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Marc S.Marc S. 

How do I deactivate AVG Identity Protection?

I am using AVG free edition on my Windows 10 tablet, laptop and desktop. But noticed, the process/service "AVG Identity Protection" (AVGIDSAgent) uses 1% idle and jumps to 5-8% cpu usage all the time on my tablet, even if I disable Identify Protection under settings. I tried to deactivate or delete the service via admin cmd:

sc stop "AVGIDSAgent" 
sc config "AVGIDSAgent" start= disabled  
sc delete "AVGIDSAgent" 

But I get access denined. Tried to disable AVG for 10 minutes doesn't help either.
BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (Avast) 
Hello Marc,

It is not recommended to disable Identity Protection of AVG antivirus because it protects your computer by constantly monitoring all running applications and processes, watching for any potentially malicious activity. It also checks regularly whether your personal details have not become a subject of misuse on the Internet.
If you wish to To disable it please follow the below mentioned instructions:

1) Open the AVG program.
2) Click the Identity component.
3) In the Identity Protection section click the switch to change it to Disabled (red).
4) In the Identity Alert section click the switch to change it to Disabled (red) if available.

Please feel free to contact us should you need any assistance.
Marc S.Marc S.
I don't need nor do I want Identify "protection" (Shop and bank online, safe in the knowledge that your passwords, account information, credit card numbersand other valuables are safe from identity thieves.), because I am not stupid. I just need virus and trojan scan, no https scan, no browser (form) scan. Also, did you read what I said? I said, I turned it off, but the process still stays on and stays using CPU usage.
BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (Avast) 
I am sorry Marc.
We request you to  follow the below mentioned instructions:
1) Go to Control panel and select Programs and Features
2) In the programs list select AVG protection and right click on it and click on only "CHANGE"
3) Follow the onscreen instructions and select "Add or remove features"
4) From the list of components please uncheck only "Identity Protection" and continue with the installation.

Once this is done check on the AVG antivirus dashboard whether identity protection is installed.
Also check on the processes of Task manager whether it is running.
Marc S.Marc S.

^ You see that is turned off, but the service is still running and consuming CPU.
Marc S.Marc S.
There is no "change" for AVG protection, just for AVG, and there is no "add or remove feature" either, just uninstall and repair. 
Marc S.Marc S.
BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (Avast) 
Thank you for trying that, in this case we request you to completely reinstall your AVG free antivirus program using our AVG remover tool.
1) To download our AVG remover tool, please click on this link: http://af-download.avg.com/filedir/util/AVG_Remover.exe
2) Run the downloaded file and follow the onscreen instructions.
NOTE: Once the remover tool done with the progress please go to C:\ drive and delete the "AVG remover" folder.

To download the AVG free antivirus installation file please use below link:
For 32 bit: http://files-download.avg.com/inst/mp/AVG_Antivirus_Free_x86_694.exe
For 64 bit: http://files-download.avg.com/inst/mp/AVG_Antivirus_Free_x64_693.exe

When starting the installation please click on "CUSTOM INSTALLATION" and from the list of components please uncheck "IDENTITY PROTECTION and complete the installation.
Please feel free to contact us should you need any assistance.
Marc S.Marc S.
I just installed AVG an hour ago on that device, and I did choose custom installation, and unchecked everything BUT virus protection. I am pretty sure, there was no option at all for IDENTITY PROTECTION, just for email protection. It seems you are not up to date on your own product, it seems IDENTITY PROTECTION automatically comes with AVG free edition without any choice to uninstall it or not to install it from the first place.
BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (Avast) 
Sorry Marc, It's my mistake, since identity protection is a highly mandatory component we didn't have option to uncheck it in custom installation, in our older version we had this.
Did you restart your PC and checked on the processes tab of task manager whether AVG identity is running?
Marc S.Marc S.
Yes... of course I did. Like I said, this seems like a bug. Please open an intern ticket about this, that the process still stays active and runs, even if you disable it under the options (and reboot of course...). Until then, sadly, I have to switch back to Panda again. I don't want to have processes idle with 1-5% CPU all the time on my tablets or laptops, on my desktop I don't really care.
BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (Avast) 
Thank you for the information.
In this case, please press Windows key along with R key to open rum command prompt.
In that type only as "services.msc" without the quotes and press enter key.
You will get a window opened up in that list please select AVG identity protection service and "STOP" the service.
Restart your PC and check whether it is running in the task manager processes tab.
The identity protection will be there in the list but see whether is using CPU.
Marc S.Marc S.
 ... :~) Take a guess? I already tried that, way before I opened this thread. It doesn't work. "Access denied". It's the same btw as if you would open cmd.exe as admin and type in sc stop "AVGIDSAgent". I googled about this, and it seems your AVG uses some kernel hooking to prevent deactivating its services.
BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (Avast) 
Great Work! Marc.
I really appreciate your efforts.
In this case, I have escalated your case to our senior level team and once we get a suggestion will post it here.
Your patience is much appreciated.
David BradfordDavid Bradford
Hi Marc and Balasubramanian, I have exactly the same scenario going on with a laptop. The CPU is running at a little over 50% all the time. The bottom of the laptop is literally almost too hot to touch so I powered off. It is also Windows 10 and similar in that when I try to change the service for avg identity I get the "Access denied" error message. Even if I right click the Services desktop app and select "Run as administrator" I still get "Access denied". I'm not even sure how the AVG install is able to set up these Windows services in a way that running as Administrator I get "Access denied".

This is not cool. Please include here a solution for this. I'm concerned that AVG is either going to ruin my hardware or literally start a fire in my house from the heat generated by AVG running my processor at over 50% nonstop.

Marc, if you fingure out something first, would you please be so kind as to post it here?
BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (Avast) 
Hello Marc,

We really appreciate your patience.
We have sent you the email instructions to send us the log files.
Please check for the email on spam, junk and inbox folders.
Thank you.
BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (Avast) 
Hello David,
Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
We have sent you the email instructions to send us the log files.
Please check for the email on spam, junk and inbox folders.
Thank you.
Fajar SastrowijoyoFajar Sastrowijoyo

I also have the same problem as the other guys. Identity Protection Service is eating up 41% of CPU usage right now. Can you give me instructions to send the log files as well?

Thank you.
Peter SmuldersPeter Smulders
Is there any progress on this issue? I have a job that runs 4 times as fast in Linux as in Windows-10 and I suspect part of the problem is due to AVG Identity Protection Service clogging the computer. It seems so simple: just make the button "Disable/Enable Identity Protection" do what it says
AvinashAvinash (Avast) 
Hello Peter,
We certainly understand your frustration and inconvenience caused. We have escalated this issue to our senior level and we will get back to you with a resolution. Are you using the latest version of AVG and did you try to run repair installation ( avgclick.me/RepairAVG ) of your AVG. Thank you.
Peter SmuldersPeter Smulders
Hello Avinash,
Like reported already by Maec and others, using the disable button, running "repair installation", completely removing and re-installing, nothing seems to be able to shut down AVG Identity Protection Service. A thing that does work is to disable AVG Protection altogether, but that of course is not what we want.
AvinashAvinash (Avast) 
Please follow these steps to send us diagnostic information from your computer. This information will allow us to analyze the situation and provide you with a solution:

Click on this link http://www.avg.com/filedir/util/AVG_SysInfo.exe to download the AVG SysInfo tool.
Run the downloaded tool.
Click Continue to agree with AVG’s license agreement and privacy policy. AVG SysInfo will now gather the necessary data.
Once the diagnostic output is ready, you may add comments, or click Attach file or Screenshot to provide us with additional information.
Fill in your email address
Fill in the case # which is 03370819 by copying and pasting it from this message.
Click send output.
As soon as we receive the data, we will analyze the files and provide you with further information.
Thank you.
Simon HillSimon Hill
Has this been answered yet please - I can't believe it was first raised in May and not been fixed. I paid for AVG on all my computers and this THING just cripples my laptop and it cannot be turned off. Do we all get a refund? We pay for and install antivirus software to stop us getting infected and keep our computers running quick and slick. We don't want to disable AVG protection but this THING is clearly a big problem and I can't believe it takes 6 months to fix. HOW DO WE REMOVE IT PLEASE!!!
Alan BinchAlan Binch
User Simon Hill has posted their own topic (https://support.avg.com/answers?id=906b0000000DRzLAAW).
AVG Guru
Aurimas VAurimas V
Has there been any update on this? Forced product bundling like this is really really annoying when I've paid for a 2 year license and was happy with what I purchased initially.
Lisa BoatwrightLisa Boatwright
I have given up on this issue.  The Identity Protection cripples my computer's resources.  After reading several threads here, the various tips provided by AVG either did not work or were incorrect (there are no 'change' options in Programs and Features -- only Repair and Uninstall).  The service cannot be stopped or disabled.  After seeing people with paid versions also having the same issue, I see no point in trying a upgrade.  I'm uninstalling now and will simply try a different AV product.  I understand they want to protect people against identity theft, but AVG should not assume that all consumers are completely ignorant.
Bill JonesBill Jones

When my computer slows to where every time I type a character Chrome goes to Not Responding for 5 to 30 seconds, I have learned that checking Task Manager will show Memory is in the 90% range with a sort by Memory showing AvgIdsAgent.exe at the top and MsMpEng.exe (also yours) pounding the disk at 100%.  So now I just click on show hidden icons and wait about a minute until they show up.  Then I right-click on the AVG icon and wait about another minute for an AVG pop-up that allows protection to be disabled.  There you can choose temporary at 15 minutes (which will give about 5 to 10 minutes of those processes not running because it takes about 7 minutes for their hogging of resources to fade then Identity Protection goes away.  Or you can chose Until Next Restart.  I always leave firewall running.

As a work-around, suggest turning off AVG this way after each reboot.  You will still have firewall protection and can reboot it and leave AVG running on the scheduled scan days.


jan luljan lul
Wow after reading this I really cannot believe AVg havent done anything about this issue. There is absolutely no way to turn off the identity protection. My computer is crippled, its taking up 100% of the disk and it makes the Pc unbelievably slow. Seeing this thread and discovering nothing is done about it made the decision easy for me. Im going to install another anti virus and will never ever use AVG again!
Roland vBRoland vB
Very often i'm just working (off-line) with 2 Visual Studio's 2015 open including 2 SQL Server instances and i really don't need an extra 350MB wasted Memory on AVGIDSAGENT. So optionally turning it on or off would be a nice feature.
So for now I disable it when I want:
- Start PC in Safe mode
- Go to Program files/AVG/AV
- Rename avgidsagenta.exe to avgidsagenta.tmp
- Restart PC
Patrick BurnsPatrick Burns
I too am running AVG and finding that the Identity Protection Service is overwhelming my system.

I've been using AVG for 12 or 13 years.  I dumped McAfee and Norton, because I found that those programs had become increasingly bloated over time, and were consuming so many system resources, that they themselves began to feel like the viruses they were designed to eliminate.

That's when I found AVG.  I appreciated the fact that it was (A) free and (B) had a small footprint and consumed minimal system resources.

That was then, this is now.  Very sad to see a once great software package succumb to the very issues that were the reason I started using it in the first place.

And so I'm back to square one...  time to start looking for a new antivirus package.
Gary ClarkGary Clark
In Windows 10, the administrator must be enabled. After I did the step below, I just moved the file avgidsagenta.exe from C:\Program Files (x86)\AVG\Av to the desktop. I still couldn't disable the service, and you will get an warning about not having it on, but it is better than suffering the slow PC.


Good luck, Gary

Jay LiboveJay Libove
I have the same problems as the others in this thread.
avgidsagenta.exe takes up an entire CPU core/thread all the time.
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, "Fall Creators update" version (1709), on a Dell Latitude E5530 (Core i5).
I just uploaded an AVG Sysinfo output, case # 05790253.
AvinashAvinash (Avast) 
If you are still experiencing this issue, please get in touch with our business edition support ( https://support.avg.com/business_contact_form?l=en&retUrl=business ).
James CumperJames Cumper
It's funny how this hasn't been resolved yet, we are seeing High CPU and Ram for the IDENTITYPROTECTION on most of our Desktops and Servers, I have a case logged with AVG business I like the fact  AVG's suggested fix is to uninstall and reinstall, like most i have done this numerous times, and no matter how many times this is done you still get the same result.  Has anyone found or been given a proper soultion to this issue?
AvinashAvinash (Avast) 

I'd like to inform you that this community answers only queries related to AVG home edition products. For further help regarding queries related to AVG business edition, please reply to the email you received from our AVG business product support team.
Alan BinchAlan Binch
@ James Cumper
James, General topic info.. "Business products" support.. For assistance have a look @ this AVG webpage (https://support.avg.com/business_contact_form?l=en_US). Please be informed that this Community forum basically deals with 'home' version of AVG products. Furthermore the "Business products" area has now been removed from the 'Community topics' list @ the top LHS of this page. Finally please be informed that the support for "Business products" is not now available within this Community.
AVG Guru
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