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Geoffrey Beresford HartwellGeoffrey Beresford Hartwell 
Once one has paid to register the Updater, is further payment required for any of the divers drivers,
Best Answer chosen by Geoffrey Beresford Hartwell
Ranjani BakthavachalamRanjani Bakthavachalam (Avast)
Do not worry, drivers themselves will not ask for payment. 
Jim PetticanJim Pettican 
Good Morning
AVG Secure VPN
2 year subscription £2.69 a month advertised >> why when at the point of sale it jumps to £5.00 per month…???
Rip off tacking place I would suggest
Best Answer chosen by Jim Pettican
Jim PetticanJim Pettican
Its now 3 days since my first contact with AVG regarding above ... Pardon me for thinking this VERY SERIOUS piece of false advertising has been put on the back burner >> or more to the point, totally ignored...
As a business operating to alleviate SCAMMERS >> perhaps AVG >> your company need to put its house in order...
Futhermore, I don't expect to have to wait until domesday for an answer, regarding your companies obvious and very wrong practice...
Jim Pettican
peter martinpeter martin 
Every time i put the activation key in it says there is a error, just do not want to accept it, this is now for the last 3 days. This is for my AVG internet security and AVG TUNEUp.
Best Answer chosen by peter martin
BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (Avast) 
Hello Peter,

We will help you with this.
We have sent an email for you to share the screenshot of AVG Internet Security "My Subscriptions" window and the error that appears for activation.
Open AVG Internet Security program interface. Click on "My AVG-->My Subscriptions" to get that screen.
Once it is received, we will assist further on this matter.
Thank you.
malcolm haynesmalcolm haynes 
hi i would like refund but keep getting email saying that i have to go to original email 
which i put on here but can now not recover it
how do i recover email
Best Answer chosen by malcolm haynes
BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (Avast) 
Hello Malcolm,

We have replied to your original post: https://support.avg.com/answers?id=9060N0000005N0t where you requested for refund.
Keep up the conversation from it to get further assistance regarding refund.
Are you getting the emails saying that you have to 'go to original email' when you try to submit the refund ticket through this https://support.avg.com/RefundForm?l= link.?
Janice VroomanJanice Vrooman 
I think I have ordered two subscripios and only need one .
Best Answer chosen by Janice Vrooman
BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (Avast) 
Hello Janice,

You have a 1 year subscription for AVG Internet Security - Multi-Device and also signed up for a 60 day trial of the same product.
Do you wish to cancel the auto renewal service enabled for the 60 day trial of AVG Internet Security - Multi-Device?
malcolm haynesmalcolm haynes 
Hi Ive had free avg for years and was offered free upgrade trail
I filled in app form and card details and was told it would cancel automatically
now have been notified by bank that £44.99 has come out of my account but since I have
had free trial I don't even have avg on my computer but have paid for subscription which I am not using
what do I do
Best Answer chosen by malcolm haynes
malcolm haynesmalcolm haynes
a refund please
Nicolai SchadNicolai Schad 
I have been getting this thread pop-up from AVG (internet security-paid subscription) for 2 days now:

Thread: JS:Agent-EGY [Trj]
URL: http://wpad/wpad.dat
Process: C:\Program Files\AVG\Antivirus\AVGUI.exe,

whenever I am online.
I disconnected the computer from the internet and ran a "deep scan" as well as as "root-time scan" set to automatically clean for "Viruses" and inform about "pot. unwanted programs", but it found nothing and once connected to the internet again, the same message pops up again.

This is getting really frustrating and somehow scary, appreciate any help and advice.

Thanks Nico

AVG JS:Agent-EGY [Trj]
Best Answer chosen by Nicolai Schad
Nicolai SchadNicolai Schad
Dear Avinash,
Thanks. Turns out there is/was no virus or better saying Trojan, but only false positives/alerts caused by conflicting programs and/or AVG.
A simple uninstall and new install of AVG internet security resolved the issue.
Thanks and all the best
A MeyersA Meyers 
It's a false positive. Does this affect the computer permanently or can you fix the issue? I have to work on things and this is keeping me from it.
Best Answer chosen by A Meyers
Priyanga SekarPriyanga Sekar (Avast)
Hello A Meyers,

We will certainly look into this for you.
False postives will occur with any AntiVirus program (different service provider too) as a result of new virus definitions added to the program's database.
Does the pop-up occur randomly or it happen when you surf the internet? If you could attach the screenshot including the detection dialog with See details in the bottom-right corner displayed, we will check the same and asist further.
You can post the screenshot here in your topic. Click on "Answer" & then click on the "Image" [mountain symbol] & follow the instructions.
Tuan NguyenTuan Nguyen 
Hello everyone,
I have a question on how to cancel AVG Anti Track auto-renewal from the 30-day trial. I know there is the user page to manage your AVG subscriptions but I don't think it is working correctly right now, is there any other way to contact the team on this matter as soon as possible since I don't want to get charged. Thanks in advance.
Best Answer chosen by Tuan Nguyen
BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (Avast) 
Hello Tuan,

There is an ongoing issue with our AVG MyAccount server and that is the reason you are not able to manage the subscriptions from it.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused and this will be fixed as soon as possible. Your patience is much appreciated.
As per your request, we have cancelled the auto renewal service for AVG Anti-Track (30 day) trial order.
Hence, you will not be auto charged for them.
Thank you.
Mike ManMike Man 
When I do a scan it stops at about 88% in sensitive documents.  It shows scanning payroll documents (I have None) and will not go any further.  I have not been able to complete a full scan in 2 months.  What can I do about this.  I run windows 10.
Best Answer chosen by Mike Man
Dinesh KrishnanDinesh Krishnan (Avast)
We appreciate your efforts in sharing us the screenshots, Mike. 
As repair didn't help us to fix the issue, let us perform a clean installation. 
To do so, follow the steps in below articles : 
Uninstall AVG using AVG Clear
Install/Activate AVG Internet Security.
Note : Please skip running AVG Remover while uninstallation process.
As it isn't recommended to share the product details over this public post, we've sent you the activation code via email. Please activate the program using that code & let us know the outcome.  
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