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Tyler PetersonTyler Peterson 
I tried installing AVG and got error code 0xe001c00d, can someone tell me what this means? I'm on Windows 10.
Best Answer chosen by Tyler Peterson
Vennila NagarajanVennila Nagarajan (AVG Technologies)
Hi Tyler,
Thank you for the information that you have provided. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Since the installation was not successful, use the AVG Remover tool. Please make sure to save all your work and close all open documents! Your computer will be restarted during the process. I would request you to run AVG remover tool based on your OS (32-bit or 64-bit) to completely remove AVG conflicting components and then try installing again. To determine whether your OS is a 32-bit or 64-bit, please click on this link. http://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/827218
To download the remover tool, please click on the below link to download AVG Remover tool for 32-bit: http://download.avg.com/filedir/util/support/avg_remover_stf_x86_2015_5501.exe
Please click on the below link to download AVG Remover tool for 64-bit:

Please feel free to contact us for further assistance with AVG.
Thank you.
Bob PuslinBob Puslin 
In VirtualBox I created windows 7 VM and installed AVG in it.(sorry for my English )
in my host OS I created folder named "Shared" . In VM I added this folder as Shared folder.
so I want scan this shared folder using avg command line scaner, but then I tried avgscanx.exe /scan="\\VBOXSVR\Shared" nothing happened. What is my mistake ?
Best Answer chosen by Bob Puslin
Kirupa BalasundaramKirupa Balasundaram (AVG Technologies)
Hello Bob,
We apologize for the inconvenience. Please follow the instructions in the email, which I sent to you and get the issue resolved.
Thank you.
Tobijah FowlksTobijah Fowlks 

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium SP1


So, my computer has been acting funky recently, so I started a scan with AVG and left. When I came back, the computer had rebooted, and when I logged in it told me that it had just recovered from an unexpected shutdown. I ran AVG scans again and it did the same thing. After this I made sure I did a scan with malwarrebytes (which I had installed before this problem arrose.) Malwarebytes went through the scan just fine and found nothing, so I ran a rootkit scan via AVG and it came back with nothing still. I ran another AVG scan after this and was greeted with the picture below, the longer I waited the more copies of that diologue box appeared. It should be noted that even after they started appearing, AVG was still scanning albeit at a slower pace.

The diologue boxes say:
"Unspecified error occurred in the following AVG component(s): - avgcsrva.exe"

These boxes keep on appearing until it eventually just crashes without finishing the scan.

I'm really not sure what to do now, unfortunately I don't have a system restore point setup but I do have the original OS disks in the event that I may need to do a fresh install of windows.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm really not sure what's wrong. Could this be a Virus? I get frequent internet browser crashes, frequent bluescreens, and many other hiccups that have started more recently.
Diologue boxes with error messages in them

Best Answer chosen by Tobijah Fowlks
Aravind GnanamurthyAravind Gnanamurthy (AVG Technologies)
Hello Tobijah,
We sincerely apologize for the difficulties you are currently experiencing. We request you to restart your pc in safe mode with networking and then click on the remote link in email instruction. They will analyze the exact issue you are facing. Your patience is much appreciated.
Please feel free to contact us for any further assistance. Thank you.
Rendell SibalRendell Sibal 
How can i remove this virus because it says "cannot be removed element not found". How can i remove this?
Best Answer chosen by Rendell Sibal
AvinashAvinash (AVG Technologies) 
Thank you for the information, Rendell.

We would request you to click on more details and check the exact path where it is located in your computer. Please go to that location and check whether the file exists or not. Thank you.
George HumphriesGeorge Humphries 
For about the last week or so, when I start my pc, AVG informs me that I am infected with the downloader virus, I then select the option to delete all, but each time I restart my computer it's back. How can I delete it permanently?
Best Answer chosen by George Humphries
Aravind GnanamurthyAravind Gnanamurthy (AVG Technologies)
Hello George,
I am very sorry to hear this. I request you to get connect back to them and let them know about your issue. They will analyse the issue and let you know about it. Your patience is much appreciated.
Please feel free to contact us for any further assistance. Thank you.
Bernie WilcoxBernie Wilcox 
My AVG has been detecting a malicous website attack - How can this be perminatly blocked ?
Can I send screen shots to this forum ?

Best Answer chosen by Bernie Wilcox
Bernie WilcoxBernie Wilcox
Hi Alan
Thanks. AVG Blocked exploit CaptureAVG Fake Flash Player 12-2915 CaptureAVG Fake Flash Player Capture-2
Amy HallAmy Hall 
I run a daily scan on my laptop and a few days ago it found 1 threat. I click on the veiw detections and it says Win32/Zmist  healed. I ran another scan it t & this threat keeps comin up and saying it is healed. What does this mean & do i need to be worried about it? Also how do i remove this so when i do a scan it wont keep showing up,it does not give me any options to click on.
Best Answer chosen by Petr Jezek (AVG Technologies)
Amy HallAmy Hall
Ok they can take their time. I ran another scan last night & now that threat is no longer showing up in the results. The only thing i can think i did different in the past few days is i put my laptop to sleep at night instead of shutting it down like i normal do everynight. Last night i had to restart my computer due to some updates it needed & when my scudule scan ran at the schudle time (9pm) the threat did not show up on that scan.
Philip WrightPhilip Wright 
 Problem updating Apache OpenOffice to 4.1.0
I posted this in General Discussion also.
AVG Antivirus 2014 reports IDP.Trojan.A8669E6C when I try to update my Open Office.
Please see the comments on the OpenOffice Community site:
 https://forum.openoffice.org/en/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=69563 (https://forum.openoffice.org/en/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=69563)
So this appears to be a false positive by AVG Antivirus.
Best Answer chosen by Petr Jezek (AVG Technologies)
Alan BinchAlan Binch
For help on your issue please try refer to this article (http://kb.avg.com/articles/en_US/How_to/How-to-report-a-false-incorrect-detection/).
celia cummingscelia cummings 
My Microsoft windows 7 Word has been highjacked by Wordpad.
Now saves all Word documents to Wordpad changing the format in the process.
Urgently need it removed. Also interferes with Google.
Can AVG remove Wordpad and my way ?  Can anyone help?
Best Answer chosen by celia cummings
KishoreKishore (AVG Technologies) 
Hello Celia. Thank you for replying us back. All the word documents might be saved as the wordpad file due to changes in the selection of the default program. I kindly request you to follow the instructions on the link http://bit.ly/1S4l2em to change the default program of your word document. Thank you.
Ann CowenAnn Cowen 
Hi, i'm running AVG Antivirus 2014. I clicked on what I thought was a safe link in an email that turned out to be malicious. The email was supposedly from SAGE accounts and read 'Please see attached copy of the original invoice'. The antivirus software kicked in and neutralised 3 threats. I ran a scan and nothing was picked up. Just want to check whether there is anything else I should be doing to make sure my PC is safe. Apparently the program is trying to download various Zbots, cryptolocker, ransomware and loads of other malware.
Best Answer chosen by Petr Jezek (AVG Technologies)
ZbynekZbynek (AVG Technologies) 
Hi Ann,
I it just email without any attachment AVG can't detect that email, no need to report that.
If AVG detected 3 treat and blocked all of them, it should be fine.
Do you experience any symptoms of infection (popups, slowdown, weird behavior, etc)?
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