed soon...ish by AVG support/development.
Martin BaronMartin Baron
Although I was somewhat apprehensive, I decided to give a manual update a try. Your instructions were clear and concise, so setting it up was easy and not a PITA at all. Once initiated, the update didn't take much longer than it does in automatic mode. I did a full scan afterwards and was relieved that no threats were found. Kind of felt like drawing one card and filling an inside straight. Thanks to you, I learned something new today, so it's a good day.
As far as frequency, I'd do an update check on start-up every day, so using the tool you gave me, I see no problem doing a manual check instead. 

Thank You,
Greg HoughGreg Hough

Hey…really COOL that someone was helped by this thread…This whole problem has led to some info you may deem interesting. Actually one good result is the addition of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware FREE to my machine. This is a scanner that is recommended by people FAR smarter than myself, primarily as an addition to a good function anti-virus program.
Since – at the moment – we seem to be lacking the “functioning” part of the anti – virus equation, I downloaded MAM Free and have been running it when I forget to update daily – or even if I update daily.
Quick, easy download… and runs a full scan on my slow a*s machine in about 25 mins.
Even after AVG fixes this update problem (gotta think positive here) it would be a good idea to run MAM maybe once a week in order that you might grab some nasty that AVG misses.
Any hoo…here’s the link to the free version… https://www.malwarebytes.org/downloads/..... Paste away and go forth in to night armed with another weapon to assist you and yours in the battle…
And Hey Martin…if you EVER learn how to really draw that card…Be SURE you let me know…
Note: before scanning…be sure to click on the “Update Now >>” link to the right of the Database Version section so that you will update to the current version… Then hit Scan Now…relax and enjoy a sparkling beverage of your choice…
Just another day in Paradise…(My story and I’m sticking to it)…..
B BookerB Booker
Dear Support,

An entire week AFTER my initial post -- and this is STILL NOT RESOLVED.  Personally, I happen to prefer AVG over Web Root, Avast, Zone Alarm, and Comodo... but I can't afford to have my computer "at risk" for an indefinite amount of time.

WHERE is the support on this issue AVG???

As recommended by Komal on 07/03/2015 -- I downloaded your AVG SysInfo Tool and sent the report to the Support Team -- and STILL have not received a response!!!

Amazed, but not amused.
Greg HoughGreg Hough
B Booker…
Just attempted an Auto Update … Friday July 10th  in the year of our LORD 2015 - 6:39 PM (CST)… SAME ERROR MSG…
AS you asked…”WHERE is the support on this issue AVG???”
To the point…My initial exposure to this problem occurred approx. 5:30 AM June 28th…As of today, my experience reflects a TWELVE DAY outage (others may be longer).
Let’s see how it’s going shall we..
tracie M posted today…
 “ update definitions won't update.”  Get "Sorry, couldn't reach our update server." No error code in the message.
The response from AVG… FULLY TWELVE DAYS OUT…

Avinash (AVG Technologies)… 
Hello Tracie. Please try the offline update as suggested by Alan (Prior post) and let us know should you need any further assistance. Thank you.
Oh joy…the ole “offline update response”…
No disrespect intended to the support folks…hey they are actually the stars in this entire fiasco…
Just bear with me a moment here…TWELVE DAYS…TWELVE DAYS…and support has steadfastly adhered to the company line…with NO explanation from ANYONE in support Management…or ANYONE in ANY dept of management that I can see…
OK…if this was a fight…it would be time to TAKE THE GLOVES OFF…
Note:  MAJOR CAPS ON… hope your children don’t have to see this…
At this particular moment in time it is CRYSTAL CLEAR that the Management at AVG is perfectly happy hiding behind the good folks of support…which currently consist of… Alan, Borislav, Vladimir, Subhadeep, and Miloslav. SERIOUSLY………?????????
Management of AVG…This problem is YOUR problem – NOT your support staff…
SHAME…SHAME on you for refusing to get to the front of the line here. TWELVE DAYS OUT...
I completely agree with Booker when he says he prefers AVG over the others. But…guess I fell down and hit my head…to wit…
………Doing the same thing over and over again AND expecting different results………
Look…I’m not EVEN happy with the tone of this post…BUT….
Greg H
Avg UserAvg User
I was once again told this problem was fixed yesterday.  Did the routine of un-install, removal tool and reinstall - it failed again.

So, for those of you who have not already switched to AVAST anti-virus, here is my suggestion.  Write an e-mail, txt message, or twitter message to AVG's upper-management.  Please, be nice but explain our problem and ask for help. 

I sent an e-mail to Andrew.Reid@avg.com on 7/10 asking for help.  He is the Senior VP in charge of Products.  The mail did not bounce back, so I have hope.  You might also write to the president, Gary Kovacs (Gary.Kovacs@avg.com).  While I am sure that they are unaware of this problem, any one of them could help bring focus and resources to this problem.

There are more than 20 open threads about this problem dating from 6/17/15 to today.  I'm sure not everyone at AVG is as insensitive to this problem as it appears.  Lets ask for help from someone who can help us.
Martin BaronMartin Baron
Yes folks, it does seem like we're being swept under the rug a bit. I do a daily update manually, but where it used to take me about 5 mins. on start-up, it now takes 15 mins. or more. From what I can see, they have made some progress. I've noticed that my AVG will check on updates during my time on the computer, and if it's up-to-date, the "Update Failed." notice doesn't post. It does come up if there are new updates, so at least I know to do it manually again. 
I use the free version, so I'm getting what I pay for. I can only imagine the irritation felt by those of you that have paid hard earned cash for the seemingly lack of interest by those of AVG whose job it is to keep the paying customers happy. It also explains why the satisfaction rating for AVG in consumer rating surveys has declined the past few years. It seems that they've hit the usual pit-falls: change merely for the sake of change by adding "bells & whistles" that most users don't want nor will use (mostly done to justify their paychecks) and "fixing" things that aren't broken, which usually adds more steps to do something that only had one before. To me, an upgrade should simplify things, not make them more complicated. JMO.  
B BookerB Booker
Dear Support,

I implore you to offer us SOME kind of response on this issue.  Even if it has not yet been resolved -- for the entire support team to just remain silent without as much as even an update for those of us who have purchased -- and rely upon -- AVG Internet Security 2015.

I'd would prefer to keep the issue here in the AVG Support forums -- but Google, GitHub, and SEVERAL others have programmers I talk to on a regular basis -- who might be able to shed some light on things.

So to The AVG Gurus -- Alan Binch, Borislav Angelov, Vladimir Bartl, Subhadeep Kanungo, Miloslav Serba and others -- do take note that we will NOT be ignored and treated as though this problem has been resolved when it HAS NOT.

Nor will silence prove to be an effective solution.  Please let us hear from you TODAY.

Most Appreciatively,
Avg UserAvg User
Hi Greg -

My email to Andrew.Reid@avg.com has at least been passed down to a support person named Victor.  Although Victor sent me an email back asking for a SysInfo file, I pointed out to him (and copied Reid) that I had already done one and sent it in. 

The reason I am writing to you is two fold:
1. Are all you problem systems running XP?  (mine are and I wondered if this is an XP only problem)
2. I volunteered to help isolate and identify the problem.  I can work with AVG Monday, 7/13 and Tuesday  - but Wednesday I start a road-trip with my family.  If AVG needs remote access to a failing system starting Wednesday - Can you provide a system for them to work on?

Maybe I am being wildly over-optimistic here, but I don't want to let the opportunity slip away.

Avg User

Just add a post to this thread and I will check back.

To Greg, Boooker and any one else who reads down this far, please feel free to send a friendly request for help to AVG's VP - andrew.reid@avg.com
spx xspx x
Hi, I changed to trial paid version- downloaded manual updates- updated then downgraded to free again,
All worked fine after days of trying to update.
Hope it helps someone else.
Greg HoughGreg Hough

Avg User…
Your query regarding XP as a possible contributor to this problem is interesting.
I’m just not smart enough to ascertain the possible issues if the auto update failures are somehow related to a particular OS. ( FYI…just attempted my most recent failed update…).
It would be cool if AVG accepted your offer of assistance…keep us posted. ha…..
BUT…here’s the real rub…as you posted…My email to Andrew.Reid@avg.com has at least been passed down to a support person named Victor.  Although Victor sent me an email back asking for a SysInfo file, I pointed out to him (and copied Reid) that I had already done one and sent it in. 
Cripes…you , me and HOW MANY OTHERS have already provided this info...I mean how many layers of management exist between Victor (I’m sure he’s a fine guy) and Andrew Reid?????...AND are NONE of them currently aware of this - now going on TWO WEEKS issue?????
Hey Booker…I like and AGREE with your position…This has now become a matter of PRINCIPLE…Free/Paid WHATEVER…AVG advertises a product and seems to have simply ABANDONED a large portion of the users of their product…
BOTTOM LINE…this stuff’s still BROKE…
And so it goes…
Oh…spx x…no disrespect intended but…can you spell out for a feeble old man EXACTLY what you did???
spx xspx x
Im running a c**p old XP with AVG free & had the same failing update message.
I downloaded the  http://www.avg.com/ww-en/thank-you?product=avc&build=ppc_avc-ppc531
free trial.  downloaded update files from the site. updated with Options-Update from directory.
Downloaded another AVG free-ran and pressed downgrade to Free version. all fixed
spx xspx x
User-added image
Avg UserAvg User
Hi spx x - You may have the key to unlocking this problem.  However, for those of us who want to follow your lead and pick our lock - can you give us step-by-step directions.

What url should be download the second time or do you just load the same install package again?

Avg UserAvg User
spx x - I would like to fix this issue, so I tried to replicate your results: Update still fails 100% of the time

Here is what I did:
- uninstalled AVG 2015 free
- ran remover
- downloaded from http://www.avg.com/ww-en/thank-you?product=avc&build=ppc_avc-ppc531
- installed (standard install)
- install completed successfully

- downloaded the updates for AVG virus (not free page)
- manually installed them - completed succcessfully
- all components show 360 degree green circles and box says "You are protected"
- click Update - UPDATE FAILED

- reboot and tried again

- went to Add/Remove Programs, selected AVG 2015 and clicked change
- selected Downgrade to Free
- downgraded without a problem

where did I go wrong?
Martin BaronMartin Baron
As best as I can see, the last time that anybody associated with AVG has posted here was 6 JUL 15. While some solutions have been found, it's been done by the folks that came here asking for help. What's wrong with that picture??
spx xspx x
I diddnt do much different from you except:
I didnt remove the free version,
I downloaded the trial as you did
downloaded the u15iavi10224jj.bin  updates file
put it on desktop
opened avg clicked options
clicked update from directory
it installed
i rebooted
downloaded avg free
installed as a downgrade to free program
clicked options
clicked update from directory
chose my u15iavi10224jj.bin file on desktop
and it worked!
I mainly did this because I couldnt find that update on the free versions page. goodluck!

JanJan (Avast) 
Guys, I'm sorry but there are still no updates on this issue at the moment. Developers are working on the fixes however it seems that there are many different root causes. The best solution for now was already shared in this thread by Greg Hough - which is the manual update.

Alan BinchAlan Binch
@ spx x
AVG Free manual update files. Have a look @ this webpage (http://free.avg.com/ww-en/download-update).
AVG Guru
B BookerB Booker

Good Morning... and thank you for an honest answer -- albeit I wholly disagree with your position on the "best solution for now" having been shared by Greg Hough.  The manual update is NOT a solution -- it's an option which has always been available BEFORE the automatic update feature started experiencing issues -- and is a "band aid" at best!

Having been involved in tech for some 30+ years (since the days of Atari & Commodore), I remember when AVG first started to become popular -- and have followed this line of products from the early 1990's -- but what I am seeing in terms of support is enough to send me away for good.

Betwixt Google, Associated Press, Reuters, and others -- this particular experience has the potential to become a public relations nightmare for the AVG Technologies brand -- and that, in and of itself -- should have Andrew Reid and his fellow constituents offering their respective subscribership their BEST efforts.

As problematic features go... ALL programs are subject to have hiccups from time to time -- and that's as it should be, as those opportunities are always an open door towards improvement.  The portion of this experience which is unacceptable, is how poorly communications are being handled.  Albeit fine that the tech team is working towards a solution -- their respective progress and/or lack thereof, isn't something that those of us subscribing to the product are going to know by means of telepathy. Failure to communicate to those of us who have cited the issue, still equates to failure -- especially when you point us to one of your proprietary tools, to gather our data... have us send it to you... and then NEVER answer back.

Plain and simple, it just doesn't take two weeks to do that.

AVG has dropped the ball on this one, and I personally consider it a gross mismanagement of your purchasing public's trust.  For indeed, long after this automatic update feature gets repaired -- I am relatively certain that Greg, Martin, Kat, Barry and everyone else (especially those who have been working to try to self resolve the issue such as AVG User) will all remember just how this matter was treated -- I know I will.

I've always seen AVG Technologies as a leader (almost from inception), and I would very much enjoy continuing to see them as such -- so by all means, please do elevate this matter to Andrew and whoever else needs to know about it -- and offer us something that makes sense:
  • A plan of action inclusive of a time line?
  • Possible causes for the issue?
  • One on one remote support?
  • A version update?

I think everyone experiencing this issue would happily defer to your team's expertise.

Most Sincerely,

Greg HoughGreg Hough


spx x…earlier today you posted…

“downloaded avg free
installed as a downgrade to free program
clicked options
clicked update from directory
chose my u15iavi10224jj.bin file on desktop
and it worked! “
Well…what you are describing is a MANUAL update process, which is cool, (casual aside…check out my post of July 7)… but the actual problem here is an AUTOMATIC update feature that is broken. That you can scan is fine…I and others here can also scan. BUT we do not receive automatic updates.
Try this…in the task tray on your PC should be an AVG icon – installed by default (I think) from your AVG download.
Right click on it and hit “Update now”…and hold your breath…IF you receive anything other than an “Update Failed” pop – up, I’m gonna send you my email address so you can tell me where you live and I’m gonna camp out in your front yard til you tell me HOW you did IT…
Just kidding about the camp out thing…
When you manually update, the AVG dashboard goes all happy and green even though you STILL are not receiving auto updates…
Booker…Agreed about Jan…at least SOMEONE at AVG offered an explanation – of sorts.
Also agreed that the manual update is a “band aid”…at best…problem is that the wound DOES NOT SEEM TO BE HEALING.
Booker…I think you very eloquently described the potentially larger company issues where AVG is concerned.
And finally you wrote of AVG… “I think everyone experiencing this issue would happily defer to your team's expertise.”………AMEN to that brother…
That finite supply of brain cells offerd me by the LORD has been SEVERLY tested by this ON – GOING situation…
Again I say…Here’s hoping AVG can right this wrong quickly, effectively, and as painlessly as possible.
2015 MLB All -Star game…gotta go………
JanJan (Avast) 
In totally understand your comments and concerns guys. I have escalated this issue once again and hopefully things get moving faster. Unfortunately I do not have further updates for you at the moment. However developers have enough data for now so no further diagnostic is required.

I'd like to thank you all for your participation and if any further data or testing is required, we will definitely go to this thread.

Greg HoughGreg Hough

Merriam-Webster defines communication thusly:
“the act or process of using words, sounds, signs, or behaviors to express or EXCHANGE information or to express your ideas, thoughts, feelings, etc., to someone else”
Caps are mine…
Good on ya…please keep us good folks in the loop…
Greg H
JanJan (Avast) 
Sure I will. Thanks for sharing the citation Greg :)
Martin BaronMartin Baron
Well folks, a new "fly in the ointment" showed up for me today. While starting up a while ago, I opened AVG to prepare for an update and it was already going through the check for update cycle, then "Protection is up to date" appeared on the screen. I thought "Yea, they finally fixed it!" That elation was short-lived. Being one to double check things, I clicked to check for updates again. Yep, you guessed it, the update failed and I had to do it manually. Usually two updates a day now, without a "flag" from auto-update to indicate when to do the second one. It's just keeps getting "better".
Now I wonder how many folks out there are thinking that they're protected once agin, but really aren't. 
Hopefully some of the people that think that things are back to normal are following this thread and be warned. I also hope that they shut off their Adobe too. A malfunctioning antivirus and vulnerable software don't mix well. 
Martin BaronMartin Baron
In an unrelated matter, after reading my post above, I wish there was an edit option for them, instead of just a delete.
Greg HoughGreg Hough

It must be like living on a farm and your favorite chicken has busted loose :)  from the pen. You gotta chase that chicken down…you gotta chase that chicken down…BUT that DAMNED chicken just won’t have any OF IT…
Just keeps evading you…just keeps challenging you…DAMN THAT CHICKEN…
Look…until AVG COMPLETELY corrects this problem there may very well be more unanticipated issues like you describe. Bye the bye…requesting an “edit option” from AVG at this time must be something akin to asking the “deck band” on the sinking TITANIC to change their play list… WAY too many issues already…
At this point in the process…one has to ask one’s self………just HOW IMPORTANT is that chicken. Can I live without it????????
Maybe I paid for that chicken…maybe not…BUT it’s the SAME CHICKEN…AND it’s REALLY irritating me…MANUAL UPDATES…MANUAL UPDATES…and AGAIN…MANUAL UPDATES…
The company AVG should be fairly FREAKED at the possibility that people like you, me, and others would EVEN ask the question… Can I live without it????????…BUT – strange as it seems – they DO NOT appear to be overtly troubled by that run away chicken, OR the possible collateral damage their  run - amuck fowl may present…
Bottom line is that with EVERY successive day that ALL of us – paid/free- are NOT receiving Auto Updates is JUST ANOTHER DAY we potentially have NO control over our PC’s safety unless we manually update…
Greg H
Martin BaronMartin Baron
The part about an edit option wasn't so much a request, as an expression of regret that I hadn't done as thorough a proof-read for spelling mistakes and syntax errors of my post before clicking on "Answer" as I had thought.
As far as that chicken, I chose to get my chicken from this breeder because I thought its pedigree was better. My ISP offers a chicken for free, but even though this chicken is limping around the coop  and not laying good eggs right now, I have faith in my original decision (although now after three weeks, I'm having my doubts). As of right now, I still have the option of making soup out of this chicken and start getting eggs again without worrying about getting a refund on my investment.
 I can attest that AVG is probably working on the problem though. Tonight just before posting this, I did a manual update. Once again I noticed that the new update's file size was smaller than the previous update. Makes me think that AVG figures that somebody did an update wrong and that that update is the one that threw the monkey wrench into their machine, so they're trying to figure out which one it was. I wish them luck with that approach. I also hope that this dissuades them from "change for the sake of change" in the future.
Actually I'm glad that this hasn't hit the "social media" yet. The prospect of giving "hackers" a heads-up doesn't appeal to me.
Graham BirdGraham Bird
Still no advance of getting this fixed? Like someone above I installed the trial version (to get around the problem with the free version not updating) Unlike them unlike them it did not fix anything for me. Still failing to update.Like others, the manual update route does not help as I get error messages that way. I too thought it might be OS related as I'm still runing XP on this machine.
Does anyone know the latest AGV company response? Trust is rapidly fading here!
Martin BaronMartin Baron
Well, somebody at AVG is paying attention to this thread. After an auto-update attempt not initiated by me, a "fail" notice came up and I knew to do it manually again. Not much, but it helps me to protect my stuff. Thank you, whoever you may be.
Graham,...As far as the "solution" found by spx x, I think that he/she wasn't aware (like many of us weren't at the time) that the problem was affecting both the free and paid versions of AVG Antivirus auto-update. I also agree with you on the loss of trust factor. Credibility goes down when the people you trust with your computers security has a problem of this type, then takes a good period of time to recognize it as "their problem" instead of the user's, has their support put down the rote scripts and finally get around to fixing the problem in earnest. 
As I've noticed in this field, and others, maybe hiring recent community college graduates (instead of experienced people with years under their belt) because they will work for less money, isn't a good thing. The old fogeys, like me, made their amateur mistakes a very long time ago.   
Greg HoughGreg Hough

LONG POST…but if you’ve made it this far…please read the whole thing…thanks…
Hey Martin…(also info for Graham B to follow)
Just kidding with the “Titanic” reference. I too share your wish for an edit function inside this forum, but guess that is a task for the future.
Bye the bye…which REALLY came first…chicken – or egg??? Never did really understand the question.
And…neither one of them are talking. But again…an issue for the future.
I’ve got NO idea about the root cause for the auto update fails. Maybe your suggestion of a particular prior update gone terribly wrong will prove accurate.
Anyhoo…for the time being sounds like for you, me, and many others it’s Manual Update…rinse and repeat.
 In advance let me state that I am NOT attempting to circumvent AVG support folks with the following suggestions. At this point it seems to me that the old adage of “One for all…all for one” definitely applies in the continuing effort to solve this issue.
So…let’s expand on the whole manual update issue using Graham Bird’s recent post as a starting point.
Graham…I guess “welcome to the party” would be the wrong thing to say in so many ways…BUT here we all are.
My major concern is – if I am reading your post correctly – you are NOT able even to MANUALLY update your AVG.
Cripes…in the absence of auto updates, ANYONE running AVG MUST be able to manually update in order to protect your machine.
I also run XP…so we have that in common.
I too encountered update fails when first attempting to manually update so – if I may – allow me to make a few suggestions. It sounds like you are familiar with the manual update process at a high level, so let’s dig a little deeper and see if we can’t decipher a way for you – and possibly others that are having manual update problems - to successfully update…
Here is what I have learned in a nut shell…the “update file pages” at AVG offer several files to be updated. From today’s (July 20, 2015) offerings:
1) Iavi      Virus definitions
2) Ichiw    DB of safe applications
3) Link Scanner
and several modules for 32 bit or 64 bit machines.
My experience – and just prior to this post I tested again – is that ANY attempt to download the Ichiw file (DB of safe applications) IN CONUCTION with any of the other files produces an error.
So…here we go…open your AVG…click on the “Options” tab in the upper right of the dashboard (screen)…go to “Advance settings”… then on the left side click on + Update…then click on Manage and then Delete temporary update files… then OK.
Why go through all this you ask??? GOOD question. We are basically “clearing your pipes” of any remnants of prior failed updates and preparing you for – hopefully – a successful manual update.
FYI…you will only have to clear the pipes this one time…We hope…
Now perform the normal manual update process transferring ONLY the Iavi, Link Scanner, and All Necessary Modules for your (I’m pretty sure x32) machine.
Please note…going forward you will primarily download Iavi. ONLY download Link Scanner if updated to the current date. At this point, the “All necessary modules” seems to be a one – timer.
Look…I KNOW this might seem a little much…but as I posted earlier in this thread…the whole process should take no more than 5+ minutes on a recurring basis.
So…please feel free and comfortable asking ANY question you might have. My personal experience with support forums is that questions may go unasked out of concern that that one might feel the question is silly, etc..
THERE ARE NO SILLY QUESTIONS…well maybe one or two…but later for that.
NOW…AVG…What gives with the Ichiw download fails????? EVERY…that’s EVERY time I have attempted to download this stinking file…either by itself – or in ANY combination of the other files I’ve FAILED. And if I’ve failed HOW MANY others may have experienced the same fate and just haven’t bothered to inform you…
I think I remember posing this question much earlier in this thread…something like EXACLY which files can be downloaded together without errors, but do not remember receiving an answer…
We…you…your children…our children…your grandchildren…our grandchildren…MUST be able to MANUALL DOWNLOAD in the absence of auto downloads…NO EXCEPTIONS…
PLEASE clarify this issue………and – of course – please continue your diligent efforts to solve the auto update issue ASAP…
GO FORTH AND PROSPER…whoops…wrong thread…
Greg H
ZbynekZbynek (Avast) 
Hi all,
For help on this issue please try install all Windows updates including Service pack 3 and let us know if it helps.
Greg HoughGreg Hough
No can do…I’m running an AMD processor and there are known issues with XP SP3 and this processor…
Since I do not have some of the advantages of SP 3 on my machine, I have been comfortably running a “good” anti virus program (AVG) for several years to further strengthen my security.
STILL to be unanswered is why – all of a sudden – EVERYTHING HAS CHANED…
Still waiting along with others...I remain hopeful…but a quick peek at today’s posts reveals more of the same…”Update Failed” posts.
For me…ONE FULL MONTH…(in two more days)…So I guess I’m past the “righteous indignation”  phase and have jumped to the more incredulous  “HOW can this be POSSIBLE” phase that we are STILL dealing with an issue that leaves many users potentially at risk without on - going manual updates???
Just a rhetorical question…not really looking for an answer…
Greg H
Martin BaronMartin Baron
   Like you, I don't have SP3 installed either. It seems that although I had my Windoes XP auto-update turned on, it never was put on my computer before the support from Windows ended. But an auto-update shouldn't malfunction, should it? (Pardon me while I go turn off my sarcasm alarm.) Apparently it would be a major undertaking on my part to install it now, possibly beyond my skill level, and I risk making things on my computer worse.
   But it does take us a step closer to why there is a problem now. My guess is that somebody "assumed" that everybody with XP had SP3 installed, and could use it, when they wrote changes into the auto-update feature here. Now because of that, the customer has to do the work to make up for their mistake. As I see it, it's not supposed to work that way. If it's your mistake, you're supposed to fix it. Or am I wrong in thinking that it should be done that way?
Well, at least I've learned a thing or two and met new people like you, so the past month isn't a total loss.


Greg HoughGreg Hough

You know…this thread is almost one month old and contains close to seventy posts. Many folks have presented ideas, and thoughts about this update problem.
In the second post…back on July 1, Martin Baron stated… “Obviously the problem is at their end, so they should JUST FIX IT”  The CAPS are mine.  :)
Well said Marty…and really…what ELSE is there to say???

ZbynekZbynek (Avast) 
Hi All,
@Martin If you would like to give it try here are Microsoft instructions (http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/help/learn-how-to-install-windows-xp-service-pack-3-sp3).
@Greg SP3 should work fine on AMD based PC, there was some issue with upgrade from SP2 to SP3 but there are solutions for that available (http://blogs.msmvps.com/jesper/2008/05/08/does-your-amd-based-computer-boot-after-installing-xp-sp3/).
Blackbird EnterprisesBlackbird Enterprises
Created an account specifically to respond to this thread.  I also run WinXP SP2 on machines in my network, one physical, the rest virtual.  Upgrading to SP3 is not an option.  SP3 created performance limitations not present in SP2.  SP3 continues to have compatibility issues with certain platforms.  SP3 is incompatible with some software (apparently, now AVG is included).  There are still a number of major companies for whom WinXP SP2 is a necessary requirement.  For a selection of users that is not insignificant, let me repeat: upgrading to SP3 is not an option.

I tried a fresh install of AVG this morning after uninstalling Avast AV (which, as of today's update, began blocking programs and customizations used on the XP machines AND suddenly and arbitrarily started blocking websites that I utilise daily due to certificates).  Since AVG DOES NOT WORK right out of the box, I'm sorry to say that I'll not waste time waiting for solutions.

COMODO offers rock-solid protection (albeit, it's really hands-on setting it up), but I was concerned about resource usage.  It still beats an AV that has apparently left part of its constituency waiting for OVER A MONTH for a solution.
Greg HoughGreg Hough

Around and around we go…and where this stops…NOBODY KNOWS…
Zbynek…your SP3 upgrade suggestion was – at least – a suggestion to solution.
The post from Blackbird Enterprises saves me the trouble of directing you to a myriad of XP – SP 3 upgrade horror stories. Hot fixes gone wrong and much worse. Simply not worth risking potential system instability/performance issues from an upgrade that MAY – or may not work.
As I can’t help myself…I have to wonder about a program that – for the most part – seems to operate…i.e. Dashboard functionality…check.  Web Protection…check. Identity Protection…check.  Email Protection…check.
AUTO – UPDATES…Not so much…
So one has to wonder how a Service Pack upgrade could magically enable updates. Or maybe I’m just highlighting my limited understanding of things programmable…
AVG’s Awards & Certifications section of their site offers this announcement… “AVG products are running on over 187 million computers worldwide”…
So…wondering how many of these computers are running XP – sans SP3 – and experiencing update problems.
Maybe better asked… are there any XP (SP2) machines out there SUCCESSFULLY updating? And IF SO…WHAT THE HELL???
Again…just a rhetorical question…BUT an answer would be kindly regarded…
Zbynek… sincere thanks for the input and suggestions, but it’s time for me to MANUALLY UPDATE my AVG   :)
Jeffrey AlexanderJeffrey Alexander
To be fair to Zbynek, updating to SP3 may not be a "suggested fix" so much as "an attempt to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem". If people report that doing so kicks AVG's updating system back into gear, then that'd presumably make it easier for their developers to develop a "real" fix.

Presumably they don't have access to SP2 installations themselves, though potential reasons for that escape me. I mean, surely they'd understand that those of us who've held back this long (put me down as another SP2 user who hasn't seen an automatic update in a month, by the way) have reasons for that.
muldoon mcstenymuldoon mcsteny
Wow what an omnishambles this is from AVG. I too am a frustrated XP user who has been experiencing problems for weeks now as AVG is not doing the auto updates. I have followed numerous threads and uninstalled and reinstalled and the problem still persists.

For AVG to just say they are working on the problem and a month later to still have no solution does not exactly fill me with confidence, even with the free AVG version. This is very frustrating and concerning as my laptop has experienced a noticeable slow down since this problem started and I'm concerned this AVG problem has led my laptop to be compromised. The lack of updates from AVG themselves is not reassuring.

Also massive thanks to Greg who seems to be offering a more comprehensive and personal support service for the non IT gifted like myself than the AVG staff, so thanks Greg (raises a glass in your honour). I've just tried doing the manual update again following Gregs advice and downloaded the virus definitions and the core module and all necessary modules update for my 32bit machine , AVG is currently taking ages analysing and installing updates so I am yet to find out if it has worked, but this whole episode has been a car crash so far. Come on AVG what is going on?
muldoon mcstenymuldoon mcsteny
.....and after going out shopping and leaving AVG install its updates I've just returned and got an 'update failed' message, with no explanation as to why, so thats not worked either?? At a loss as to what to do now, apart from just jump AVG ship and try another anti virus system. Shame as AVG has worked for me for years.
Greg HoughGreg Hough
Jeffrey said…
“Presumably they don't have access to SP2 installations themselves, though potential reasons for that escape me.”
YEAH…ME TOO… AVG developer guys – and gals – get out there, round up an XP (SP2) machine and GO TO TOWN…I mean really… You need US to do it for you…
Or…what the hell..I live in NW Houston, Tx. Ya’ll are welcome to stop bye anytime…with a little advance warning… and tear up my machine. BUT you better come armed with some 3 alarm chili and more than a few brewskees…
Muldoon…omnishambles…omnishambles…Muldoon…DUDE…Someone named Muldoon WOULD come up with a word – in my 63 + years on this  3rd rock from the sun  – I have NEVER heard… Guess I need to get out more…BAM...
But seriously Muldoon… I just attempted to download all of the same files you did. And it is my experience that on any given day you can safely download the current Virus definitions and “All necessary modules” for your 32 or 64 bit system…..BUT attempting to download Ichiw and/or Link Scanner at the same time WILL RANDOMLY RESULT IN FAILURE. Almost always...
To be sure I just now again received failed updates when attempting to download those two files INDEPENDENTLY.
Again…Virus Definitions…good… All necessary modules…good (Seems you do not have to download the Modules file very often…and maybe only once as it has not been updated by AVG…so it must be good to go.
ANY attempt to download the Ichiw OR Link Scanner file MUST be done independently, and preferably after a successful download of the Virus def file.
Virus Definitions has ALWAYS downloaded (by itself) for me…BUT is it enough without the current versions of Ichiw and Link Scanner???
Hopefully someone from AVG will jump in here and clarify. Or MAYBE they are all out rounding up an XP (SP2) machine………
AND some brewskees…..   :0
ZbynekZbynek (Avast) 
Hi all,
It has been confirmed by few users that installation of SP3 solved this issue. It seems that this issue is connected to some change in communication with update servers and absence of new protocols etc in SP2 (even if this issue will be fixed you may experience more issues with other software).
For manual update Iavi and core module (when there is new version) is necessary, Ichjw has not been updated for long time and all modules are program update.
Jeffrey AlexanderJeffrey Alexander
Thanks Zbynek,

But you're being a bit ambiguous there - WILL this issue be fixed? Is that the plan?
Martin BaronMartin Baron
Well, apparently my guess that somebody at AVG assumed that everybody running XP had SP3 installed, when modifying the update portion of the progam, was correct. A "few" people "fixed" it by installing SP3 themselves. I was directed to a link that I already had viewed (hence an earlier post I made stating that it might be beyond my skill level) and was told to give it a try, so that wasn't very helpful to me. Myself, I prefer not to be a guinea pig in somebody else's experiment.  
After over a month of this runaround, my question is this: "Will AVG fix the problem one of their people caused, or do they want their customers to change their computers (possibly causing a problem by doing so) to conform to their mistake?" There are a lot more people running XP with only SP2 than you might think. Many are probably folks like me that still have it because it is fine for what they do and don't need to upgrade to a newer system, just can't afford it at this time or both. If you can get to where you need to go in an old trusty station wagon, why buy a Z-06?
Will I be getting a viable answer, or should I go put my waders on now? 
Martin BaronMartin Baron
I'd now like to thank Blackbird Enterprises for weighing in on this. Your background, needless to say, is impressive and helped the position of the other customers in this matter quite a bit. Semper Fi.  
Greg HoughGreg Hough
Your SP3 hypothesis also rings true with little ole me… Course we’re never gonna be privy to the conversations that the development peeps are having regarding this issue.
So…for those XP users out there with SP1/2 installed… To SP3…or not to SP3…THAT is the question…
May be easier for individual users to decide…(in my case…NO), but thinking of those such as Blackbird Enterprises, with what sounds like multiples of users. WHAT A PISSER OF A PROBLEM…
I grow tired…and I’m guessing others with this update issue do to………
So…at this particular point it seems to me the options for those experiencing update failures are (if I may):
1) Upgrade to SP3…Course… "You've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky? (Clint asked the same in Dirty Harry).
2) Wave arrivederci to AVG.
3) Continue the Manual Update Boogie in the hopes that…AWWW…that’s JUST DUMB…
4) Trade in that trusty station wagon for a Z - 06 and THE H**L WITH IT ALL…cause this stuff is definitely FUBAR…

I really don’t know what else to say…AND that makes me KINDA SAD…
ZbynekZbynek (Avast) 
Hi all,
This issue is caused by Windows XP SP2 incompatibility with SHA2 certificates, this issue should be fixed on our site during next week.
Diane JablonskiDiane Jablonski
Yay! Finally! Thank you!. I, too, use XP SP2 and refuse to update to SP3 because of all the issues I've read about it. (I created an account here just to follow this thread and to make this comment.) I've read every single comment, and as others have said, it's the lack of communication that has been so frustrating. I'm sure it was difficult to pinpoint the problem being SP2, but more communication would have helped us to know that you were still working on the problem, and actually did care.

Hopefully the chicken will get well in the next week. (See comment about the chicken way back there somewhere.)
Martin BaronMartin Baron
Well, well,...we finally have a time frame for repair, thank you Zbynek.
It could have come sooner if it didn't take almost two weeks for AVG to admit that the problem was at their end and another week to realize that they had to fix it too. If trouble-shooting vehicles for over 40 yrs. has taught me anything, it's that never be so sure of yourself that you don't suspect your own work was at fault for a new problem that popped up after maintenance or a repair.
And as I suspected, there were more folks following this thread for a solution to their problem than the people at support thought. I know that that is the way many folks do it because that's what I did before posting here. When I tried the "solutions" that support said to do and they didn't work, I chimed in to support Greg and let AVG know that it wasn't an isolated problem.
Hmmm, I wonder just how large this thread would get if everybody that has been following it created an account and acknowledged their presence? My guess is that the additional responses would be in the hundreds (if not many more), even if everybody didn't make the effort. 
Tina SantilloTina Santillo
Yep, I've been passively watching.  I found an answer on another thread that said to update to XP SP3, so I did.  I hope I did the right thing.
Greg HoughGreg Hough

“This issue is caused by Windows XP SP2 incompatibility with SHA2 certificates, this issue should be fixed on our site during next week.”  Courtesy of Zbynek.
TWENTY – THREE words that may allow for the righting of the wrong. The possible restoration of FAITH. A re-establishment of ALL THINGS ANTI – VIRUS.
SOMEONE please stop me………
Know what Zbynek??? YOU have provided a conduit for communication that was here – to – fore sorely lacking. And for your efforts are deserving of a hearty ATTA BOY.
So…SHA2 Certificates… From Wikipedia… SHA-2 is a set of cryptographic hash functions designed by the NSA (U.S. National Security Agency). SHA stands for Secure Hash Algorithm.

WHOA…the only hash this southern boy is interested in includes meat and potatoes…
Any hoo..Diane…that chicken will be JUST FINE with support from good folks like you.
And Marty…kind words from peeps like you are the only fuel this tired ole engine needs…
So..till SOMETIME next week (Hell it wouldn’t be a properly continuing saga without just a BIT of uncertainty…now would it???)…
May the strong winds be at your back…
Martin BaronMartin Baron
   Yep, seems like they tried to improve security, but missed some finer details. Like the fact that better security is ineffective if it doesn't get to the computer to protect it because the auto-update fails to get it out there when detected. The auto-update attempts quit leaving the yellow triangle on my taskbar icon when it failed. I was using that as an indicator that a new update needed to be done. Probably due in part to that, while surfing I had a scam pop-up ad lock up my computer. You know the one, they found "glitches" and offer to "fix" your computer for you if you call their 800 number and pay them a few hundred dollars. I can't believe people still fall for this. Luckily I know how to get out of it, but it's a PITA anyway.
    Well, we have a vague schedule for resolution and hopefully all will be well shortly. And Greg, you're only a couple of years older than I am, so maybe that's a reason we've worked well trying to help them fix this. Back when we went to school we were still taught how to think instead of just pass tests.

Greg HoughGreg Hough

OH MY GAWD Marty…got a 17 yr old part time student at my site. As part of a bet with a co-worker I asked the student to divide 20 by 5 – long hand…NO calculator…
NOT a pretty sight to behold.
Me …I’m heading to Australia. Beaches…babes (I’m single). No one hates Aussies…they’re not at war…and they got koala bears, kangaroos, and something called Vegemite for cryin out loud.
Just not sure exactly when/how I’m getting there.  In the mean time I got a manual update to perform and several glasses of sparkling beverages to down.
Til next week…
Up…Up…and AWAY…
John SeixasJohn Seixas
This is starting to look like real-soon-now-ware. You know, pat the customer on the head and say "There, there, we'll have that fixed real soon now..."

Het, AVG! You have identified the problem, how about an estimate on the solution schedule.
Alan BinchAlan Binch
@ John Seixas
John, As per the posting by Zbynek | AVG Employee (AVG Technologies) July 31, 2015 this issue should be fixed on the AVG site during this week.
AVG Guru
ZbynekZbynek (Avast) 
Hi all,
New certificate should be out, can you please confirm that updates are working?
Martin BaronMartin Baron
Yes Zbynek, they seem to be finally working right. My fingers are crossed that the minor glitches after the fix have ended though. Seeing AVG do an suto-update when I turned my computer on made me smile. Later when I attempted to check updates myself, and I got an error message and no active components warning, that made me frown. I was resigned to doing another manual update when something "kicked-in" and the auto-update worked again and worked properly the rest of the time I was on the computer.
Yesterday things were working fine until I needed to do a restart, then the f***s hit the rotating air circulation device. When my computer came back on, AVG hadn't restarted properly with everything else and didn't work at all. I had to go into my programs and do a manual repair that took over 45 mins. to complete. I just came on here now and I'll probably do another restart in a while to see if I have the same problem recur, as I like to double-check things like that. Even if things work fine, it still took you folks 34 days to fix the problem and another 2 days to work out the "bugs" that came with the fix, not really a reason to pat yourselves on the back and pop the cork on the champagne, of you know what I mean.
I'll come back here later to let you know how things went.  
Greg HoughGreg Hough

Guys…gals…and assorted barnyard animals that may be following…
Yesterday (Tue. 8/5 and again today Wed 8/6) I have experienced SUCESSFUL auto – updates.
Noting the amount of users that have experienced problems with the “fix”… I am properly nervous but hopeful.
Really if this thing is now FIXED… (and only time will tell)… I’m simply not smart enough to properly verbalize the mental impact of the past 30 + days we have ALL been battling this enemy.
AND…when I say ALL…I mean ALL… AVG’s support staff, their developers, hopefully some AVG management folks …and last BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST...WE USERS.

This MUST be a fix for ALL...or it's a fix for NONE... (I know that's a tad bit grandiose...BUT WHAT THE HELL...if EVER ther was a situation calling for grandiose - ness...this BE IT)...
Look…gonna hide and watch for a few more days. And if my machine continues to auto – update… hopefully others will also and the “Update Failing” posts will stop – or at least dramatically diminish, AND then maybe we can put this WHOLE THING in perspective…or not…
Greg HoughGreg Hough

Well…I have been experiencing SUCCESSFUL AUTO – UPATES for the past several days now.
HOW BOUT YA’LL…          
Could it Be…Could it be???...
A quick look at today’s (8/11) postings in support verify a sharp decrease in the “Updates Failing” posts…
Course you gotta get past the attack from uj34… DAMN…that’s a PERSISTENT SUCKER…
Just to see if anyone at AVG is following… some quick research from an old fart (that’s ME) indicates the attacker’s uj34 handle probably originates in a forum based in the UK... goes by the name of The Student Room…an “educational” site boasting the largest student community in the world - over 1.8m members.
Low bar to enter…easy to to remain anonymous and hide behind the user ID.
So…guess may haps some aspect of the recent difficulties experienced by users of AVG could be the base line for this attack.
A search of this site for “uj34”… or “bhaby love” gets no hits…no big surprise there.
THIS ball’s squarely in AVG’s court…if they wanna pursue …OR not…
ANY HOO…are ya’ll getting PROPERLY UPDATED OR NOT???
Please don’t keep an old man hanging after ALL WE”VE BEEN THROUGH TOGETHER…

YES...or NO...
Diane JablonskiDiane Jablonski

No one has posted since your August 11 post? Well then.
Seems to be fixed for me. I've delayed updating to make sure bugs have been taken care of, and today (August 17) autoupdate worked.
Happy dance!

Greg HoughGreg Hough
Hey Diane...

Yeah...been pretty quiet around here lately. Hopefully everyone has moved on after experiencing successful updates...

Thanks for the post... A person can NEVER have too many Happy dances...

Greg HoughGreg Hough

OK...Boys and Girls...Time to put this frisky puppy to sleep.

Say goodnight Nancy...GOODNIGHT...

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