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Patrick SandfoxPatrick Sandfox 
The last couple of days when i use Tune Up the program hangs up when it is checking the browser and asks if i want to send a report to AVG. I send the report and nothing has happened for two days. I am not a teckie, I work in the construction field. I need simple help to fix the problem, Please.
Best Answer chosen by Zbynek (AVG Technologies) 
Alan BinchAlan Binch
Patrick, Have a look @ this link (
AVG Guru
John JJohn J 
I'm getting this same code when I try to upgrade.  I've tried all of the steps provided in the article two times.  Cannot get the new version to load.  Now, I'm operating without Tune Up.

What should I try next?
Best Answer chosen by Petr (AVG Technologies) 
John JJohn J
This worked.  Thank you very much!!
Clifford CrissmanClifford Crissman 
Used AVG to hide empty drives now when I insert a flash drive to doesn't show up in explorer.  I can't find to place in PC tune up to show/hide empty drives.
Best Answer chosen by Petr (AVG Technologies) 
Alan BinchAlan Binch
Clifford, Have a look @ this article ( Otherwise, Re AVG Community Support expert assistance from Brno, Czech Rep.. They will attend to your posting @ their earliest convenience but please bear this in mind (
AVG Guru
Giorgio VecchioGiorgio Vecchio 
Help, AVG PC TuneUp stops and exits the message:
Following AVG processes failed:
- integrator.exe
what can i do.
I reinstalled AVG PC TuneUp, but still comes out error.
Thank You
Best Answer chosen by Zbynek (AVG Technologies) 
Alan BinchAlan Binch
Giorgio, Also have a look @ this Customer Support Article (
AVG Guru
Sveinung SkarsteinSveinung Skarstein 
h im trying to delet AVG 2015but it doesnt work had tried sevelers time
the message who came is : Driver installation failed : errorcode 0xCo70463 ErrormessageGeneral Internal  error 
Best Answer chosen by Sveinung Skarstein
Alan BinchAlan Binch
Sveinung, Available on 'Search'.. Have a look @ this article (
AVG Guru
H SchufletowskiH Schufletowski 
I just installed AVG 2014 PC Tune Up.  Now I've got 2 different icons on my laptop.  One is for PC Tune Up and the other is for 1 Click Maintenance.  What is the difference? 

When am I supposed to choose PC Tune Up and when should I choose 1 Click Maintenance? 


Best Answer chosen by Petr (AVG Technologies) 
Kanon AirKanon Air
when you want to clean (or fix .etc)  your pc automotically to use the 1 Click
when you want to do sth with your pc or use some senior tools, open  the PC TuneUp and select tools by your self
Hans PeterHans Peter 
Certify outgoing email is checked, but there is no message at the bottom of the mail when the receiver gets it. I believe that  I have done something wrong, but what?
/hans peter
Best Answer chosen by Jan (AVG Technologies) 
ZbynekZbynek (AVG Technologies) 
Hi Hans,
Since settings is greyed out, it seems you have disabled Check outgoing emails in Email Scanner settings.
Ashutosh ChakravertAshutosh Chakravert 
Earlier in the process of tuning up it has shown that the M.S Teredo Tunneling Adapter has stopped working. Shall I remove/disable it as it is not working and may harm to my computer performance?
Best Answer chosen by Ashutosh Chakravert
AvinashAvinash (AVG Technologies) 
Hello Ashutosh. Thank you for the information. I would request you to download and install the latest windows updates if any available. If that does not work, please follow the instructions below.
1. In the start menu search bar type in REGEDIT to open the registry editor.
2. Beofre making any changes, take a backup of your registry. To know how to take a backup, click on this link:
4. In the right pane, right click Disabled Components and select edit and set the DWord value to 0.
5. Restart your computer and the teredo tunneling adapter should now start.
Hope this helps. Feel free to contact us back for any further assistance.
michael clementemichael clemente 
what must i do to remedy this error message; "could not finish automatic state repair".   "we weren't able to fix one or more components".???
Best Answer chosen by Petr (AVG Technologies) 
Brian ColtmanBrian Coltman 
Intergrator.exe failed to start program
Best Answer chosen by Brian Coltman
Brian ColtmanBrian Coltman
Hi Mathew,

Tried the suggestion from Allan Binch regarding unchecking browser setting, but it didn’t fix the issue.   So downloaded the installation file as per the link you supplied.

Notice it is a different version, 2015_387.exe, my original file was 2015_185.exe.  But the product key was not transferred as your suggested, so I was asked for a the product key.

Inserted TM41T-RAOHC-MRFM2-QVLJG-119PA-BO2PS, but a message stated that  there was an error. 

Have checked several times but still an error is stated.    I may have used the 2014 version product key as that is the only key I have. 

Have checked the emailed invoice and order confirmation for the 2015 version, both  dated 18-8-2014, and there was no mention of a product key.  

Seems only an activation was mentioned in the email, not sure if that is correct.

Tried uninstalling and re-installing again using the new file, but same result regarding a product key request.

Therefore I still need help re this issue as I now have no PC Tune Up at all.


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