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Marion TeichmanMarion Teichman 

URL Phishing

So a few months ago I went to a website that I use daily and all of a sudden Threat secured popped up URL: Phishing.  I put the website on the exceptions list with zero success.  In order for me to go to the website I have to turn off the web shield.  Then it works fine. I should not have to do this for one website!  I contacted AVG though the help area and had a rep sign into my computer to try to fix the problem.  Something that he said would take a few minutes to fix turned into an hour and still not been fixed.  He could not find the issue and said I should uninstall google chrome because that was obviously the problem.  I did this, rebooted the computer, installed a fresh version with no success as well.  I tried opening the website with internet explorer and have the same problem.  I have the paid version of AVG and want this website added to the exception list.  If I am paying for a service I would like for my problem to be fixed without having to jump through several hoops (which obviously did not help).  I pay for AVG to keep my computer safe not cause me a headache.   
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-980888528-980888528 (Avast)
Hello Marian,
We appreciate your efforts & patience in trying to resolve the issue. The issue might have fixed in the recent update, do you still receive this threat notification?
Please share the screenshot of it and the version of AVG you have installed. We will collect logs and forward to senior team to determine the exact cause.

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-980888528-980888528 (Avast)
Hello Marian,
We appreciate your efforts & patience in trying to resolve the issue. The issue might have fixed in the recent update, do you still receive this threat notification?
Please share the screenshot of it and the version of AVG you have installed. We will collect logs and forward to senior team to determine the exact cause.
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Marion TeichmanMarion Teichman
URL ERRORcannot be reach web errorwebsite in exception list
Marion TeichmanMarion Teichman
I received an email stating to uninstall google crome and reinstall.  If someone had read my message above it clearly states that I did this.after speaking to the remote team and them connecting to my computer trying to fix the issue.  I refuse to allow this again.  Apparently the skilled technician was not as skilled as suggested?  He originally told me it would take a "few" moments to fix, he went through all the steps that I had already tried and got new where.
Hello Marion,

This is follow up email regarding the threat popup issue.

We have tried all the trouble shooting steps. But the issue is still persists. So we request you to reinstall the google chrome browser to fix the issue. ***ALREADY DONE SEE PREVIOUS MESSAGE

If you are facing same issue after reinstall the google chrome. Please follow the below instrctions to connect with our remote team. we will check and help you further.

Please click on this link to submit the fales positive for the website that you are facing the issue : https://www.avg.com/en-us/false-positive-file-form  DOING THIS NOW
We would like to offer you a free remote assistance service as a best way of resolving it.
A skilled AVG technician can remotely connect to your computer via a secure connection and fix the issue quickly and effectively.
You can start the remote connection at your convenience, the service is available 24/7. You will be able to watch the progress and chat with the technician until the issue is resolved to your satisfaction.
Santhosh PannerselvamSanthosh Pannerselvam (AVG)
Marion, we could see that you have contacted our remote technician.

We are sorry for the confusion.

Please submit a false positive for the website through this link https://www.avg.com/en-ww/false-positive-file-form

Once you submit the false positive, our developers team will investigate the issue further and provide you a necessary solution.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused.
Sandra DeckerSandra Decker
Also having trouble with the URL:Phishing today.  I am using Microsoft Edge browser.  When I exit my banking site and close the browser and go bank into the site, it's okay.  Next time, the warning comes up again. Hurricane bearing down on me so I can't hang around any longer.  
Paul NPaul N
Marion, this looks like a problem with AVG working well with the Chrome browser. For me, changing to Firefox worked, but can confirm that it is an AVG bug relating to Chrome.
Scott CampanellaScott Campanella
I've used the false positive form and can't seem to get any help. I have a GOOGLE SITE with a CUSTOM URL (www.rocpaperservice.com), and had to add all canonical variants to the exceptions list to get it to come up on my fresh Windows 10 reloaded PC. There is no PHISHING problem with this site - please look into this!
Dinesh KrishnanDinesh Krishnan (AVG)
Hi Scott,

We're glad to look into this & help you.
In order to track the false positive submitted by you, write back to us in your own/individual post. It will reveal us your email address. Also, while writing back, share us the screenshot of the threat notification that you receive from AVG after clicking on 'See Details' in the pop up. 
Thank you for your understanding in advance!
Sandro Marc-CharlesSandro Marc-Charles

I'm having the exact same issue. I have a google domain with a custom url. I've also tried forwarding the domain. I get the same URL Phising threat warning and I cannot connect to my own website. I submitted the domain (medicalbillingaccountrecovery.com) to the avg via the false positive link. This was 4 days ago. How long should the correction take. My website launch is now delayed. I can successfully access the site via a computer not using AVG, but I don't want my potential prospects that are using AVG to run into this issue.
Santhosh PannerselvamSanthosh Pannerselvam (AVG)
Hi Sandro,

We understand your concern.

We will help you with the necessary information.

Please contact us through a separate post to assist you further.

Thank you.
Randall RockeRandall Rocke
I have this exact problem today, and cannot open the site of our city newspaper. (I was not usiing Chrome to access this site)
Dinesh KrishnanDinesh Krishnan (AVG)
Hi Randall,

We're glad to look into this & help you.
To further investigate on this, we request you to write back to us in your own post including the screenshot of the threat notification after clicking on 'see details' in it for better clarity.
Thank you for your understanding in advance!
Bhanu BobbaBhanu Bobba
AVG started blocking online classes attended by my daughter after I upgraded to paid version!
How do i enable the URL and mark it 'safe'?
Hari ShankarHari Shankar (AVG)
Hello Bhanu,
We're sorry to know that.
We apologize for the inconvenience this may caused.
We request you to create a separate AVG community post by clicking the link below and post your questions in your own post, so we will check with your AVG account and help you with additional support.
If you confirm the website is safe, then please submit the site through this false-positive site and add the site to the exception list on the AVG Internet Security on your PC.
Please refer this article for step-by-step instructions to exclude the website.

Thank you for your understanding.
Terry GobleTerry Goble
Yeah sometime antivirus fail to detect the malware in website. I purchase Hotspot shiaeld pro plan and it failed badly then i purshase AVG Por plan and now i got no attack from website specially. All the way safe. You should double check the anitivirus is on and protection is also on. I got attack by cbd oil website and they try to steal my data.
Midhun AloorMidhun Aloor (AVG)

Thank you for sharing your valuable input, Terry.

If you need any assistance from AVG in the future, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'd be happy to help you.
Have a great day. Stay safe!

Troy ChasseTroy Chasse
I have the same problem now when I try to access my mortgage website. It just started doing this "connection reset" and blocking me from accessing my mortgage saying its phishing. After reading the posts here I have decided to uninstall AVG ang go with another program. I dont have time for thisUser-added image
Veeramani SivakumarVeeramani Sivakumar (AVG)
Hello Troy, 

We are sorry if you feel like that. We will check and help you to resolve it as soon as possible. 
  • Have you tried to access the same website on different browser like edge, Firefox etc?
  • Please confirm have you tried to reset Google chrome browser once and check it?
  • Let us know the exact website which you are unable to access.
Keep us updated. Thank you. 
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