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Gert JobGert Job 
Continued AVG Alerts regarding exposure of IP address & activities on line even though I bought apps
Best Answer chosen by Gert Job
Santhosh PannerselvamSanthosh Pannerselvam (AVG)
Hi Gert,

We understand your concern.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused.

We could see that you are getting campaign popups to purchase the other AVG products. Please follow the steps in the article and disable the privacy settings https://support.avg.com/SupportArticleView?urlname=Disable-AVG-Antivirus

Let us know, if you need further help.
Colin RobertsColin Roberts 
Hello my friends once again!

Can you assist me please?
Whenever I log on my pc my AVG VPN is already on making it very slow to get online.

I dont have it set to "Automatically start on log on", and I would like it to not start on auto..can anyone tell me what to do please?
Thanks very much

Best Answer chosen by Colin Roberts
Rakshith RajkumarRakshith Rajkumar (AVG)
Hi Colin, 

We understand your concern.
The slowness with internet speed with VPN turned on is an expected behavior.
This is because VPN encrypts traffic and data before sending it to a server.
Depending on the distance and capacity of the server, this process may cause a slightly slower, but safer, internet connection.
You can change the location in AVG Secure VPN and check whether you could see a change in internet speed.

And to turn off the 'Auto Connection':

Open AVG Secure VPN and go to ☰ Menu ▸ Settings.
Select the Network Security tab in the left panel, then tick the box next to Automatically when connected to the Internet.
Nate WuNate Wu 
AVG UI Fails to load after updating to Windows 10 April update. I have restarted my computer and followed the troubleshooting steps it still fails. I have even reinstalled AVG and problem still happens...
Best Answer chosen by Nate Wu
Nate WuNate Wu
Thanks for all the help, but the only solution to my problem was that I restarted my PC this morning and AVG SUDDENLY decided to work again... Thats weird, maybe a windows update fixed it?
jacques cappoenjacques cappoen 
i pay two times this year wat can i do 
Best Answer chosen by jacques cappoen
Alok KumarAlok Kumar (Avast)
Hello Jacques,
Since you already have AVG Internet Security - Unlimited valid till 2019.9.2 so you can receive a refund for AVG Internet Security (which has been renewed on 2018.5.4). Let me know if you want me to merge AVG Internet Security and AVG Internet Security - Unlimited or want to receive a refund for AVG Internet Security.
Best regards,
John SteffensJohn Steffens 

Why is it that EVERY TIME I go to AVG Internet Security I have this big RED message about "PC RESTART NEEDED"?

I go there about once a week and it seems as though this always always presented.

Today, the ONLY thing that was up dated was virus definitions.

This is really annoying that I always have to restart.

Best Answer chosen by John Steffens
Priyanga SekarPriyanga Sekar (Sitel)
John, reinstallation always resets your software configuration by fixing or replacing program files which may be out of date, corrupted, or missing. This is why we suggested to re-install the product. 
1. Yes, the settings will not revert back if we reinstall the product. 
2. Unfortunately, there isn't any option to recover the settings configured in AVG TuneUp program.
3 & 4. The revamped version of AVG TuneUp 19.1, you can follow the steps as my colleague (Dinesh) stated earlier to install the product. 
You can find an option to edit your post nearby your reply. 
Thank you. If we can be of more help, please never hesitate to let us know.
Carol KershawCarol Kershaw 
I have removed Tune up and do not want to buy it . How do I stop the payment?
Best Answer chosen by Carol Kershaw
Rakshith RajkumarRakshith Rajkumar (AVG)
Hello Carol,

We are sorry to know that you do not wish to continue using the AVG TuneUp
Please be noted that the auto renewal is already cancelled.
I can assure you that you will not be billed for the renewal .
Thank you.
Maggie MalMaggie Mal 
When I open up my I/Net Security it comes up with
This is very embarrassing
Your protection is running, but the UI is having a really bad day
["undefined", "module", "main layout". "view", "default"]
What is going on?
I tried ringing the Support Number of 1800 429 319 but it is SHUTDOWN due to Coronavirus situation.
Best Answer chosen by Maggie Mal
Maggie MalMaggie Mal
Just managed to open up the AVG icon ok so following through with Update given.  Hopefully will fix it.Thanks.
alan atkinsonalan atkinson 
enhanced firewall is turned off. when I clickm on turn on I get message enhached firwall is not available. hpw do I get this to turn on have tried evefrything I know
Best Answer chosen by alan atkinson
Peter WarmerdamPeter Warmerdam
User-added image
Lucie DrdlováLucie Drdlová 
after automatical AVG update is the firewall is switch off. After switch on is there some warning- that is not available. So I don´t understand this kind of update, after that I´m not able to use my NTB!
I tried to get the support on AVG, but  I received the notice, that the support is not available just now...
Best Answer chosen by Lucie Drdlová
Rakshith RajkumarRakshith Rajkumar (AVG)
Hi Lucie,

Could you share the screenshot of error message?
You can post the screenshot here in your topic. Click on 'Answer' & then click on the 'Image' [mountain symbol] & follow the instructions.
david mcadamdavid mcadam 
I recently received notification by email that my subscription for AVG internet security had been renewed. I did NOT receive prior notification and I did not give permission and nor did I want it renewed. I sent you an email on 18 May informing you of this and to confirm that I DID NOT WANT IT RENEWED. I also said I did not want any subscriptions renewed in future and requested that you confirm in writing by email that this has been done. You have not replied.
Unless I hear from you within the next 5 days I will be taking this matter up with trading standards as you have taken money from my credit card without permission and I will also intend to contact HSBC my credit card supplier immediately.
I await you response and confirmation
David McAdam
Aso you have the wrong address on my account. It is 17 Greenbank Road, Chester CH23RW
Best Answer chosen by david mcadam
Alok KumarAlok Kumar (Avast)
Hello David,
We appreciate you contacting us about this payment. This order was placed for AVG Internet Security because you agreed to automatic extensions of your Subscription Period when you originally purchased your AVG product. We can assure you that we have not processed any unauthorized payments from your card or account.

I also could not find any previous contact using your email address.

We sent an email notification 30 days prior to the order being placed to let you know in advance that this payment was due. This also contained information on how to cancel your Subscription.

May I know if you want to receive a refund for AVG Internet Security - Unlimited automatic renewal/purchase?
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