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Syafiq Danial Bin ZulkifliSyafiq Danial Bin Zulkifli 
Hi i was wondering whether anyone has the same issues as me with regards to remote desktop access. When firewall is up i am unable to do remote access but all the settings for remote access is enabled. The logs keep showing that the rule indicates to block access but i cannot find the setting to change that
Best Answer chosen by Syafiq Danial Bin Zulkifli
Dinesh KrishnanDinesh Krishnan (AVG)
Hi Syafiq,

We're glad to look into this & help you.
As we're uncertain about the settings that you've already configured, we're mentioning the required settings to be modified. 
If they're not already configured, please do modify & let us know if it helps.
Open AVG Internet Security - Menu - Settings - Full protection - Enhanced firewall - Enable 'Internet connection sharing mode'.
Later enable 1st 2 options : File & printer sharing, remote desktop connections in System rules. 
If the above mentioned settings are already configured, please share us the screenshot of the rule that indicates regarding the block. 
Paulk AllisonPaulk Allison 
I've received 3 notifications this afternoon saying a new device has joined my network. Is this a problem?
Best Answer chosen by Paulk Allison
Veeramani SivakumarVeeramani Sivakumar (AVG)
Hello Paulk,

We will check and help you to clarify it. Could you please share the screenshot (https://support.avg.com/SupportArticleView?urlname=AVG-Create-screenshot) notification which you received? 

You can post the screenshot here in your topic. Click on Answer & then click on the Image [mountain symbol] & follow the instructions.

Thanks in advance.

Rickey BeckerRickey Becker 
Suddenly I can not access the internet. The Application shows out of date and I can not update that or the Virus definition. I have tried for an hour. all I get is the Rotating circle fore both, and then after a while it says something went wrong, please try again. It shows I am connected to my network with a Internet connection and an Unidentified network with internet connection. My VPN is connected but will not obtain a IP Address. My other Laptop works fine with all the same settings on AVG. Does anyone know what the problem could be?
Best Answer chosen by Rickey Becker
Midhun AloorMidhun Aloor (AVG)

Hi Rickey,

We regret the inconvenience caused.
Initially, we request you to repair your AVG Internet Security as mentioned in this article & check if you're still unable to update your AVG Virus definitions & the program itself.
Secondly, try changing the location/server of your AVG secure VPN (preferably to one of the P2P or streaming servers) & check if the issue still persists.
Keep us updated.

Jackie HollandJackie Holland 
Please help! I've had a threat secured message that keeps popping up on my screen every minute. I've run a scan several times. I've contacted the website concerned and they know there is a problem but I don't understand why I keep getting the message.

Best Answer chosen by Jackie Holland
AvinashAvinash (AVG) 
Hello Jackie and Liz. 
I would request you to remove any unwanted extensions on your browsers, reset them and check if that resolves the issue. 
Ginny NagleGinny Nagle 
Can I delete Windows Cache Files without losing my saved browser bookmarks and passwords? Thank you!
Best Answer chosen by Ginny Nagle
Midhun AloorMidhun Aloor (AVG)

Hi Ginny,

We're glad to look into this & help you.
Firstly, could you let us know if you're referring to the maintenance scan of your AVG TuneUp?
Also, by Windows Cache Files, are you referring to the temp files in your computer?
Awaiting your response.

Bob McGaughyBob McGaughy 
Kepp getting a URL:Techscam message on BiPetro.com this is a website I have used for years and is essential to me.  Is this a false positive?
Best Answer chosen by Bob McGaughy
Dinesh KrishnanDinesh Krishnan (AVG)
Hi Bob,

We're glad to look into this & help you. 
If you receive any threat notification from AVG, please click on 'See details' in it & then share us the screenshot of it for better clarity.
Elizbeth NeillyElizbeth Neilly 
How do I get AVG to stop taking annual payments from my account? For four years they have billed my account via an e-mail address I cancellled more than four years ago, The security originally purchased was for computers I no longer have in my possession. I have tried many, many times each year to get this subscription cancelled both by using customer support on line (which was useless on every occasion) and by cancelling my PayPal account (they have taken the money frsom my account each year on behalf of AVG,, but it would seem that AVG nor PayPal bother to query why the licences have not been activated . Pay Pal said it was a problem that I needed to sort out with AVG and AVG support say NOTHING!!  We are now coming up to the beginning of September and I need to be assured that I will  NOT find a further £49.99 is taken from my account on or about the 24th September.  I DO NOT HAVE THE OLD E-MAIL ADDRESS which was used when I took out the security with AVG.   PLEASE WILL SOMEBODY HAVE THE DECENCY TO STOP TAKING ANY MORE MONEY FROM MY BANK  ACCOUNT. I SUPPOSE IT IS TOO MUCH TO EXPECT THEY WILL DO THE DECENT THING AND REPAY ME FOR THE ALMOST £200 they have taken from me.

Best Answer chosen by Elizbeth Neilly
Nisha SivakumarNisha Sivakumar (AVG)
Hello Elizbeth.

We're sorry for any inconvenience caused.
We acknowledge your refund request. You were charged because of the auto-renewal.
Our system did send a prior email notification about this process and the charge that is going to be taken.
In your case, the reminder email has sent to you on 08/07/2021.

It isn't recommended to share account/order, personal info over this public post.
We have sent you an email to your registered email address regarding your refund request. Please check for the email and revert to us.
Thank you.
Reg DenneyReg Denney 
avg anti track has stopped working
can you advise how i can correct this
Best Answer chosen by Reg Denney
Midhun AloorMidhun Aloor (AVG)

Hi Reg,

We apologize for the inconvenience. We'll help you sort this.
Initially, could you let us know what exactly happened when you tried to access your AVG AntiTrack? Did you receive any error message?
If yes, please share us it's screenshot, so that we can check & assist you.
You can post the screenshot here in your topic. Click on Answer & then click on the Image [mountain symbol] & follow the instructions.
Secondly, please specify the operating system of your device & the program version of your AVG AntiTrack.
Thanks in advance!

Merv SohMerv Soh 



I have been using AVG and FortiClient with no issue for a long time. Recently my FortiClient is unable to connect to my Firewall for Remote Access, after spending many hours troubleshooting, I tried disenabling AVG and the FortiClient can connect immediately... 

Is there a bug on the recent updates or is there a way to workaround it without disenabling AVG? Thank you.

Best Answer chosen by Merv Soh
Nisha SivakumarNisha Sivakumar (AVG)
Hi Merv,

We're here to help.
Did you configure the Firewall settings as per the recommendation?

1, Open AVG Internet Security and click the Hacker Attacks tile.
2, Click Firewall options ▸ Network profiles - Change all the Networks to "Private" - Click OK to confirm it.

1, Open the AVG Internet Security user interface and click the Hacker Attacks tile.
2, Click Settings (the gear icon) in the top-right corner.
3, Enable the 'Internet connection sharing mode'.
4, Click on System Rules - Enable the "Allow File and Printer sharing" and "Allow remote desktop connections to this computer" - Click OK to confirm it. Please make sure all the tasks are enabled.

Check the status and keep us informed here.
Robyn StaceyRobyn Stacey 
How do I unblock an access denied error 16, from the Kmart (Australia) site

Best Answer chosen by Robyn Stacey
Dawn EmrysDawn Emrys

To resolve this on my iPhone/iPad i had to go into:
Under PERSONAL VPN, click on info of
AVG Mobile Security, &
Connect on Demand

This resolved my problem
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