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Marcin GomulakMarcin Gomulak 
I don't really need an info "This is a trojan. Trojan does this and that". I'm more into technical details on those. I'm working to reverse a trojan that attacked me and passed by AVG.
As far as I got into this, my trojan was written in AutoIt3 to crypt, then real trojan was executed to other process code. The trojan was written in C#, and executed VB assembly from resource file.

Testing with AVG on crypted with autoit3 file resulted in nothing.
Testing decrypted .EXE file from autoit3 cryptor resulted in Atros.POK
Testing directly VB assembly extracted from ressource file resulted in PSW.MSIL.AIHT.

Trojan contained C# library for keyboard hook and AForge library for video/media processing (probably to get webcam image), also this trojan stole cookies, passwords and was screenshot'ing.

I'm asking about more detailed info about those two Atros.POK or globally Atros (Is it related to keylogger builders/ready softwares found on hackforums?) and PSW.MSIL.AIHT.

If it's wrong category, than could I ask where I should search for such info?

Thank you.
Best Answer chosen by Marcin Gomulak
ZbynekZbynek (AVG Technologies) 
Hi Marcin,
You are right, unfortunately we don't provide such information to end users.
Brandi PattersonBrandi Patterson 
I need to re install AVG Internet Security and PC Tune up but I cant find my product key number 
Best Answer chosen by Petr Jezek (AVG Technologies)
Alan BinchAlan Binch
Brandi, You've actually posted your query in the wrong area! It should have been located here (!/feedtype=RECENT&dc=Windows&criteria=ALLQUESTIONS). Have a look @ this article ( from the correct area.
AVG Guru
Bard VosBard Vos 
Good morning, 

I have a professional version of AVG Internet Security. I also use cloud storage with Justcloud. Since very recently I am receiving virus threat messages via AVG for my Justcloud service. 
I have spoken to Justcloud and they claim that AVG is deliberately blocking their software...

I am relying on my pc for work and I need to do online back ups frequently. I do not wish to compromise my security. The "professional" reply I received from Justcloud was: " Up to you really who you want to believe, us or them..."

Can someone give me some advice please: Is it safe for me to continue using Justcloud? What are the issues there, if any? Or do you suggest moving to a different cloud storage?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Bard Vos
Best Answer chosen by Petr Jezek (AVG Technologies)
Alan BinchAlan Binch
Johnny Rose LarsenJohnny Rose Larsen 
Hi. From this morning my firewall is blocking both IE11 and Chrome from accessing the internet. This happened after a windows update and reboot. At the same time AVG couldn't update itself. So it seemed like all access was denied. In the log it states that FilterDevice has been blocked. What is this ???
If I disable the firewall, it works fine, including AVG updates.

In the automatic settings, both IE and Chrome are allowed.
Best Answer chosen by Johnny Rose Larsen
Johnny Rose LarsenJohnny Rose Larsen
Problem solved by repairing AVG installation.
Tammy RothTammy Roth 
I know it has something to do with ads. When I go to a site, it almost always comes up with "waiting for" or some other ad name. It's really bogging down my computer. I need to find a way to permanently remove it if possible. 
Best Answer chosen by Zbynek (AVG Technologies) 
ZbynekZbynek (AVG Technologies) 
Hi Lyn,
I am sorry for missunderstanding, but popup doesn't say your computer is infected it just informs about threat .

User-added image
Victoria GivenVictoria Given 
Friday I  started getting a pop up entitled "File Download" with two windows. As attached, the name is cmp*.aspx from and a new box shows up about every 60 seconds, regardless of if I press Open, Save, or Cancel. When I press Open, I get this program that doesn't do anything. Do you have a resolution.
Best Answer chosen by Zbynek (AVG Technologies) 
Victoria GivenVictoria Given
Hi Zbynek - unfortunately we do not use Internet Explorer here - we use Google Chrome.  However I was able to delete the AVG Search update or something like that and fixed the issue.
edward trianceedward triance 
Thanks for the reference Alan. It seems that Norman Antivirus, whatever that may be is not likely to be any more effective than AVG. Also I'm grateful for confirmation from AVG that it is never advisable to run two anti virus programs at the same time.
  What concerns me is that my ISP advises that we have only a limited opportunity to ensure protection. We are given a maxim of 10 days from now to protect ourselves. After this time the  NCA anticipates the malware will have been adaped to overcome counter measures.
I appreciate the AVG staff comments but I'm not confident that a less knowledgeable user like me will know how to detect the suspicious activities mentioned even though we take every reasonable precaution. I suppose we must rely on AVG to continually search for new ways to protect us. It would be nice to get some positive reassurance from them.
Best Answer chosen by Petr Jezek (AVG Technologies)
Alan BinchAlan Binch
For ref purposes user edward triance's other posting ( re this subject.. GOZeus and Crytolocker threat.
Salvador WolfSalvador Wolf 

I just updated my AVG free protection to build 4744 and chose to get the 30 day premium trial. Now, I can't access any websites through any browser when the AVG firewall is turned on... As soon as I turn it off I can.

Please help.

Best Answer chosen by Petr Jezek (AVG Technologies)
Bruce SawyerBruce Sawyer
Salvador, try repairing via Control Panel - Uninstall a program - AVG - Change - Repair.
AVG Swami
J SignJ Sign 
tried installing AVG 2015 for windows 8.1 and window came up that i had a virus and call 877-720-7842. then seveal windows open and would not shut down. Uninstalled AVG, but scared about virus. Anyone know what is happening.
Best Answer chosen by J Sign
ShriThillak RaviShriThillak Ravi (AVG Technologies)
Hello Sign. I am sorry to know that. I wasn't able to pull up your account details. May I know the registered email address while purchasing? If you have a free software, it wouldn't remove all the viruses since it has only less features. I request you to purchase the product and you will be definitely secured since it's an award winning product. However I cannot ensure whether or not if it's a virus. I suggest you to contact our technical support team using the following link : . They would be able to determine that. Thank you.
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