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Gokul RajahGokul Rajah 
I am using HTC one, i would like to unlock anti theft from my phone. Today morning i changed my sim card and now my phone is asking for the anti theft password which i do not remember. I tried a lot but couldn't figure it out. More over i did not receive any mail to my inbox regarding the password. SO could you please help me out from this. I do not want to loose my data. All i need now is to unlock my phone with a new password. I tried changing may password online and other stuffs. But all i get is a negative result.
Best Answer chosen by Petr (AVG Technologies) 
ZbynekZbynek (AVG Technologies) 
Hi Inge,
You can unlock phone using web interface (https://www.avgmobilation.com/).
Please make sure your phone is connected to internet (wifi since new sim is not working).
Miguel GonzalezMiguel Gonzalez 
Device Name: GT - 19300
ID: (Can be provided on request if required to fetch my anti-theft password)
Email: migonjam@yahoo.com
Version: OS 4.3 AntiVirus Version 4.1
Type: GT - 19300


My phone, a Samsung Galaxy S3 has been locked with the Anti Theft Function of the AVG APP for android and I am unable to unlock it.

I had set the anti-theft and registered months ago however I cant even remember ever setting an anti-theft password.

I attempted to acquire a new sim card for the phone. After installing the sim card and turning my phone on the Anti-Theft screen came up stating, "This device is lost or stolen Please return my device migonjam@yahoo.com" followed by a "Please enter unlock password"

I attempted to reinsert my original sim card to see if that would unlock the device however it did not work.

Unfortunately I do not know the Unlock password, and attempted to use the website: "https://www.avgmobilation.com/en/remote-management" to try and unlock my phone, however I have been unable to as AVG could not locate my phone. I read it requires GPS and Wifi along with Cell Tower ID to locate the phone, however the wifi and GPS were both turned off when it was locked (and I am unable to turn either on due to the device being locked) and it seems AVG cannot locate the device either with my original sim card or without it.

I've attempted multiple times over several hours and failed every time. As it stands I am unable to change the anti-theft password nor unlock my device.

Could I please have some assistance with this matter, if possible could you tell me what the password registered as the anti-theft password registered to the device is, as I see that as the only way to resolve this matter if AVG cannot locate the device.


PS: (I also attempted the first 6 letters of every password I normally use but none worked)
Best Answer chosen by Petr (AVG Technologies) 
ZbynekZbynek (AVG Technologies) 
Hi Miguel,
You should be able to enable Wifi, during phone startup(with new sim it take little bit longer to lock it).
Jan xJan x 
Hi Alarm Clock Xtreme Developer

Is now not the time to change the GUI of Alarm Clock Xtreme?
I love the alarm clock it is the best function alarm clock.
But the GUI is no longer the year 2014.
Is it possible to update the GUI?
Like the App "Timely"?
Play-Store Link:

This point can make this product better
- Add a "+" status bar for make a quick alert
- Set a now alarm in 2-3 clicks
- Set the time fast like the Timely app

Thanks for a feedback.

Best Regards
Jan from Switzerland

Best Answer chosen by Petr (AVG Technologies) 
Jan xJan x
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: customer-care@avg.com <customer-care@avg.com>
Date: 2014-06-23 13:05 GMT+02:00
Subject: AVG Customer Care: MobileWebForm - 00960839 [ ref:_00Db0Jy90._500b07D6HU:ref ]
To: {My-Mail-Addy}
Best Answer chosen by Zbynek (AVG Technologies) 
Alan BinchAlan Binch
Joris WilsJoris Wils 
I have two devices with anti-theft. One, a phone, is locked out because I changed the SIM card. It =>won't<= connect to the Internet, because it has a WiFi and 3G problems that I do not understand. 

I do not remember the anti-theft password.

The other device, a WiFi tablet, IS connected to the Internet and is running fine. It has the same anti-theft password, 

=> How can I see the anti-theft password on the tablet without changing it? <=

P.S. That would be a very basic feature, so that I can write it down and keep it in a safe place. If it does not exist, and I think it does not, then should take this product off the market. It is not ready for a mass market. Also your support is too slow. I have PRO service on the phone, but I have heard nothing for hours.

Best Answer chosen by Petr (AVG Technologies) 
ZbynekZbynek (AVG Technologies) 
Unfortunately, lose/forgot phone is easy a lot of people doesn't use any password on lock screen.
Google account is logged in, any one would have access to that password.
Elli MalkiElli Malki 
I tried the usual method but I get an error message
Best Answer chosen by Petr (AVG Technologies) 
Elli MalkiElli Malki
OK. I suceeded. Thanks.
James WordenJames Worden 
I have two of the same avg's on my phone. Why? It does everything twice. Can't uninstall. Why? Can you help? Thanks
Best Answer chosen by James Worden
Alan BinchAlan Binch
James, Have a look @ this article (http://avgclick.me/UninstallDroid).
AVG Guru
Alan KnightAlan Knight 
I've just installed AVG Zen on all our home Andriod phones and tablets as we have AVG products installed. However, every time someone on any device does something EVERYONE gets a status update pop-up on their phone....very annoying. My wife wants Zen uninstalled because she's fed up with the pointless updates (its of no concern to her of my status of my phone on hers). I've gone through the Help and Settings but there seems to be no way of switching off the status updates apart from uninstalling Zen on the devices.
Best Answer chosen by Petr (AVG Technologies) 
JanJan (AVG Technologies) 

Hi Alan,

The AVG Zen is for the administrator only - to see the notifications - in this case I gues it's you. On your wife's device just download the AVG for Android or AVG Cleaner - no AVG Zen - and join those apps to the Zen network. This way only you will receive the notifications and only you will be able to manage other's devices. Your wife will have a peace in mind, not receiving notifications but knowing that you are taking care of her device.

Please let me know if you have any other concerns or questions.

Have a good day,


Thibaut RenauxThibaut Renaux 

I've got an issue with AVG since I have it installed. It works well and all, scans the device regularly and when new apps and installed, the widget works, etc. The issue is, I can't start the main app manually. Whenever I do it, it gets stuck on this screen: http://i.imgur.com/x2wyXRW.png (http://i.imgur.com/x2wyXRW.png" target="_blank) . Nothing happens, until after a minute where Android tells me the app doesn't respond; I can then either kill it or wait (which does nothing).

The only way to make the app wok again is to kill all background processes; if I start it again, it launches correctly, but if I close it and try to open it again, it goes back to getting stuck.

My configuration:
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
Android 4.2.2
Not rooted

I've tried reinstalling, and I've searched for similar issues but found nohing. Any idea how I can solve that?

Thank you.
Best Answer chosen by Petr (AVG Technologies) 
ZbynekZbynek (AVG Technologies) 
Hi Thibaut,
Please make sure you have latest version.
If you are able to run AVG even after killing all background processes please contact us as Alan suggested.
Frank AlinkFrank Alink 
Registration PrivateFix. After downloading the Android-app I get only the possibility to registrate with an Facebookaccount, which I do not have and shall not create. How can I registrate with my Googleaccoun? For which I do not use the two step verification!!
Best Answer chosen by Petr (AVG Technologies) 
Frank AlinkFrank Alink
Alan, I solved the problem meanwhile; thks for your support.
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