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Key license AVG PC Tuneup

I bought 2 licenses of AVG PC Tuneup. I received license code wire my email. Key code for license is not recognize. 
I asked few times to support. But it seems a lot of problems in community.
This product seems to become as bond.

-980888528-980888528 (Avast)
We apologize for the confusion and delay. Your patience is much appreciated. Upon checking your records, we see that you have purchased TuneUp Utilities (3 computers) not AVG PC Tuneup. Are you referring to this program?

If so, we would like to inform you that, In an effort to focus resources on developing the successor AVG TuneUp, AVG has decided and ended the support for the older TuneUp Utilities product from December 31st 2016, which means there will be no more feature upgrades, no compatibility updates to support newer operating systems such as upcoming Windows 10 releases, no critical security updates and no customer support.
-980888528-980888528 (Avast)
If you have purchased our AVG PC Tuneup, kindly contact our sales support http://avgclick.me/AVGsales via online chat for better assistance.

Calls from outside the US, UK or AU may be subject to international charges from your telephone provider.
AVG Sales Support: United States: +1 844 259 8811 UK: +44 (0) 800 652 4940 Australia: +61 1800 429 319

Thank you!
Alan BinchAlan Binch
Gilles, Re the 1st Ranjani Bakthavachalam (AVG Technologies) posting this AVG article applies (https://support.avg.com/SupportArticleView?l=en&urlName=AVG-TuneUp-Utilities-End-of-Life&q=tuneup+utilities).
AVG Guru
Morning Mr Ranjani,
Thanks for answer.
I am referring to AVG PC TuneUp.
1) Invoice3402497299 dated 13-10-2016 is for AVG PC Tuneup 3computers (2 years). Not TuneUp Utilities.
2) My expectation and understanding of on line offer was that it can upgrade to the new software : means from 2014 TuneUp utilities to AVG PC Tuneup.
3) Download of AVG_PCTuneup_765.exe was done three times wire links inside notification.automat@mail.avg.com dated 13-10-2016 17:05
AravindhAravindh (Avast) 
Hello Gilles,
Thank you for the confirmation. On checking with your account we can't see AVG PC Tune up license. Since you mentioned that you were upgraded Tune up utilities to AVG PC tune up, we would request you to get connect with our sales  https://support.avg.com/support_sales?l=en department to get legitimate license for AVG PC Tune up. Thank you for understanding.
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