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Amanda GoingAmanda Going 


HELP!  Anytime I go to a website with a video on the page, it turns into an ad!  There was a name at the bottom of the ad... Sekindo.  I googled it and it's malware.  It turns every video into an ad!  How in the world do I get this off my computer?!?!?! 

Thanks for your help! 

(I have AVG Pro, and my AVG Internet Sercurity says I'm 100% protected)

Balasubramanian SBalasubramanian S (Avast) 
Hello Amanda,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused. We request you to update your AVG program once and do a whole computer scan once.
AVG programs are capable of detecting and removing the malware programs, however there are numerous number of malware programs emerging day by day and we are working 24/7 to add all those definitions to our database. We request you to start uninstalling all unknown, unnecessary programs from your computer, make sure you dont uninstall the windows programs. Also remove all the weird, unwanted add-ons, plugins, extensions, tool bars and search bars from your web browsers, if the issue persists, reset your browsers once. This should fix your issue. Please feel free to contact us should you need any assistance.
Amanda GoingAmanda Going
Super!! Trying all that now and will update you! Thanks for your help! :)
Balasubramanian SBalasubramanian S (Avast) 
You are most welcome.
Thank you for understanding.
Please do let us know the status, we are there 24/7 to help you.
Amanda GoingAmanda Going
Deleted apps, updated AVG and did a whole computer scan. Deleted add ons, extensions and reset my browser. It's still happening. 
Balasubramanian SBalasubramanian S (Avast) 
Thank you for trying all of the instructions.
Sorry to know that you are still facing the issue.
We have sent you an email with further instructions to be followed to get our additional support.
Please check for the email on spam or junk folders if it is not present in the inbox.
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