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Tim ChristouTim Christou 


Hey anyone know if that world wide ransom ware hit anywhere in Canada? It's called wanna cry.
are we protected with AVGs ransom ware protection ?
Gunaseelan GurusamyGunaseelan Gurusamy (Avast)
Hello Tim,
Do not worry, AVG will protect your from the "Wannacry" Ransomeware. AVG new version has updated its new virus definitions with all the new Ransomware, virus and malware. Your computer is very secure and protected by AVG.
Thank you.
John HancockJohn Hancock
Does that apply to all AVG products or only to specific AVG products ? Are the AVG products I have purchased operative to cover all kinds of malware  including ransonware.

Sarath RajagopalSarath Rajagopal (Avast)
Hi Tim,
We understand your concern and you have AVG Internet Security-Unlimited which will protect your PC from virus, malware and from hackers. So no worries You are good to go now. Your PC will be fully protected by AVG Internet Security-Unlimited.
Thank you.
Bahar CorpBahar Corp
I Think new update on AVG it's Good, because i use AVG from 2005 and still good,
you must update daily for virus protection.

Cecilia LeslieCecilia Leslie
Hi, I have heard that in order to secure from the attack of wannacry, we need to block the window SMB port of 139 and 445.  Hence, I would like to ask that if we still need to do so with most updated AVG internet security version already being  installed?  And if we still need to do so, how can we change the window SMB port settings in the AVG internet security software interface?  Thanks a lot!!
Pandi RajanPandi Rajan (Avast)
Hello Tim,

AVG program detect all known versions of WanaCrypt0r 2.0, but we strongly recommend you to update Windows Operating system with the latest available patches. You don't have to make any changes in the AVG program, as the AVG program will be updated automatically. Please make sure if all the AVG Internet Security components are active and run a scan using AVG Internet Security.
Feel free to contact us for further help.

Thank you.
Wayne OngWayne Ong
Hi, as you mentioned AVG Internet Security-Unlimited which will protect your PC from virus, malware and from hackers. How about AVG Anti Virus for Business? Please Advise
Pandi RajanPandi Rajan (Avast)
Hello Tim,

As your query is regarding Business product, we request you to contact our AVG Business support from the below link. They will be the best to help you with this. Here is the link to contact them: https://support.avg.com/business_contact_form?l=en

Thank you.
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