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Miguel GonzalezMiguel Gonzalez 
Device Name: GT - 19300
ID: (Can be provided on request if required to fetch my anti-theft password)
Version: OS 4.3 AntiVirus Version 4.1
Type: GT - 19300


My phone, a Samsung Galaxy S3 has been locked with the Anti Theft Function of the AVG APP for android and I am unable to unlock it.

I had set the anti-theft and registered months ago however I cant even remember ever setting an anti-theft password.

I attempted to acquire a new sim card for the phone. After installing the sim card and turning my phone on the Anti-Theft screen came up stating, "This device is lost or stolen Please return my device" followed by a "Please enter unlock password"

I attempted to reinsert my original sim card to see if that would unlock the device however it did not work.

Unfortunately I do not know the Unlock password, and attempted to use the website: "" to try and unlock my phone, however I have been unable to as AVG could not locate my phone. I read it requires GPS and Wifi along with Cell Tower ID to locate the phone, however the wifi and GPS were both turned off when it was locked (and I am unable to turn either on due to the device being locked) and it seems AVG cannot locate the device either with my original sim card or without it.

I've attempted multiple times over several hours and failed every time. As it stands I am unable to change the anti-theft password nor unlock my device.

Could I please have some assistance with this matter, if possible could you tell me what the password registered as the anti-theft password registered to the device is, as I see that as the only way to resolve this matter if AVG cannot locate the device.


PS: (I also attempted the first 6 letters of every password I normally use but none worked)
Best Answer chosen by Petr Jezek (AVG Technologies)
ZbynekZbynek (AVG Technologies) 
Hi Miguel,
You should be able to enable Wifi, during phone startup(with new sim it take little bit longer to lock it).
Rafie MYRafie MY 

I have big problem on unlocking my device. I did locked my device using this site and my phone was successfully locked. Unfortunately, my phone didn't unlocked prefectly, i did try to enter the password and the AVG security unlocked but another lock page apear (i did remember that i don't put any others security password except  AVG password security). I did try to unlock it using (UNLOCK) on AVG mobilation, but it didn't work. My phone was connected the the internet connection.
Until today, my phone won't unlock. Plx help me on this, i need my phone back.

Best Answer chosen by Petr Jezek (AVG Technologies)
ZbynekZbynek (AVG Technologies) 
Hi Rafie,
There is not issue in AVG, second lock screen is not conned to AVG.
J EaglesJ Eagles 
Last Thursday, 19th March 2015 my printer worked fine. On Friday, when I tried to print something the printer took the paper then – nothing. I then spent the rest of Friday and Saturday trying to resolve the problem, uninstalling and reinstalling the printer driver and software and various other trouble shooting tactics until eventually, quite by chance, I sent something to the printer when my AVG virus checker was temporarily disabled and it worked. When my AVG virus checker was again enabled the printer did not work so a recent update of AVG must be causing my printer problems.  I have now discovered the same complaint reported several times on this Forum so I am adding my problem. I hope AVG will rectify this problem with haste. I cannot keep turning the virus checker off to enable printing.  I am using Windows 8.1.  I am not using the AVG Firewall. Is this issue being addressed?
Best Answer chosen by Zbynek (AVG Technologies) 
JanJan (AVG Technologies) 
Hi all,

We are really sorry to hear this is happening on your systems. We have prepared the hotfix which will be released as an update soon.

However you can follow below mentioned steps to fix it now.

1. Disable the AVG Self Protection (AVG -> F8 -> AVG Self Protection -> uncheck "Enable AVG Self Protection" -> OK)
2. Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers
- Show hidden files and folders if you can't se this folder
3. Replace the relevant driver on the system
- 32bit (avgwfpx.sys) -
- 64bit (avgwfpa.sys) -
4. Restart your computer and try it.

Let me know how it goes.
Diana DickoverDiana Dickover 
Every time I try to download AVG Internet Security I get the error message saying "waiting for watchdog service start failed". Error code 0xC0070643 MSI action failed. Could someone kindly explain to me why I can't download this program and how to resolve the problem?
Best Answer chosen by Diana Dickover
Alan BinchAlan Binch
Diana, Prior to attempting to install AVG have you previously used an anti-virus program on this system?.. Have a look @ this link (
AVG Guru
Marcin GomulakMarcin Gomulak 
I don't really need an info "This is a trojan. Trojan does this and that". I'm more into technical details on those. I'm working to reverse a trojan that attacked me and passed by AVG.
As far as I got into this, my trojan was written in AutoIt3 to crypt, then real trojan was executed to other process code. The trojan was written in C#, and executed VB assembly from resource file.

Testing with AVG on crypted with autoit3 file resulted in nothing.
Testing decrypted .EXE file from autoit3 cryptor resulted in Atros.POK
Testing directly VB assembly extracted from ressource file resulted in PSW.MSIL.AIHT.

Trojan contained C# library for keyboard hook and AForge library for video/media processing (probably to get webcam image), also this trojan stole cookies, passwords and was screenshot'ing.

I'm asking about more detailed info about those two Atros.POK or globally Atros (Is it related to keylogger builders/ready softwares found on hackforums?) and PSW.MSIL.AIHT.

If it's wrong category, than could I ask where I should search for such info?

Thank you.
Best Answer chosen by Marcin Gomulak
ZbynekZbynek (AVG Technologies) 
Hi Marcin,
You are right, unfortunately we don't provide such information to end users.
Martin BirdMartin Bird 
Hello mates, gals,

About an hour ago my AVG Antiviruss Free 2015 was working just fine when suddenly all the components changed their status from "Active" to "Unknown". I can still see that AVG is trying to turn them on, so it flickers from active to unknown every once in a while, but without success. Windows itself keeps spamming "Turn on the AVG" every 5 seconds, but when I press on the popup it asks me if I want to open up "avgwsc.exe" even though it doesn't work either.

At first I tried to contact the customer support through the chat, but for some reason it just redirects me to ""  ... so basically, doesn't work. That's why I'm asking the forum.

My computer/OS specifications (just in case):
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate (Service Pack 1), 64 bit
Ram: 4 GB (DDR2)
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 6000+  3.10 GHz
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 220 (Internal: GT215)

Best Answer chosen by Martin Bird
BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (AVG Technologies) 
Hello Martin. I suggest you to try Repair of AVG after that restart your system once. Please follow the instructions mentioned in the following link .

Please feel free to contact us should you need any further assistance.
Carl LaydenCarl Layden 
My screen displays an AVG instruction ~ please click 'Relaunch Browsers' to apply your security settings. Upon following instruction, a sub-screen(?) in the RHS Bottom corner displays a scrowling series of bars (progress expression) which just continues in a 'loop'. The sub-screen instructs 'to wait"; 12 hours plus and sub- screen persists. A re-boot does not remove sub-screen which occupies about 20% of the total laptop screen area. I have reinstalled AVG 2015 and still sub-screen persists. How do I remove this subscreen? Please excuse my termonology!  Cheers / Carl
Best Answer chosen by Carl Layden
ZbynekZbynek (AVG Technologies) 
Hi Carl,
Did you send diagnostic output, because I can't find it in our system.
Brandi PattersonBrandi Patterson 
I need to re install AVG Internet Security and PC Tune up but I cant find my product key number 
Best Answer chosen by Petr Jezek (AVG Technologies)
Alan BinchAlan Binch
Brandi, You've actually posted your query in the wrong area! It should have been located here (!/feedtype=RECENT&dc=Windows&criteria=ALLQUESTIONS). Have a look @ this article ( from the correct area.
AVG Guru
Rolf PetersenRolf Petersen 

Sorry, I didn't send my first question (10 minutes ago) to the right category:

This product was payed on August 20, 2014 for 1 year (till September 10, 2015).

In November 2014, I received the information, that its full performance have expired. The same daily information asks for a new payment...!

Best Answer chosen by Zbynek (AVG Technologies) 
JanJan (AVG Technologies) 

Hi Rolf,

Please try to log out from the AVG Zen and then login again (

Let me know how it goes.

Roy LeggittRoy Leggitt 
AVG told me to try the license retrieval site.

When I do, I get 

Need to retrieve your license?

Enter your registered email address with AVG and we'll
send you an email with all your license numbers.


We’re unable to find the email address you entered. Please check that you typed it correctly and that it’s the same address you used to register your AVG license.

NOTE: Our AVG Protection, AVG Performance, and AVG Ultimate subscription packages do not use license numbers. To activate the PRO features in subscription products, just log in to your products using the AVG MyAccount email address you used when purchasing your subscription.

Need help installing and setting up your product? Let our experts remotely set things up for only $19.99.

Best Answer chosen by Roy Leggitt
Alan BinchAlan Binch
Other Roy Leggitt posting (
AVG Guru
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