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Canceling an AVG subscription via your AVG Account

This article does not apply for subscriptions purchased via Google Play Store or the App Store. To learn how to cancel a subscription purchased via one of these vendors, refer to the following article:

If you do not yet have an AVG Account, you can create a new AVG Account with the same email address that you used to purchase the subscription. For detailed instructions, refer to the following article:

If you already have an AVG Account, but you do not know the password, refer to the following article:

Cancel via your AVG Account

  1. Sign in to your AVG Account using the link below:
  2. Select the Subscriptions tile.
  3. Click Unsubscribe under the subscription that you want to cancel.
  4. Select Unsubscribe from future renewals and let my subscription expire on MM/DD/YYYY, and click Confirm.
  5. Click Got It.
  6. While the change is processing, the subscription status is Unsubscribing in progress. When the subscription is canceled, the status changes to Expiring. Expired subscriptions appear in your AVG Account for 1 year after expiration.

Your subscription is now canceled. You receive confirmation of the cancellation by email.

After you cancel an AVG subscription, you can continue to use the paid products and features until the end of the current subscription period. At this point, you can either renew the subscription, or lose access to the paid products and features.

If you have multiple AVG subscriptions, you need to repeat the steps above for each subscription that you want to cancel.


If you are unable to cancel and AVG subscription using your AVG Account, we recommend contacting AVG Support.

  • All paid AVG consumer products
  • All supported operating systems

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