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tim barretttim barrett 

Scheduled Scans Not Working

AVG Free 2017 scheduled scans are not working.  Followed online instructions several times with no fix.  Any suggestions are appreciated.
Alan BinchAlan Binch
Tim, Did you resolve your issue?.
AVG Guru
tim barretttim barrett
No the problem has not been resolved, I am currently doing scans manually. I've had AVG for a very long time and have been able to schedule scans without any issue. I'm hoping you have a fix for me!
DeLeon CannedyDeLeon Cannedy
Tim, I have been experiencing the same issue as well. I have been using AVG since 2004. Scheduleding a scan to take place when your not using your PC/laptop has been an easy task to configure in all the past versions of AVG. AVG 2017 has not worked for me in 3 months. I hope AVG finds a solution soon. Manually scanning my laptop is not the way I would like to go. 
tim barretttim barrett
Thanks DeLeon, I hope to get this resolved. Bert Forest also has the same issue and had a few techs helping him during the middle of March 2017, however there has not been any further posts on any progress. The 24th I was asked by Alan Binch ( AVG Guru ) if the problem was resolved and have not had any further assistance. I am currently using this product on my cellular and my pc's. No issues on the phones, just the pc's. I'm a little disappointed on the lack of input from the tech staff.
tim barretttim barrett
I am happy to say it has been resolved. An update just came through and the schedule scan feature seems to be working. Thanks AVG team for correcting this issue!
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