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Memphis BooMemphis Boo 
Ok i Have AVG Tune UP Now! Now i can install my driv--- (WOULD YOU LIKE TO SHHIZZING MAKE A PAYMENT TO GET THESE DRIVERS *that you dont have to pay for and are free to get from legit sites* FOR LIKE 2 CAD A MONTH?) ...... Really ok well ima check for a virus cause this must be adware so lemme check ...NO VIRUSES DETECTED... ok well the- SPEEDY COMMITMENTS NOT YOUR THING? RESOLVE PERFOMANCE ISSUES SLOWING DOWN YOUR PC for "free" GET TUNEUP PREMIUMMMM HAHAHAH 60 DAY TRAIL!! LOLLL PAY NPOW! REG RHGRHHJEHGSD ! ...... avg are fu- wait can't say that... are you fricking kidding me... How do you turn this stuff off cause AVG is adware itself.
Best Answer chosen by Memphis Boo
AvinashAvinash (Avast) 
Hi Memphis.
Do you want to stop receving ads for other AVG products?
If you have the latest version of AVG TuneUp installed and activated, please follow the steps below to opt out from receiving the ads for other AVG products. 

Open AVG TuneUp, click Menu -> Settings. 
Select General on the left pane in Settings window.
Under Personal Privacy, uncheck 'Show offers for our other products' and 'Show offers for 3rd party products'. 
Michael DochertyMichael Docherty 
Hi there, 

I wonder if anyone can help me.

I recently cancelled my ongoing AVG subscription, and received an email confirming it was cancelled. This was a number of months ago.

However, yesterday I received another email, saying my subscription was being renewed when my current subscription ends on 24 February 2020, and that I will be billed £99.99!!!??? 

Does anybody have any answers as to why this would happen? I've been very happy with my AVG products,  and continue to have a mobile subscription, but simply no longer need a subscription for my laptop.

I find it strange to receive an email saying it is cancelled, and then a subsequent one from AVG/ Digital River saying that it will automatically be renewed. 

Any advice would be much appreciated, 

Michael Docherty
Best Answer chosen by Michael Docherty
BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (Avast) 
Hello Michael,

We could not find a subscription for which you cancelled the auto renewal.
As per our record, you have an active subscription for AVG Internet Security (1 Computer) which still has the auto renewal service enabled.
Do you confirm to cancel the auto renewal service?
Digital River is our eCommerce partner which manages the online sale and distribution of AVG products and services.
Hence, you receive the email notification from them.
Neil HansNeil Hans 
On my home network, I am trying to set up my security camera system (DVR) to automatically FTP image (jpg) files to my Windows 10 PC.  It's a typical network setup...the DVR and PC are connected to the router.  I am using the Windows 10 FTP server service, not any third-party FTP program like Cute FTP.  I have AVG Internet Security (v19.x) and use it's firewall (Full Protection/Hacker Attacks).

When the AVG firewall is on (activated), on my PC, the DVR FTP doesn't work.  But when I turn off AVG firewall (after I unplug the internet cable from my router), the FTP works fine.

What changes do I need to make in AVG (or Windows 10) so I can FTP (locally ONLY), yet have the AVG firewall running and not be exposed to hacks/attacks?

Best Answer chosen by Neil Hans
BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (Avast) 
Hello Neil,

Let us change the network profile from AVG Internet Security and check the status.
Open AVG Internet Security program window.
Click on "Hacker Attacks-->Firewall Options-->Network Profiles".
If the profile was set as "Public", click and change it to "Private".
Click on "Policies" and then select "System Rules".
Enable the option that says "Allow Windows File and Printer sharing" and "Allow remote desktop connections to this computer".
Check the status with Local FTP and keep us posted.
Phyllis MurphyPhyllis Murphy 
I have AVG VPN on my android phone. It is very difficult to connect to. It either won't activate because it is hit or miss or else when i do manage to connect, it will disconnect itself.
Best Answer chosen by Phyllis Murphy
AvinashAvinash (Avast) 
Hi Phyllis.
We'll certainly look into this and help you resolve it.
Are you using a trial version of AVG Secure VPN on the Android device? Which version of Android are you using on the device?
Manuel RoosManuel Roos 

I have a problem recurring problem with billyjons.net, as it is infected with "other:malware-gen [trj]".

AVG says that threat is secured, but the pop-op comes everytime i go to a new website (oddly it does not show on avg.com :-) )

I can see, that others have the same problem and also the proces is chrome.exe.

User-added image
Best Answer chosen by Manuel Roos
Bharath RogerBharath Roger (Avast)
Hi Manuel,

We will certainly look into this and help you.
Please reset Chrome browser and check for the popup. Click the below link to show steps for resetting Google Chrome.
If you still receive the popup, please click the "See details" option in the threat popup and share us the screenshot of the same to assist further.
Timo KoskiTimo Koski 
no confirmation e-mail from you
Best Answer chosen by Timo Koski
Santhosh PannerselvamSanthosh Pannerselvam (Avast)
Hi Timo,

Are you looking for the confirmation email regarding the product which you purchased recently?
stan woodleystan woodley 
I have just purchased a new computer but cannot find my vpn can you help stan
Best Answer chosen by stan woodley
BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (Avast) 
Hello Stan,

Earlier, we sent email instruction to reinstall and activate AVG Secure VPN.
Did you follow those email steps?
Patricia HackenschmidtPatricia Hackenschmidt 
Three quick questions I can't seem to find the answer to elsewhere, including AVG support search.

1. How many entries can you make into the blocked senders list?
2. Is there a way to import a list of blocked senders? I'd like to import my MS Outlook list into it.
3. Does AVG totally block these entries (meaning you never see them) or just mark them as spam in outlook?
Best Answer chosen by Patricia Hackenschmidt
Santhosh PannerselvamSanthosh Pannerselvam (Avast)
Hi Patricia,

We will help you with the necessary information regarding the AVG AntiSpam component.

1. You can make infinite entries in the blocked list.

2. Yes, you can import the blocked senders list from the MS Outlook. This option is available under the AntiSpam component.

3. AVG will mark the blocked entries as Spam in outlook.

Let us know, if you need further help.
vincent carliervincent carlier 
How many subscriptions do i have for AVG Internet security?

I paid  for 10 devices but i also have to pay for one device.
Best Answer chosen by vincent carlier
Dinesh KrishnanDinesh Krishnan (Avast)
We've already initiated the refund process from our end, Vincent. If you're charged (€109.99) again, check your bank's description whether it says the charge is for DRI*AVG Technologies. If so, let us know. We'll look into it & help you.  
Ruth CurlRuth Curl 
How do I make sure that AVG doesn't do a program update with a new version that will not work with Windows 7. I am moving to windows 10 but it will take me some months beyond the Windows 7 end of life date. So, how to make sure that I am still protected as I move to the new system.

Thanks for any help.
Best Answer chosen by Ruth Curl
Sarath PriyanSarath Priyan (Avast)
Hi Ruth,

I would like to inform you that AVG programs will be compatible for Windows 7 Operating System after end of life date.

If you are facing any issues, please feel free to reach out to us.
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