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I use AVG Ultimate 2017 (paid version). I have the Windows 10 creator (latest update).
Everything was working fine yesterday.
After an update of virus definitions last night / this morning, some of my web pages are blocked. 
How do I get these unblocked? one of the pages is the facebook login and my own webpage on google sites.
Any help / advise would be appreciated.
many thanks

Best Answer chosen by MARION HARRISON
Abirami ShanmugamAbirami Shanmugam (AVG Technologies)
Hello Marion,
I am sorry to hear about this. Please open AVG  -> Internet Security -> Menu -> Settings -> Components -> Firewall -> Customize -> Network Profiles -> Change the network profiles from Public to Private and click OK to save changes.
Again, open AVG  -> Internet Security -> Menu -> Settings -> Components -> Firewall -> Customize ->Profiles->System Rules->Enable the 'Allow windows file and printer sharing', enable the 'Allow remote desktop connections to this computer' and also enable the 'Allow stealth mode for public networks'. Then click OK to save changes and check if websites works fine.
Thank you.
William McKenzieWilliam McKenzie 
Is their any software that I can purchase to clear 10066.  I have AVG Ultimate, but I don't think it recognizes it.  The manual fix appears to be very complex.
Best Answer chosen by William McKenzie
ShankaraShankara (AVG Technologies) 
Hi William,

Are you referring to the event viewer 10016 error. May we have the screenshot to identify the issue and assist you further.

Thank you.
Serge RogatchSerge Rogatch 
I would like to remove AVG 2017 context menu items because they make the context menu too wide in Russian language. The menu items I currently have are "Scan ... with AVG" and "Shred... with AVG". On the internet I found instructions for AVG 2016, but I can't find such settings in AVG 2017 (AVG Antivirus Free version 17.5.3022). The methods of older versions don't work either, because there doesn't seem to be avgse.dll in AVG installation anymore.
Can you provide the steps on how to remove AVG context menu items for the recent version of AVG?
Best Answer chosen by Serge Rogatch
BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (AVG Technologies) 
Hello  Serge,

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.
Your suggestion was passed on to concern team and you can expect necessary changes in mere future.
We recommend following the steps as mentioned in this link: https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/how-to-clean-up-your-messy-windows-context-menu/ guide to edit registry and remove AVG related records from there.
Thank you.
Brian LockyerBrian Lockyer 
I am so confused by the crap AVG site - I have 5 licences for AVG Internet Security and the software does not go to the next version automatically - when I go to the download site and search by licence number (as emailed through to me by that same site) it says "can't find it".....WTF.  Worst site EVER!

Is "Internet Security" the same as "Internet Security - Unlimited 2017" ??

Hoping someone can assist me get at the latest version for all my family PCs.

I have lodged a request in the site but that seems to have just just gone into the ether somewhere.

Best Answer chosen by Brian Lockyer
Alok KumarAlok Kumar (AVG Technologies)
You're most welcome.
Yes, you can contact us any time. We work around the clock.
Best regards,
Bob WingBob Wing 
I am having trouble removing AVG Zen or control. It would not uninstall using windows uninstaller so I tried the removal tool. It comes up with a xywidget debug message and nothing uninstalls. Something about redundant recycling. Anyone know is they make a better removal tool or special one for Zen? Help would be greatly appreciated.
Best Answer chosen by Bob Wing
Alan BinchAlan Binch
Bob, If applicable..  For your info, just in case that you are unaware, you can post the screenshot here in your topic. Click on 'Answer' & then click on the 'Image' [mountain symbol] & follow the instructions. 
AVG Guru
Chuck ScottChuck Scott 
I have AVG Internet Security 16.151.8013. My Windows 10 Pro (64 Bit) system just installed "Feature update to Windows 10, version 1703". Since that update, I've been getting an "Actions Needed" icon on my task bar for "Windows Defender Security Center". The warning is "Virus & treat protection. Threat service has stopped." I don't think I need it running anyway, but is there a way to tell it to simply go away and not bother me? Or am I wrong and there's some reason to try to restart it?

Best Answer chosen by Bhuvaneswari Vairavan (AVG Technologies)
Chuck ScottChuck Scott
Thanks for the info. I was pretty sure that having both on would be a problem. 

The curious thing about last Windows update is that it now in the "Windows Defender Security Center" where it says "Real-time protection", if I turn it off, it will immediately turn it back on. Same for "Cloud-based protection" and "Automatic sample submission". 

If I go to "Settings > Update & Security > Select Windows Defender" it just has a button to turn on Windows Defender Antivirus.

Windows does know that I'm running AVG. If I go to the Security and Maintenance page from control panel, under "Virus protection" is shows "AVG Internet Security is turned on". 

It must be the children at Microsoft playing around again.


Peter de VriesPeter de Vries 


Earlier this week my Norman Security Suite Pro was automatically migrated to AVG Internet Security.

After a reboot AVG told me I have now Basic protection, without a firewall. This doesn't seem right. I already created an account with the same email address as known by Norman, but it doesn't show any subscriptions. How do I solve this?

Update: Also, I have now a trial version, as opposed to a subscription till October 2017 from Norman (without a one month extention)

Best Answer chosen by Peter de Vries
Peter de VriesPeter de Vries


Browsing through comments I followed a suggestion in another comment. Clicked "Leave the Network", waited till AVG Internet Security downgraded to AVG Antivirus free and rebooted. After reboot I reopened AVG and logged on again with Myaccount credentials. Now I have full protection again. However ... AVG still says I have a trial version, expiring in 29 days. The old Norman licence was valid till October 9 2017. One -minor- problem remains to be solved ... :) 

Davy SaputraDavy Saputra 
I tried to uninstall my AVG, they asked for my password. I gave them the correct password, I clearly remembered. I tried all combinations of passwords I also use on other platform but everything that I wrote on the password box, they said it is wrong. I even changed my password 2 times. I thought that might help but nothing works. Now since I can't seem to enter the "correct" password, I can not uninstall my AVG anti-virus. Please help me out, any advice would be appreciated. Thank you. 
Best Answer chosen by Davy Saputra
Alok KumarAlok Kumar (AVG Technologies)
Hello Davy,
I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with AVG Antivirus uninstallation (http://support.avg.com/SupportArticleView?urlname=How-to-uninstall-AVG-AntiVirus-for-Mac) on your Mac computer. Please let us know if you're using the computer password to uninstall it. If not, please use your computer password (not MyAccount password) to uninstall your AVG Antivirus. If the issue still persist, please share a screenshot of the password pop up to assist you further. You can check the following link to see the instructions about taking the screenshot (https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201361)
Best regards,
Steve ShannonSteve Shannon 
Recently AVG free (on windows Vista) will not allow me to open Medicare.gov web site. (and others)

If I turn off AVG free, everything works fine.

The problem does NOT effect Windows 10

The problem started a few weeks ago when I noticed the following web site will not load.


AVG (Vista) free also blocks me from:
1. My banking web site login page.
2. Many AVG support sites

Best Answer chosen by Steve Shannon
Alok KumarAlok Kumar (AVG Technologies)
You're welcome Steve,
I'm glad to hear that the issue has been resolved. Feel free to contact us again if you need any further assistance.
Best regards,
Marceli KucharskiMarceli Kucharski 
I just launched CCleaner and (I like spectating Task Manager) then I noticed processes called TUAutoReactivator64.exe appearing constantly while CC didn't appear at all. For a moment there were 700+ of them. I relogged and they were gone.
Best Answer chosen by Marceli Kucharski
Bhuvaneswari VairavanBhuvaneswari Vairavan (AVG Technologies)
Hello Marceli,

I can understand your concern. Please let me know if you have AVG PC TuneUp installed in your computer. This process is related to the AVG PC TuneUp. When you disable an application using AVG PC TuneUp, this process will start to run in the background of your computer.
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