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Ann-Marie HerbAnn-Marie Herb 

SSL Connection error

Could you tell me why I keep getting "SSL CONNECTION ERROR" and what I need to do to correct it?
Also does this effect the speed of the computer?   Mine s VERY slow.
Thank You!
Georgina RussellGeorgina Russell
I'm having the same problem as well as scripts that run on and on.
ZbynekZbynek (Avast) 
Hi all,
For help on your issue please try open AVG and click "Options" -> "Advanced Settings" -> "Web Browsing Protection" -> "Online Shield" -> "Expert Settings" uncheck "Scan encrypted (TLS and SSL) network traffic" option
frederik vernelenfrederik vernelen
As described above:
When SSL/TLS scanning is activated, client authentication (using smard cards) fails.

We (I work at a helpdesk) are receiving many calls regarding this issue, which we solve now by deactivating the feature.
Is the AVG MITM changing traffic from client to server and is there a fix planned for the issue?

Thanks in advance
ZbynekZbynek (Avast) 
Hi Frederik,
No AVG is not changing traffic, but it is in connection as proxy to be able scan that traffic. If you provide us with more inforamtion and diagnostic from that situation we may add exeption to not scan that traffic.
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