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Jeff PetersenJeff Petersen 

How do I solve the following error message: C:\ProgramFiles (x86)\AVG\AVG PCTuneUp\Program Deactivator.exe "not enough quota is available to process this command"

How do I solve the following error message:  C:\ProgramFiles (x86)\AVG\AVG PCTuneUp\Program Deactivator.exe   "not enough quota is available to process this command"?  I'm trying to download an attached Word document in an email and open it.
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Anish Kumar AnbukarasanAnish Kumar Anbukarasan
Jeff, Please try removing your AVG PC Tune Up using the AVG PC Tune Up Remover from the link : http://www.avg.com/filedir/util/TuneUp_Remover.exe and install it again.

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Anish Kumar AnbukarasanAnish Kumar Anbukarasan
Jeff, Please try removing your AVG PC Tune Up using the AVG PC Tune Up Remover from the link : http://www.avg.com/filedir/util/TuneUp_Remover.exe and install it again.
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Andres Leon RangelAndres Leon Rangel
Isnt there any other way to resolve this other than unistalling it and installing it again? The solution sounds far too anoying. I am a customer and I am not very happy with the functionality of this product. 
Please provide a better solution AVG!!
Lori PhelpsLori Phelps
I've been a loyal AVG PC Tuneup user for about two years. I've tried several other tuneup programs but none were as good as AVG. I literally saved a laptop that was so slow that it was virtually unuseable. AVG fixed it without having to do a reformat. But now I'm heartbroken because a few months ago I installed the AVG PC Tuneup trial version on a newer Windows 7 company laptop with every intention of buying the full version. I just wanted to see how it worked with MS Office 2013 and my Office 365 programs before paying for it myself. Sadly, I got the same message that Jeff got when I tried to open any Word documents. This didn't happen at first, but it started happening a few days into using the trial. So, I uninstalled and didn't reinstall for awhile. A few days ago, I reinstalled another Trial Version of AVG Tuneup, and it was fine, until this morning. The file I was working on yesterday opened. Then, I tried opening a Word file and got the message about program deactivator "not enough quota to process this command." I tried another Word file, and again got the message. I tried a few more; same problem. If anybody has found a solution please let me know. 
Ron KafkaRon Kafka
Same problems here.  I'll be glad to go the uninstall/install route if that will fix the problem.  What I don't want is wasting time because someone is too lazy to find out the real cause.
Rick ZimmerRick Zimmer
I am having the exact same problem.  I will do the same as Ron -- give the uninstall/reinstall a try.  But also with Ron, I don;t want to waste my time.  I have had AVG for three years now and have been very happy with it.  But when there is a bug that keeps me from using the most basic applications, it may be time to go elsewhere.
David BunneyDavid Bunney
Just had the same problem with AVG PC TuneUp 2015... and MS Word 2010... rather annoying... I had this problem with an earlier combination of AVG PC TuneUp with MS Word 2010... it seems to be a problem associated with files downloaded from the internet which Word normally/used-to open in Protected-Read-Only mode and gave you the option to click on the 'edit' button... in the new scenario it is only this protected mode of Word which is affected.... and yes I am also going to be forced to uninstall and reinstall AVG PC TuneUp... but since this problem has been around for at least two years and two versions of your software; and we see evidence that the problem is wide-spread, could I please ask your tech / developer teams to dig deeper into the code and system to understand and fix this problem please.  I'll be back if the uninstall / reinstall doesn't do it... but that's not the point... I shouldn't have to do this at all.
Steven van CauterSteven van Cauter
Since AVG is apperently too busy to answer their customers, I might as well will. I also use a lot of AVG products, although I really feel ripped of with the "driver-updater" and I am going to quit my subscription on the protection studio. But I am very happy with the TuneUp!

Ok so instead of uninstalling and reinstalling... (Great "solution" by the way :/)

So the problem occurs on documents from either Office 2010 or 2013 when they are send through e-mail or are otherwise are from an untrusted domain. (I think it's only an issue on Windows 7 and up).
  • If you haven't already, save the document from your e-mail attachement to disk.
  • Right click the document and choose "properties".
  • On the first tab "general" there should be an option "unlock" at the bottom.
  • Check this option and close properties. Open the document... And it should work.
Hope it helps!

Cheryl ConnorsCheryl Connors
I only recently installed TuneUp so couldn't see how reinstalling would make any difference. Steven's instructions much easier and quicker and Unblock works! Thanks.
Pavel CernyPavel Cerny
You cannot simply deactivate everything. Although the tuneup is probably top class on the market, you cannot simply trust it. Obviously engineers in AVG cannot test all the possible combinations of available software and it's functionality when disabling everything you can, but I wonder how come they cannot come up with a straight forward answer to this question... Scary...

If you activate MS Office Proffesional Plus 2010, the message will change from "Not enough quota" to "Microsoft Outlook protected view has stopped working" - obviously there is a relation. I hope this moves you forward and some from AVG will actually take the time to test this and get us the answer.

I need it too...
Pavel CernyPavel Cerny
Once activated MS Office Professional Plus 2010 go to standard mode. The economy mode diasbles this functionality by killing related important processes within MS Office. Wonder that AVG engineers cannot comeup with this....
John DuJohn Du

************** SOLUTION. ***************************************


Click on "AVG PC TUNEUP" icon >>  (get into Black Prompt box AVG PC Tuneup) >> Click on Top-Right "box" icon (to get to Black Screen Prompt Box AVG PC TUNEUP) >> Click on "ALL FUNCTIONS" >> click on "Disable Backgrounds Programs" ;; then, 

Program Deactivator (Mini program) opens. 

You have to enable the programs pertaining to the file you were trying to originally open, some programs are relying on other programs that mya be disabled by this program to be open and running on the background or enabled to execute programs inside of programs. ( Outlook and Excel, or Outlook and Word) etc. 

You have to play around with it. 

I didnt have to un-install and re-install. you shouldnt have to do that. (cheap solution) 


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