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Dave EdwardsDave Edwards 
Running Windows 10 AVG Free edition
Update does not complete and gives a message "Update has detected running installation.  Complete that installation before starting update"
I cant find any other installation running
I cant uninstall because it comes up with the same error message.
Any suggestions please?
Best Answer chosen by Zbynek (AVG Technologies) 
Luis FierroLuis Fierro
Had same problem.  Followed advise on another chat to stop "Windows Installer" in Task Manager and then run the AVG update.  Worked fine.  Seems to be a bug in Windows 10.
"Error loading type library/DLL (0xC007001D)"
Best Answer chosen by Zbynek (AVG Technologies) 
Dear Avinash ~ I am afraid to say that the two applicable download installation files AVG_Antivirus_Free_692.exe and AVG_Antivirus_Free_x86_694.exe (32 bit) on the above link: 
http://www.avg.com/us-en/download.prd-afh-free produce the same error message as posted at the very top of this thread.
However,  SUCCESS! SUCCESS!  using:
http://files-download.avg.com/inst/av/avg_free_x86_all_2015_ltst_222.exe, kindly offered by Norton Fern above and obtained from:  https://www.techmesto.com/avg-2015-offline-installer-standalone/

The installation file worked perfectly and I am now running AVG Antivirus Free 2015 (Build 6140).

Somehow, AVG, it would seem a critical "difference" has crept into some of your installation files.
John CartwrightJohn Cartwright 
Hi there like many i have upgraded to Windows 10 , but i have a problem trying to use Mail with my Yahoo account , all info is correct , But i get error 0x80072726 every time i try to look or sync with the new Mail, Can anyone help me out please. I'm a novice so need step by step tutorial to fix, Thank You.
John W Cartwright
Best Answer chosen by John Cartwright
Maxime Le DongeMaxime Le Donge
Same here. Temporarily disabling AVG kind of does the trick, it load the mails, but all attached files downloads show as failed, and won't go through. I did upgrade to 2015 just in case, to no avail.
We can't "just" disable temporarily several times a day, we're going to need a proper fix guys. As in, an update. Thanks in advance. :)
Viorel TurmacViorel Turmac 
Hi ,

​I upgrade to windows 10 and now whe i'm tryng to update the AVG i got thid messege : UPDATE HAS DETECTED RUNNING INSTALLATION. COMPLETE THAT INSTALLATION BEFORE STARTING UPDATE.
Is no installation happening on the computer, and have the same messege tryng to update Sype.

Any ideea ? Please help
Thank you
Best Answer chosen by Viorel Turmac
Alan BinchAlan Binch
Viorel, Have a look @ this article (http://avgclick.me/InstallIsRunning).
AVG Guru
Beth GoldenBeth Golden 
How do I install the Paid AV trial when I already have the Free version installed on my Win7 Home Prem SP1 laptop? Do I disable Free or change it in the Control Panel or what? My AVG UI gives me the option to try PRO but I don't want all the bells and whistles it has.


Best Answer chosen by Beth Golden
KishoreKishore (AVG Technologies) 
Hello Beth.
Thanks for the information.  All you need to do is just uninstall the currently installed AVG applications from the control panel and then install the paid version that you purchased from the official website or www.avg.com/downloads
Thank you.
james simpsonjames simpson 
web tuneup disabled browser plugin disabled in your web browser internet explorer enable the plugin for full protection , cannot find plugin
Best Answer chosen by james simpson
BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (AVG Technologies) 
Hello James,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused. I would request you to follow the below mentioned instructions to enable all the apps of your Internet Explorer browser:

1) Open your Internet Explorer web browser
2) At the top right corner below the close button you can find a wagon wheel shaped icon which is called as "Tools" please click on it.
3) In that select, "Manage add-ons" options
4) In the manage add ons window to the left please select "Toolbars & Extensions" and to the right you can find all the plugins and addons installed on your browser
5) Please enable all the plugins and addons in it and then check whether the issue persists.
christopher kozlowskichristopher kozlowski 
AVG will not allow me to download bearshare music sharing site, will not allow exceptions.
Best Answer chosen by christopher kozlowski
christopher kozlowskichristopher kozlowski
Roelof VersteegRoelof Versteeg 
Hello I ordered a avg protection on internet . Paid 59 Euros . Got a code and instalation program . But it refuses to work . Even took of all programs and it still wiil not work . It talks about a 7 zipp . I donot understand what is happening and how i can contact AVG .
Best Answer chosen by Roelof Versteeg
KishoreKishore (AVG Technologies) 
Hello Versteeg.
Well, it is kind of hard for us to identify the exact issue that you face with the information you have provided. It would be helpful if you could send us a screenshot of the issue that you face for better understanding.
Thank you.
Lê NguyễnLê Nguyễn 
Today, I install AVG Internet Security, but it shows me that: AVG not compatible with the operating system. My window is: XP 64bit SP 2.
Best Answer chosen by Lê Nguyễn
AravindAravind (AVG Technologies) 
Hello Le,
We are very sorry for the difficulties you are currently experiencing. We understand how something like this can really try your patience.
Please have a look at the below article to know about the minimum compatiable of AVG product http://avgread.me/1GdnJVQ . We request you to upgrade your Service Pack 3 to install AVG Internet Security in your pc.
Please feel free to contact us for any further assistance. Thank you.
Charles KirkeCharles Kirke 
I mistakenly let a piece of malware through my AVG protection.  The result is that when I open my browser it goes to a 'homepage' with the following url


It often opens a web page I do not want when I try to  open a new tab.  It appears to be irritating rather than dangerous, but I want to get rid of it.

How can I get AVG to stop this happening - ie to reverse my unwise decision to let it in?

Best Answer chosen by Charles Kirke
MohammedMohammed (AVG Technologies) 
Hi Charles,
I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. I would request you to follow the below link to get a rid of this issue from your computer :http://avgread.me/1G1kCfT. Please feel free to get back to us for any issues with AVG.
Thank you.
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