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Nick SmithNick Smith 
i see a red notice saying i am unprotected, yet i cannot access the AVG program for a scan
Best Answer chosen by Nick Smith
Sreenu YadavalliSreenu Yadavalli (AVG)
Hi Nick,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.
We will check and help you with this issue.
Did you try to repair your AVG Internet Security program and then check if it helps?

You can repair your AVG Internet Security with the following steps:
1. Press your window key and R key together and then type "appwiz.cpl" and hit "Enter"
2. Here you can see the list of installed applications in your PC.
3. Uninstall the conflicting antivirus (If found).
4. Uninstall the AVG Internet Security and click "Uninstall".
5. Now select repair and continue. 
6. Restart your PC.
Please try the above steps and let us know the status of the issue.
If the issue persists, then feel free to write back to this post.
Thank you.

Kim ParkKim Park 
4 days ago dri avg technologies received a payment message I don't want it, so can you give me a refund?
Best Answer chosen by Kim Park
Hari ShankarHari Shankar (AVG)
Kim, we have already sent you an email yesterday and again resent the email now. You can find our email easily by searching the case number 15732545 in your inbox/spam folders.
Please check for the email and revert to us.
Thanks for your understanding.
Sultan AlaskarSultan Alaskar 
Im asking because I prefer to buy from my favorite resellers, and some of them have a previous year listed in the title such as a "AVG Internet Security 2019". Im not sure whether they mean it will NOT work on any newer year version, or if they just forgot to update the title/page like some websites do with the copyright footer.

I just need a simple yes or no, please. Im not here for another sales pitch because just got in touch with sales support and all I got from them is "it's best to buy directly from AVG" because "buying it from other sources won't get you support from AVG". Why would I care about that? He kept dodging my questions and steering away from answering me directly then repeating that same phrase over and over. I asked if he was a bot, but he said no (which makes it even worse). Hopefully I don't get the same treatment here too.
Best Answer chosen by Sultan Alaskar
Veeramani SivakumarVeeramani Sivakumar (AVG)
Hello Sultan, 

We are really sorry for the inconvenience caused. We are glad to clarify your request. If you purchase AVG product from reseller, you can activate it on latest version. 

If the user purchase AVG product from AVG site directly, the subscription details will reflect under MyAccount. If user purchase it from reseller, it will not show under MyAccount.

If you have any clarification, please do let us know. Thank you. 
Aladdinno YTAladdinno YT 
when i press the "Need Help on not AVG technology? we can fix that too!" button it brings me to the 404 not found page, i don't know if it is normal for it to happen.

(issue in the replies of one of my asked questions)
Best Answer chosen by Aladdinno YT
Midhun AloorMidhun Aloor (AVG)

Hi Aladdinno,

We're sorry to hear that.
If you wish to contact our customer care, please visit this link for contact options.
Also, we're more than glad to assist you over this community post.
Let us know if you need further assistance.

Corinne KopfCorinne Kopf 
Paypal informed me that they failed an attempt to charge an automatic payment  for Driver Restore which I cancelled a couple of years ago.. I do not have that product so why are attempts still being made to charge me? Can you please correct this?
Best Answer chosen by Corinne Kopf
Midhun AloorMidhun Aloor (AVG)

Thank you for writing back to us, Corinne.

We'll certainly check & help you with the cancellation.
As we couldn't locate an active AVG Driver Updater subscription under the email address you've used to contact us here, we've sent you an email requesting further details.
Please check your inbox/spam folders to find the email and use it to get back to us.

Blake BigelowBlake Bigelow 
How far back does the scan history show on a Mac Free version? Is there a file that stores the history I can see?
Best Answer chosen by Blake Bigelow
Jovana PetkovicJovana Petkovic (Avast)

Hello, again Blake,

Our specialists got back to me and confirmed the following:

1. The scan history records are stored, and saved in the following directories:

/Library/Application Support/AVGAntivirus/config/service-data/scheduled-scans/
/Library/Application Support/AVGAntivirus/config/service-data/scan-reports/

However, these files are encrypted. 

2. The records are kept until the application is reinstalled

Once you reinstall the app, it starts collecting the history from the beginning.

I hope this clarifies and helps, let us know if you need any further help!

All the best! Jovana.

Pete EellsPete Eells 
I am trying to log into "wellsfargo.com" and AVG is blocking my connection with the message "We've safely aborted connection on www.wellsfargo.com because it was infected with URL:Phishing.  
How do I get to Wells Fargo to do my business with them?

Threat name: URL:Phishing
URL: https://www.wellsfargo.com
Process: ... chrome
Detected by: Web Shield
Status: Connection aborted

Threat name: URL:Phishing
URL: https://www.wellsfargo.com/reflectsetup
Process: ... chrome
Detected by: Web Shield
Status: Connection aborted
Best Answer chosen by Pete Eells
Hari ShankarHari Shankar (AVG)
Hello Pete,
Thank you for reaching AVG Support Community.
We're sorry to hear that you're facing this trouble, we regret the inconvenience this may have caused.
We will certainly look into it and help you.
Please share the screenshot of the threat pop-up which you received while accessing the concerned file.
Note: Open the threat pop-up > Click on "See details" > Take a screenshot and share it on this post. If needed, please find a quick guide on how to take a screenshot here.

If you believe the threat pop-up has falsely detected by AVG, then we would request you to submit the file to our developers for analysis. 
AVG False-positive site
If it is confirmed as safe, it will be whitelisted and the virus definitions database will be released through an update and you will be notified via email.
If you wish to exclude the website, you can follow the steps mentioned in the below article. However, it is not recommended. I'd suggest you to wait for the reply from our threat detection team.

Please ensure that the program update of the AVG AntiVirus and Virus Definition is up to date.
Updating Virus definitions and AVG AntiVirus application version
Thanks for your understanding.

I have uninstalled the AVG free version software but 11 drivers remain in the c:\windows\system32\drivers folder. I am unable to delete them. Is there any way I can delete them safely?? The avgKbd.sys driver controls the keyboard and if I delete them the keyboard does not work. This is so unacceptable. This driver is one of the main cause of blue screen crash.  I have already talked with your support team and placed a complain about it. I hope you look at these issues. I hope to hear from your AVG technical team to address this issue. You also don't provide any email contact. How ridiculous??
Best Answer chosen by S R
Nisha SivakumarNisha Sivakumar (Avast)
Hi S R,

Thank you for writing us back.
In order to resolve this, we've sent you an email instruction to get our additional support.
Please do check & revert to us.
Be StillBe Still 
I tried the "Support Chat" first, but got nothing but a spinning dot wheel.

When I try to create or edit firewall rules, under the actions of " Action, Protocol, Direction, etc" I get a black bar when the pop-down arrow is clicked instead of the appropriate choice for the rule setting. This seems to be new since the last software update.

Anyone know why this might be happening, or experiencing it for themselves?
Best Answer chosen by Be Still
Midhun AloorMidhun Aloor (AVG)

Thank you for sharing the screenshot, Brent.

Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience this has caused you.
We've reported this issue to our developers and they're currently working on a fix, which should be delivered (as an automatic update patch) by the end of this week.
Meanwhile, your continued patience is very much appreciated.
Thank you for understanding in advance!

john edgarjohn edgar 
When I attempt to install AVG updates this banner appears:
cannot get info files due to curl error
Error code 44013
Best Answer chosen by john edgar
Midhun AloorMidhun Aloor (AVG)

Hello John,

Please accept our apologies. We'll certainly check & help you sort this.
Firstly, would you be so kind as to specify the name & program version of the AVG program you're trying to update?
Secondly, please share us a screenshot of the error message you recive at the time of program update.
You can post the screenshot here in your topic. Click on Answer & then click on the Image [mountain symbol] & follow the instructions.
Thirdly, specify the operating system of your device.
Awaiting your response.

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