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Danielle BeaboutDanielle Beabout 
how to started toolbars search
Best Answer chosen by Danielle Beabout
Aravind GnanamurthyAravind Gnanamurthy (AVG Technologies)
Hello Danielle. To Display the Quick Launch toolbar please follow the below steps:

To display the toolbar using your mouse

-Click the Start button, and then click Control Panel.
-In Control Panel, make sure you are in Classic View, with all Control Panel icons showing. If not, click Switch to Classic View in the left pane of Control Panel.
-Click Taskbar and Start Menu to open the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties dialog box. Click the Taskbar tab and then select the Show Quick Launch check box.
-Click OK, and then click the Close button.
Vineet GargVineet Garg 
I am happy with my AVG free product. It has increased my laptop's (win7, sp1, 64, ultimate, 4.00ghz processor and 2gb RAM) performance many ways. But everytime i uninstall and reinstall my AVG Free Antivirus 2015, i face the fatal possibility of getting infected. As its an online installer (avg_free_stb_all_2015_ltst_284.exe), my computer bears the risk till the time it gets fully installed and activated.
Besides, i have seen the full free offline installer for that (187mb, 64bits).  But the 4.8 mb installer has priority over that and put as RECOMMENDED.
So, my question is 1.Can i avoid this risk anyway?
                              2.What's the difference between the two installers? (apart from being online and                                          offline installers)
                              3. Anything else !!??
Regards and Thanks,
Vineet Garg
Best Answer chosen by Vineet Garg
BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (AVG Technologies) 
Hello Vineet. I certainly understand your concern. If you download the setup file from the online installer which is of small size it will start the installation only after downloading the full files through online and the files are downloaded only from trusted AVG websites so need not worry of getting affected. The offline installer file size which is of huge file size will have all the components of the AVG program in it and if you run that file it will straight away install the program. Please feel free to contact us again should you need any further assistance.
Gunyazile HlazoGunyazile Hlazo 
My story is smilar to the one of Miguel. My tab is locked, I have reset the password on the different device but still I can't log in on my tab. On the answer from AVG is not clear to me. My wi-fi its on and still I can't unlock password. 
Best Answer chosen by Petr Jezek (AVG Technologies)
Gunyazile HlazoGunyazile Hlazo
For those who have the same problem I had. This is simple, just log on your AVG account on different device, as long as you remember your email address. It will show you lock option on the tools bar, press lock, you'll get option to choose lock pin/password then enter and confirm. Then now you'll will have unlock option on the tools bar, enter the same password, your device will be unlock...walala wasala...easy as that. I don't know why some answers complicate this. 
Devid van ReeDevid van Ree 
I have internet security 2015 and Tune up 2015 for 2 laptops. Al together if i would renew it it will cost me al together with reduction a price of 82,-(81,98) euro's.

If i buy Protection and performance i pay 85,-(84,98) euros. But i get unlimeted computers for that.

But if i buy Ultimate i get it all in once unlimted computers and such and it wil cost me 70(69,99) euro's ???

So can anyone explain to me how i can switch to ultimate the easiest way and cheapest way? Cause i just dont understand why as a loyal customer i did pay 84 euros. I can renew in december so thats a half year from now. But why didnt they tell me about this? d i could have AVG Ultimate with  unlimeted PC and more Options for just simple 70 euro?. It feels i got ripped off. 

Best Answer chosen by Devid van Ree
ZbynekZbynek (AVG Technologies) 
Hi Devid,
Please accept our sincere apologies for this difficulities. I just escalated your case to Sales department they will contact you via email with personalized solution soon.
Miguel GonzalezMiguel Gonzalez 
Device Name: GT - 19300
ID: (Can be provided on request if required to fetch my anti-theft password)
Version: OS 4.3 AntiVirus Version 4.1
Type: GT - 19300


My phone, a Samsung Galaxy S3 has been locked with the Anti Theft Function of the AVG APP for android and I am unable to unlock it.

I had set the anti-theft and registered months ago however I cant even remember ever setting an anti-theft password.

I attempted to acquire a new sim card for the phone. After installing the sim card and turning my phone on the Anti-Theft screen came up stating, "This device is lost or stolen Please return my device" followed by a "Please enter unlock password"

I attempted to reinsert my original sim card to see if that would unlock the device however it did not work.

Unfortunately I do not know the Unlock password, and attempted to use the website: "" to try and unlock my phone, however I have been unable to as AVG could not locate my phone. I read it requires GPS and Wifi along with Cell Tower ID to locate the phone, however the wifi and GPS were both turned off when it was locked (and I am unable to turn either on due to the device being locked) and it seems AVG cannot locate the device either with my original sim card or without it.

I've attempted multiple times over several hours and failed every time. As it stands I am unable to change the anti-theft password nor unlock my device.

Could I please have some assistance with this matter, if possible could you tell me what the password registered as the anti-theft password registered to the device is, as I see that as the only way to resolve this matter if AVG cannot locate the device.


PS: (I also attempted the first 6 letters of every password I normally use but none worked)
Best Answer chosen by Petr Jezek (AVG Technologies)
ZbynekZbynek (AVG Technologies) 
Hi Miguel,
You should be able to enable Wifi, during phone startup(with new sim it take little bit longer to lock it).
Stewart McKenzieStewart McKenzie 
Good Morning,

We are currently experiencing an issue when trying to push device manager on to client systems. The error appears to be associated with WMI. WMI has been enabled on the computers in question but the install still fails. We are able to rebuild the WMI Namespace on the local computers for the installation to work but it is a time consuming process which we would like to avoid. Would AVG please look in to why this is occurring? Please let us know if there is any additional information that will help to resolve this issue.
Thank you,
Best Answer chosen by Stewart McKenzie
KishoreKishore (AVG Technologies) 
Hello Stewart. I would request you to click on the following link to get connected to our business support .
David WolfsonDavid Wolfson 
For the past few days, my AVG icon has been appearing and disappearing from the taskbar every few minutes. Does anyone know how to make that stop? PLEASE NOTE: I know about customizing settings for the taskbar. I've got mine set to "ONLY SHOW NOTIFICATIONS" for AVG, which should keep the icon hidden. I do not want to hide notifications from AVG, I just want to stop the icon from appearing and disappearing every few minutes. Also note, I've had my taskbar set this way for years and have not had this problem until a few days ago. Thank you for the help!

Computer: Toshiba laptop
System: Windows 7
AVG product: Free anti-virus
Best Answer chosen by Petr Jezek (AVG Technologies)
Alan BinchAlan Binch
David, Try this.. Have a look @ this article (
AVG Guru
amanda manningamanda manning 
want telephone support as soon as possible as have paid for full protection on computer which is beyond repair and I need help to cover this pc/laptop. Please give me telephone help as needed NOW tankyou.

Best Answer chosen by Petr Jezek (AVG Technologies)
Alan BinchAlan Binch
Amanda, You've actually posted your query in the wrong area! It should have been located here (!/feedtype=RECENT&dc=Windows&criteria=ALLQUESTIONS). Have a look @ this article ( from the correct area. Telephone support....
US & ROW: +1 877 469 8630 (tech support)
UK: +44 (0)800 085 3496 (tech support)
AVG Guru
brian brianbrian brian 
the previous years I have bought a licences for my three computers in each case there was nearly a month to go on the existing license so enter new licence number and the licence starts from today even though there is still a month to go on the licence this has happened everytime and must have lost  at least 6months. I have my email address and these products registered every time I try to log in I am refused when I eventually get logged in it shows no products purchased. I buy my products from a repuable reseller and get a sales code and avg gives me a licence code by return email, why do these products not show. At the moment I have six different licences on three computers
Best Answer chosen by brian brian
brian brianbrian brian
Everytime I use AVG it says flashing in red please renew your licence to keep your system protected even though there is nearly a month left. Is this so that I will renew early and therefore your profit margin will increase, do you not earn enough without being dishonest, dishonest yes that is what it is. Then its ok because having asked the question you dont tell me but PLEASE BE INFORMED .........has the tone of a n official court summons about it. No this does not make it ok and I am not PLEASED to be INFORMED this is a maketing ploy to make more profit. I do wonder how much profit has been made out of this. Hope you do not mind me reposting this on a few sites?
yvonne kirsteinyvonne kirstein 
I am locked out of my phone. I downloaded the AVG free antivirus for mobile which included 30 days free of pro security anti theft features. I set up passwords online, then tried the security features. Horror, my phone did not recognize any of the passwords I set up online. In desperation I thought if I deleted the device from my online profile, it would reset and disable the features on the phone. NO it did not! My phone remains locked. I am without the use of my phone. The support available is only through email, and this is not timely, and I do not know how long this will take. I tried the phone number given on the bottom of the page, "contact us", but they told me that they do not support the free products over the phone. Well, I was considering upgrading once the trial period was done, but that won't happen now considering your product has malfunctioned on my phone!!!! I want access to my mobile phone!!!!
Best Answer chosen by Petr Jezek (AVG Technologies)
yvonne kirsteinyvonne kirstein
Follow up note: I kept trying passwords and realized that I thought I had set my passwords, and that they were 7 and 8 characters long. But in small print I noticed that it said that passwords must be between 4-6 characters long.....So I retried my passwords dropping the last 2-3 characters and came up with the passwords. Why in the world did your system allow me to enter passwords that were too long without giving me any heads up that I was doing that?????My suggestion to AVG....When someone tries to set a password that is too long, Give a WARNING, and do not accept it until it is corrected. As well, what are you going to do if someone is locked out of their cell phone and does not have access to the online settings or the app??? I don't think I am going to upgrade after the trial period, because I need better support than just email only....And if you tell me that you support paid products via phone, but not the free....I ask you, a trial isn't a trial if someone isn't getting the full experience of the product support. And the fact that I was stuck with my phone locked, and your support people would not help me because it was a "free" and "trial" version shows very, very poor support and not worth paying for.
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