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Tim BallentineTim Ballentine 

adware "https:s.admathhd.com"

Adware "https://s.admathhd.com" keeps popping up windows on top of emails in the AOL application itself. It does not appear to impact any visits to websites, only email within www.aol.com.  How do I remove this from my system? Help!
KishoreKishore (Avast) 
Hello Tim. You will receive some advertisement popups if some adware programs are installed on your computer unknowingly while you try to install any other programs. You can remove this easily, first go to control panel and click on Programs and Features and in the list of programs search for any tool bar or search bar or any weird programs installed in your computer. If you see some suspicious program just uninstall it. If you don't see any of such programs then please open your browser and you need to delete the unwanted plugin, extension, toolbar or search bar that is installed in your browser. After removing such things you wont be getting any popups when you browse the internet. I always recommend you to install only trusted programs and do custom installation to view if any unwanted software is being installed. Please feel free to contact us should you need any further assistance.
Tim BallentineTim Ballentine
Hi Kishore, thanks for responding.  I have looked for all that, but the popup doesn't hapen when surfing the web in AOL, only when reading emails in AOL.  If I open a different browser and go to www.aolmail.com, it doesn't happen.  I either need to figure out how to stop this or I need to figure out how to export all my wife's "favorites" in AOL to html so I can import them into another browser, probably Firefox.  I would promise my first-born son to anyone who can point me in the direction of a workable solution, but I think he might get upset about it.
Tim BallentineTim Ballentine
Oh, I should tell you I have run Malwarebytes and adwcleaner and they haven't discovered/fixed the problem either.
-980156917-980156917 (Avast)
Hi Tim, I apologize for the inconvenience caused. Could you please let us know the name of the AVG Product that you have installed in your Computer?
Tim BallentineTim Ballentine
Hi Joyson.  I use AVG free (2015.0.6125).  If you can tell me that one of the premium versions WILL find and fix this problem, I will be happy to pay for it.  Until now, I have been able to protect both my and my wife's computers with AVG Free, Malwarebytes, and Adwcleaner.  Any light you can shed on this problem will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
Sindhu KannanSindhu Kannan (Avast)
Hello Tim. Thank you for the information. I have sent you an email in order to get our additional support to resolve this issue. Please feel free to contact us for further assistance. Thank you.
Tim BallentineTim Ballentine
Went online with one of the AVG techs and he reset my Firefox browser.  When I reminded him the problem wasn't with Firefox but within AOL, he basically said, Oh, then you will need to get in touch with AOL and was unable to help me.  Thanks anyway.
Philip KoganPhilip Kogan
did you get rid of admathhd 
trying to get rid of it with spyhunter, will that work?
Tim BallentineTim Ballentine
Hi Philip.  Thanks for asking.  I finally got a response from an AOL tech who indicated they had users who were having the same problem as I was experiencing using AOL 9.7.  They say they "fixed" it in AOL 9.8 which came out on or about August 10th.  So, I upgraded my wife's machine to AOL 9.8 and have not experienced the problem since.  Thanks again.  And thanks to all the responders who weighed in with suggestions for help.  This is a great resource.
Nick HulkmanNick Hulkman
Hi Tim, 
Even, in future you notice unwnated redirections or pop ups alerts from the unsafe URL - https://s.admathhd.com, then you take quick action against it. Such unsafe domain can lure you into disclosing your credentials like name, email, mobile number, postal address including banking logins in the name of giving your unexpected prizes or cetain types of gifts. Hence, we recommend you to avoid fake offers displayed on suspicioius domains. Next time, if your computer gets infected with https://s.admathhd.com or identical threats, you can simply clean it, using the manual removal presented here: http://removepcmalwaree.blogspot.in/2015/08/remove-admathhdcom-pop-ups-how-to.html
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