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Lavon V RLavon V R 

Inline hook ntoskrnl.exe

This morning, my scan showed an unresolvable medium security virus.  The threat was labeled inline hook ntoskrnl.exe.  First, is this a real virus on my computer?  Second, why does a second scan of the computer after a reboot no longer show the virus as present?

Please advise as to what I should do here?
Balasubramanian SBalasubramanian S (Avast) 
Hello Lavon,

On the first scan detection did you click on "Protect Me" option from the popup? If you have done it, AVG should have moved it to Quarantine.
If you haven't clicked on that option, did you update your AVG program once and then did the next computer scan?
Lavon V RLavon V R
The threat was unresolvable (unremoveable) and therefore there was no pop up option.  Basically, AVG offered no solution.

As to the latter part of your question, I do not recall.

If AVG considered it a virus at 8am, even with an update, it should still be a virus at 10am...even with the update.
Balasubramanian SBalasubramanian S (Avast) 
Thank you for the information.
Yes, you are right, just for additional information, we asked whether you have updated the program and then performed the scan.
Do you remember the path of the threat where it got infected?
James EganJames Egan
I just got the same one today,inline hook ntoskrnl.exe. The threat was unresolvable (unremoveable) it updated after scan will rescan
AvinashAvinash (Avast) 
Hello James,
You can find answer to your question together with your another post here https://support.avg.com/answers?id=906b0000000bmhg .
Please try keep whole conversation in one question/thread to speed up resolution. Thank you.
Geralyn DonaldsonGeralyn Donaldson
Avinash, that is untrue. The answer is not given in that post, as you merely tell the OP you are sending them a private e-mail. How exactly does that help others who mayhave this problem? And if the answer is not in given publicly in response to an earlier question, how can you be surprised that people continue to ask the same question? The only suggestion I can see is to upgrade to paid protection - and given that that is AVG seems to be constantly trying to trick people into doing this, I'm thinking the best solution is going to be to use one of your competitors. 
Balasubramanian SBalasubramanian S (Avast) 
Hello Geralyn,

Since this is a threat issue we request our customer to get our additional support and we send the email instructions for them to get connected to our additional support.
Few of our customers came up with this same issue and we provide our additional support to them for deep analysis.
We have sent you an email with further instructions to be followed to get our additional support.
Please check for the email on spam or junk folders if it is not present in the inbox.
Alan BinchAlan Binch
@ James Egan
James, Please refrain from carrying out multiple postings on the same subject! You won't obtain an answer to your query any faster!. 
AVG Guru
Kevin MazziottaKevin Mazziotta

I have the same problem.  It shows a STATUS of Unresolved, and says it can't be removed.
The "Remove selected" and "Remove all" buttons are grayed out.

Any help?

Inline Hook ntoskrnl.exe
Rajarajan SooiyachanthRajarajan Sooiyachanth (Avast)
Hello Kevin,
We regret for the inconvenience caused. We have just sent you an email to your registered email address. Please follow the email instructions to send diagnostic information from your computer which will help our senior technicians to identify the issue. Thank you.
Z PradoZ Prado
The exact same problem here for me too!  Unresolved and apparently unresolveable inline hook ntoskrnl.exe generic etc.   Is this a real virus?  Please help!
AvinashAvinash (Avast) 
Hello Z Prado,
We are sorry to hear about that. Could you confirm whether it is a free version or a paid version of AVG you are using?
Kevin CKevin C
Can someone answer the questioN!!!  Paid version!!
-980888528-980888528 (Avast)
We apologize for the delay in responding to you, your patience is  much appreciated. Let us know if the issue still persists,. If so, kindly follow the email instructions to collect the memory dump and log files to analyze the data. Thank you!
Scott WhittleScott Whittle
Hi,  Whats the solution to this?  I am too having this appear in my virus scan.  I  am a basic user.
Ben DoverBen Dover
I have the same problem, I just updated too. 

Email me for the mem dump.

KarthikeyanKarthikeyan (Avast) 
Hello Ben,
We are sorry to know that. To assist you better, could you please send us the screenshot of the AVG pop-up you received? And let us know if you are using the free or paid version of AVG.
Thank you
Ben DoverBen Dover
im on free version
KarthikeyanKarthikeyan (Avast) 
Hello Ben,
Thank you for the screenshot. We have sent the email for the steps to collect the error logs from your computer. Please follow the same and the senior technicians will analyse the same for you.
Thank you
per fper f
Same problem here - status Unresolved. 
Win 10, free AVG 
-980888528-980888528 (Avast)
Per f,
We apologize for the difficulties. We see that Inline hook ntoskrnl.exe is a harmful trojan threat which is designed by the web criminals to gain access over to the affected computer and ruins its settings harshly. We request you to get connected with our remote technician to have additional support. They will check and help you with this issue. Thank you!
per fper f
Found another thread : https://support.avg.com/answers?id=906b0000000bmu6AAA and it solved the problem, :) 
-980888528-980888528 (Avast)
Pleased to see that you appear to be sorted now. Thanks for returning to the Community & posting. We appreciate all your efforts and patience and thank you for letting us know about this. Please feel free to get back to us for any issues with AVG. We work round the clock, thank you!
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