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Greg BurmanGreg Burman 

Windows Live Mail Cannot Delete "Removed" Messages - "Unknown Error"

AVG (Free version) caught some .EXE attachments on incoming spam emails and I selected the "Remove All" option, that logically being the only option shown.

The messages however still show up in my WIndows Live Mail Inbox and deleting them produces the dreaded "Unknown Error" popup.

I have opened Windows Explorer (Windows 7 64bit) as Administrator and navigated to the WLM App Data folder and can see the messages there, but deleting them produces a Permissions error even though the Properties/Security tab for the file shows both my login ID and the Administrators group (Of which I am a member) as having Full Control.

1. How can I delete these messages?
2. Next time what should I do to avoid this situation with trapped emails?


TIA for any help!


Borislav AngelovBorislav Angelov
Hello Greg
In general, AVG has built e-mail scanning feature
Which monitors spam, phishing, fraud, other threats

If AVG has detected a threat. Closes automatically will be moved to the Virus Vault (In this case, the system is safe.)
https://support.avg.com/SupportArticleView?q=What+should+I+do+with+files+in+Virus+Vault&urlname=How-to-restore-or-remove-file-from-the-Virus-Vault&l=en_US (https://support.avg.com/SupportArticleView?q=What+should+I+do+with+files+in+Virus+Vault&urlname=How-to-restore-or-remove-file-from-the-Virus-Vault&l=en_US)
If you wish, you can delete it
Greg BurmanGreg Burman
Before I could investigate the article you posted, Windows did an update and a reboot. I was then able to delete the files directly via WIndows Live Mail.

Thanks for your reply noinetheless, if it happens again I'll know where to look.
Borislav AngelovBorislav Angelov
Hello Greg
I hope now the question is solved
Incidentally from Microsoft had little problem, but it is fixed

In the future, if necessary, delete or restore a file, then you know how to do it

Also in the future it is advisable to set your
AVG, to scan a secure connection traffic (encrypted) e-mail communication
https://support.avg.com/SupportArticleView?q=SSL+communication&urlname=How-to-set-up-AVG-E-mail-Protection-to-scan-encrypted-e-mails&l=en_US (https://support.avg.com/SupportArticleView?q=SSL+communication&urlname=How-to-set-up-AVG-E-mail-Protection-to-scan-encrypted-e-mails&l=en_US)
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