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Maree SaleebaMaree Saleeba 

Rootkit Virus

AVG has advised me that I have a Rootkit Virus.  AVG asks me to delete it by pressing Okay. So I press the okay button  however, it keeps coming back and advising me that I still have a rootkit virus.  AVG recommends I run a Boot-Time Scan.  I am not sure whether I should run this boot-time scan as when I access the screen to do this the screen has a black background with white writing and it does not look like the normal colourful AVG Screen.  Should I run this boot-time scan from the Black and white screen or not?  Also is a rootkit virus very dangerous to my laptop?
Gunaseelan GurusamyGunaseelan Gurusamy (Avast)
Hello  Maree,
We are sorry to know that. A rootkit is a type of software designed to hide the fact that an operating system has been compromised, sometimes by replacing vital executables. It is harmful to your computer. Please run a Boot time scan  using the Scan settings in the AVG Anti-Virus free and remove it from your computer. Boot time scan will starts when you boot up your computer and you cannot access your computer until the scan gets completed. This scan would check and remove all infected files from your computer.
Please, feel free to let us know if you require any further assistance. Thank you.
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