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George PowGeorge Pow 
How do i reset the icloud account to accept AVG
Best Answer chosen by George Pow
AvinashAvinash (AVG Technologies) 
Hello George.
Could you please let us know on which device you are using the iCloud app?
Daniel JohnsenDaniel Johnsen 
AVG AntiVirus 2015.0 (4743) is installed on a late 2013 Macbook Pro Retina running OS X 10.9.5.  Computer is running on the power adapter in clamshell mode with an external monitor and keyboard.  

If I start a full scan and walk away from the computer, when I come back later the computer is sleeping and the scan has stopped.  Scan resumes on waking, but I'd just as soon the scan ran to completion while I was doing something away from the computer.

I think the Energy Saver settings for Power Adapter are still the defaults (the "Restore Defaults" button is grayed out).  "Turn display off after:" is at the first tick mark below 15 minutes, "Prevent computer from sleeping automatically when display is off" is un-checked, all other options are checked, there are no startup/wake/sleep/shutdown/restart options scheduled.

What can I do to ensure a full scan runs to completion even if I'm not actively using the computer?
Best Answer chosen by Petr (AVG Technologies) 
VladimirVladimir (AVG Technologies) 
Dear Daniel,

We tested the behavior of AVG Mac AV in a manner you asked us about. We found out that what you state is correct and that it is a proper behavior of our software due to the reason that it does not have higher priority processes than any other software, nor  a privileged access to computer's resources. As a result, the scan pauses at the very moment when your hard-drive goes to sleep and this depends on the settings of your system in the Power Saving section. 

Unfortunately, we are not familiar with a procedure that could elevate the process of scan and thus prevent your computer from sleeping. Thefore, the only way to change this behavior is to adjust settings of the system. You may try to uncheck the option Put the harddisk(s) to sleep when possible and see what will be the impact. Otherwise, i am afraid you would need to adjust time-out values set for go to sleep options.

We hope this answered your question.

Tom ArcherTom Archer 
I installed the free AVG antivirus software on my Macbook Pro but after I ran the scan for virus program my laptop restarted itself but won't launch.  I can turn it off by pushing the power button, but when I start it the launch process only gets to the apple symbol and then after a while restarts itself again.  There are also small dots that appear on the gray screen during its attempt to launch.
Best Answer chosen by Petr (AVG Technologies) 
Tom ArcherTom Archer
Hi Vladimir,

My Macbook Pro is up and running again.  With further troubleshooting I determined it wasn't a software problem but a failure of the logic board.  It must be the strain (heat generation) of running the virus check was more than the six year old logic board could handle.  I reflowed the logic board and everything is working again.  My guess is that the virus scan program was never to blame for the problem.  I really do appreciate, though, all the assistance you provided.  I do have the "diagnostic report" folder if you still want it, but I would need instructions on how to send via FTP (I didn't see the article you referred to concerning sending with FTP).  
Again, thanks for your help.  
Sincerely, Tom
Best Answer chosen by Petr (AVG Technologies) 
Alan BinchAlan Binch
Overton, Have a look @ this new form link (https://support.avg.com/support_contact_form) to get email/chat/phone support.
AVG Guru
Auridelia ArrudaAuridelia Arruda 
I am trying to install the AVG Cleaner for MAC, as my AVG Ultimate PRO account includes it:
  • AVG Internet Security
  • AVG PC TuneUp
  • AVG AntiVirus PRO for Android
  • AVG Cleaner PRO for Android
  • AVG AntiVirus for Mac
  • AVG Cleaner for Mac
But I can not find the free version for it...
Help me, please.
Thank you.
Best Answer chosen by Auridelia Arruda
KishoreKishore (AVG Technologies) 
Hello Auridelia,
Please use the link : http://www.avg.com/avg-cleaner-for-mac to download the AVG Cleaner for your Mac device. Please feel free to contact us for further assistance.
Thank you.
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