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Ricardo VegaRicardo Vega 
Is it possible to delete / deactivate my AVG Account? I already use it for a long time, look for how to remove it but I didn't find any I need help as soon as possible. Sorry to bother.
Best Answer chosen by Ricardo Vega
BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (Avast) 
You are most welcome, Ricardo.
Please do not apologize for this as it is your right to delete your account at any time.
Aleksandar DjajicAleksandar Djajic 
i would like to delete my avg account
Best Answer chosen by Aleksandar Djajic
Alok KumarAlok Kumar (Avast)
Hello Aleksandar,
We are here to help you. You can go to https://www.avg.com/gdpr , Enter your email address and click Request Access. After that, please check your inbox > click "Go to Portal" button > Support > scroll down and submit a request for data deletion.
deleted deleteddeleted deleted 
I no longer use my PC,please close my suscription now,thank you.
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Akash ChandaAkash Chanda (Avast)
Hi Charles,

I have received your request for removing your personal data from AVG systems and databases.

Once we remove your personal data from our systems, you will no longer be able to use any active AVG licenses and services that you may have subscribed to. We're unable to refund any remaining subscriptions or products as a part of the data removal process.

Please respond to this message and confirm that you really wish to have your personal data removed from AVG systems. Once confirmed, I'll initiate the process and I will inform you once the data has been removed. Please note that this is a one-way process and once the data is removed, I cannot restore it.
Marisa ArribasMarisa Arribas 
I jus got Internet Security but I cannot used it.  I have the account but I don't see the" key or clave"

My bill number is 12289xxxxxx
Id transaction: [Removed]

I would like a solution to this problem
Thank you
Marisa Ortega

Best Answer chosen by Marisa Arribas
Akash ChandaAkash Chanda (Avast)
Hi Marisa,

Thank you for the information.

I see that you have not activated your AVG MyAccount yet. Not to worry, I've sent you an email with the Confirmation Email, please check your Inbox and confirm the email address.

Once confirmed, please follow the steps below to activate the AVG Internet Security-Unlimited:
  1. Please, open AVG Internet Security>My AVG>Subscriptions.
  2. Please click on "Log out" on AVG Subscription Tab and then you will be able to find "Remove License" option. If the Logout Option is not available, please click on Remove License.
  3. Click on it and wait for the process to get finished.
  4. Once it is completed please restart your PC and get into subscriptions tab to click on "Log into account"
  5. Enter the AVG my account credentials and check whether it activates your recent subscription.

Could you also tell me what exactly is the issue that you're facing with AVG Secure VPN?
Esaïe LegrandEsaïe Legrand 

Je viens de faire l'acquisition d'une licence pour AVG Ultimate, et j'ai constaté que celle-ci incluait également AVG PC TuneUp. Sachant que j'avais déjà une licence AVG TuneUP, qui se renouvelle automatiquement, devrais-je annuler cette dernière pour ne pas avoir à payer deux fois la licence TuneUp ou bien seule la licence AVG Ultimate complète se renouvellera-t-elle ?

Best Answer chosen by Esaïe Legrand
KishoreKishore (Avast) 
Hello Esaïe,
Thank you for replying us back. Since you have purchased our AVG Ultimate subscription you can apply for the refund for your AVG PC TuneUp program using the instructions provided on the article http://avgclick.me/AVGRefundPolicy . Please feel free to contact us for further assistance.
Thank you.
Beverly MartinBeverly Martin 
I want to cancel my subscription completely-this program is far from user friendly my order number 38-3530583  should be cancelled and my credit card refunded if this renewal has already happened. I can't find a clear path or phone number to  do this simple proceedure-SAD 
Best Answer chosen by Petr Jezek (Avast)
Alan BinchAlan Binch
Beverly, Have a look @ this article (https://support.avg.com/SupportArticleView?urlname=How-to-cancel-automatic-license-renewal). Also have a look @ this new form link (https://support.avg.com/support_contact_form) to get email/chat/phone support. There's a Sales Support section. Otherwise, When available (http://forums.avg.com/ww-en/avg-forums?sec=thread&act=show&id=190509) an AVG Community Support expert in Brno, Czech Rep.. will respond to your posting @ their earliest convenience.
AVG Guru
Jim MurnikJim Murnik 
I bought AVG tech support and ultimate and I am still having problems and want a refund. This product is only 8 days old. They tell me they will look into the problem. I had to go to microsoft to fix my problems.
Best Answer chosen by Jim Murnik
Mohammed ThameemMohammed Thameem (Avast)
Hello Jim,
We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.
Please use the following link to apply for refund.

Please feel free to get back to us for any issues with AVG.
Thank you.
Michael DochertyMichael Docherty 
Hi there, 

I wonder if anyone can help me.

I recently cancelled my ongoing AVG subscription, and received an email confirming it was cancelled. This was a number of months ago.

However, yesterday I received another email, saying my subscription was being renewed when my current subscription ends on 24 February 2020, and that I will be billed £99.99!!!??? 

Does anybody have any answers as to why this would happen? I've been very happy with my AVG products,  and continue to have a mobile subscription, but simply no longer need a subscription for my laptop.

I find it strange to receive an email saying it is cancelled, and then a subsequent one from AVG/ Digital River saying that it will automatically be renewed. 

Any advice would be much appreciated, 

Michael Docherty
Best Answer chosen by Michael Docherty
BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (Avast) 
Hello Michael,

We could not find a subscription for which you cancelled the auto renewal.
As per our record, you have an active subscription for AVG Internet Security (1 Computer) which still has the auto renewal service enabled.
Do you confirm to cancel the auto renewal service?
Digital River is our eCommerce partner which manages the online sale and distribution of AVG products and services.
Hence, you receive the email notification from them.
Best Answer chosen by Petr Jezek (Avast)
Alan BinchAlan Binch
Ivan, Assuming you are currently using all 3 licenses. Have a look @ this article (https://support.avg.com/SupportArticleView?urlname=How-to-transfer-AVG-license-to-a-new-computer). Otherwise see this article (https://support.avg.com/SupportArticleView?urlname=How-to-download-and-install-AVG).
AVG Guru
Heywood WilliamsHeywood Williams 
April 3, 2015 I paid you 39.99 but haven't been able to use it. Now you say I don't have an account? And I can't contact your subscription service other than here? What if I didn't HAVE Facebook?

Best Answer chosen by Heywood Williams
BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (Avast) 
Hello Heywood. I am sorry for the inconvenience. Could you please let us know the AVG program on which you are facing the issue?
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