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Tarun MunjalTarun Munjal 

AVG Antivirus Rescue CD

I want to ask that the product " AVG Antivirus Rescue CD " is a free product???
And on your download site, does it get updated time - to -time with updates????
AvinashAvinash (AVG) 
Hi Tarun,
AVG Rescue CD is not a product. It is a standalone set of tools that can be started from CD or USB flash disk. It can be used to recover computers that are not able to boot or are infected in a way that will not allow normal operation.

The AVG Rescue CD is based on a Linux operating system. When started, it will allow you to start basic AVG functions from a simple user interface, as well as other administrative tools. The CD also features all standard functions of Linux operating system and can be used as a live CD.
Tarun MunjalTarun Munjal
Avinash ji Thanks....
I want to know that AVG rescue CD link is updated per month on your website.So we are to make CD every month??or there is something different approach???
I feel I will prepare a CD every Month( updated) and deploy to my PCs which require it . Am i right ??.....And is it all free ???
Means every month your link to download Rescue CD changes because of updates..??
Alok KumarAlok Kumar (Avast)
Tarun, you're correct. AVG recuse CD is getting updated time to time (there is no time frame). Whenever, we receive a update of virus/threat/ransomware, we need to update our all tools including AVG recuse CD. Here is the link to know more about AVG Secure CD and also to know how to use it (https://support.avg.com/SupportArticleView?l=en&urlName=How-to-use-AVG-Rescue-CD). You also correct, that this tool is free for our all customers.
Best regards,
Tarun MunjalTarun Munjal
Thanks Alok ji
If the antivirus rescue CD gets updated time to time on the website that means the link where from we can download the iso image  must change whenever it is updated.
But when I use the CD on my PC there is an optiom of updates ....what is that ???.....I have no internet connection......
I am planning to apply a simple rule.....I will take the rescue CD time to time from your Download link on website and I will scan my computers time to time because I have requirement of scanning repaired computers time to time .Am I following right way???,
AvinashAvinash (AVG) 
Hello Tarun,
The RescueCD includes the AVG scanning engine a virus database file, it will ask to update this. Unless you are actually planning to run a scan and have an internet connection, choose No.
Tarun MunjalTarun Munjal
Thanks Avinash g
Sir How can I check the date when u have published a new AVG antivirus Rescue CD with updates???Actually I will have need of downloading your new Updated AVG rescue CD time to time.
Because the current version on the AVG websie  120.160420 seems to be from april 2016.... Please correct me if I m wrong .....Do tell me how to find out the date when this version u have uploaded on the website ???
Abirami ShanmugamAbirami Shanmugam (Avast)
I apologize for the delayed response. Please be informed that AVG Rescue CD is not developed anymore and hence no updates are planned.
Tarun MunjalTarun Munjal
Thanks Abirami ji
That means there is no use to download AVG rescue CD since it is not being updated on your website according to you.But Alok ji  from AVG told me that it is being updated time to time.Pls see the trailing discussion.
Please guide me.
KarthikeyanKarthikeyan (Avast) 
Hello Tarun,

I apologize for the miscommunication. The Rescue CD is no longer being updated in our website and no further updates are planned.
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