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Zoltan GalZoltan Gal 
Hello I have AVG internet security, firewall block my chromecast.Please do something.I try many option but nothing happens.
My netflix not working,Videostream.and Couple App not work,just Youtube work with chromecast.
tell me what need to do ''Allow'' my Chromecast.
Thank you:Zoltan
Best Answer chosen by Petr Jezek (Avast)
ZbynekZbynek (Avast) 
Hi Zoltan,
If Google Chromecast does not synchronize properly please try disabling scanning of TLS and SSL traffic this way:
Open AVG and click "Options" -> "Advanced Settings" -> "Web Browsing Protection" -> "Online Shield" -> "Expert Settings" Uncheck "Web Browsing Protection" option.
Charles SubletteCharles Sublette 
I need to change the application rules for AVG's firewall on my guest account.

I have Windows 10 Home edition and added a Guest Account, as directed by https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/create-restricted-guest-accounts-windows-10/

As shown in the picture below "ineedhelp1", AVG has control over my firewall.

Picture below titled, "ineedhelp2", is the message I get when I attempt to change the application rules for my guest account.

I need to change the application rules for AVG's firewall on my guest account.
How can I do this?
Best Answer chosen by Charles Sublette
Santhosh PannerselvamSanthosh Pannerselvam (Avast)
Charles, we appreciate your patience.

We have consulted with our Senior team regarding this issue and found that the steps which you performed is not a workaround, it is the exact fix.

Initially AVG blocked the settings, when you tried to give the permission to your guest account. This is because the account was created in the "local group guests", instead of "local group User".

However, when you changed the account back to "Local group User" the permission was granted again.

So, we can assure you that the issue has been fixed.

We appreciate your efforts.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
lee kiewfonglee kiewfong 
I refer to (order number removed). It was an auto renew subscription. I wanted to cancel it earlier but was unable to find the site to do it until now. Can I get a partial refund ?
Please advise. Thank you.

Lee Kiew Fong
Best Answer chosen by lee kiewfong
Priyanga SekarPriyanga Sekar (Avast)
Hello Lee,
We are glad to help you with that.
We request you not to post order details in a public forum. Reason being, privacy concerns.
You have been charged USD 79.99 for the standard purchase of AVG Secure VPN on November 9, 2019.
Since it is under our refund policy (30 days), your order is eligible for a full refund. May I go ahead and process a full refund?
Damon LakeDamon Lake 
why are you taking so long to update the database for the antivirus?
Best Answer chosen by Damon Lake
Damon LakeDamon Lake
When are you guys going to fix the problem?
Lauris ZgirskisLauris Zgirskis 
Hello. I want a refund for  AVG-Antitrack. This software isn't ready for sale, I reported many problems,and they are not fixed. I'm tired all of this,so I want refund. I'm sorry, but I waited 2 months.

Best wishes,
Best Answer chosen by Lauris Zgirskis
Dinesh KrishnanDinesh Krishnan (Avast)
Hi Lauris,

This isn't the experience we want you to have. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused.
Upon checking our records, we see that you've experienced issues with AVG AntiTrack in the past & we're unable to fix them when you reached us.
Hence, as requested, we've initiated the refund process & an email confirming the same has been sent to you.
For further queries, feel free to write back to us.
Aaliyah PasbyAaliyah Pasby 
Hello! I need some help, I recently got the AVG TuneUp free trial via the AVG Antivirus Free application, I paid for the free trial using my email "thekawaiishade@gmail.com" and the PayPal associated with the email, I never had an AVG account until today and signed up, then logged into the AVG website and AVG TuneUp application in hopes that I would be able to cancel the subscription after a certain period of time, it doesn't show my subscription via the website so I am not able to cancel it, I also used a different email called "chocolatevaray@gmail.com" due to the fact it said that the email I used to pay for the free trial was already in use, but I never made an account with the email before, so I used the email "chocolatevaray@gmail.com" to create the account, I didn't get a payment confirmation email to either one of my emails and I'm lost, I'd like to be able to cancel my subscription before I have to pay (payment starts January 6th), and I also used my father's credit card because he allowed me too as long as its cancelled before he gets charged, and yes I am 14 years old but trust me I know more than you think, can someone please respond to this message to help me out? If needed I'll provide a screenshot of TuneUp, my AVG subscriptions on this account, and my account on AVG TuneUp, thank you so much if you're able to help me out.
Best Answer chosen by Aaliyah Pasby
AvinashAvinash (Avast) 
Hi Aaliyah.
Thank you for reaching us here, we'll certainly help with your request.
I have cancelled the automatic renewal of AVG TuneUp (60 day trial) and assure you will not be charged for its renewal.
An email confirmation has been sent to your registered email address, check your inbox and spam box as well.
Sorry to hear that you could not cancel it from your end. 
Ron NewfieldRon Newfield 
Having established that when the AVG disk driver avgsrdisk.sys is installed, Windows 7 WEI fails consistently, I have found a much worse problem :-
If avgsrdisk.sys is removed, renamed or corrupted, then Windows will not boot at all, not even in safe mode!
You can't boot at all using any of the safe mode options, forcing a Windows re-install.
This is a very important issue for an anti-virus program - If something gets onto your system somehow and just renames avgsrdisk.sys, then your system becomes un-bootable.
The only way round this without a complete Windows re-install is to get into Dos mode via the Windows recovery disk (If you have one) and re-instate avgsrdisk.sys from a backup.
This is a serious security problem.
Best Answer chosen by Ron Newfield
Ron NewfieldRon Newfield
They are not going to fix this.
This was first reported over 6 months ago and they say they can't even reproduce the problem, despite many people reporting the same problem on various operating systems.
All they need to do is delete or rename avgsrdisk.sys and EVERY version of Windows will fail to load, even into safe mode.
If anyone is doing a complete re-install of Windows for any reason, then just delete or rename avgsrdisk.sys and see how far a reboot gets.
Report the failures to this thread and maybe they will get their engineers to look at it properly.

I am afraid that the ONLY fix for this is to do a complete re-install of Windows.
Ronald RutterRonald Rutter 
My AVG tune up is telling me it is out of date but it is not
Best Answer chosen by Ronald Rutter
AvinashAvinash (Avast) 
Hi Ronald.
We're here to help.
By saying out of date, do you mean it is reporting that it has expired? I see that you have an active subscription of AVG Internet Security Multi-device but no active subscription for AVG TuneUp under the email address that you used to contact us here. Could it be possible that you have registered it under a different email address?
Mike DascombeMike Dascombe 
AVG confirmed by email my successful completion of their protocol to unsubscribe weeks ago (mid October), nevertheless Digital River has today (November 5) billed my credit card for auto renewal. Is this lack of communication between AVG and Digital River about AVG current subscribers due to inefficiency or is it something else?
Best Answer chosen by Mike Dascombe
Sarath PriyanSarath Priyan (Avast)

I apologize on behalf of my colleague for not commenting on subscription cancellation notification email.

May I know how did you raise the request? Did you click on unsubscribe button from AVG MyAccount page?

Did you receive the above email to this mi********mbe@gmail.com?

Keep us posted!
Andre Du ToitAndre Du Toit 
Since I purchased and installed AVG Internet Protection, I am unable to send emails.  Incoming emails is working fine.
Best Answer chosen by Andre Du Toit
Priyanga SekarPriyanga Sekar (Avast)
Hello Andre,
We will help you to resolve the issue.
Please disable AVG temporarily as mentioned here and verify the status.
Keep us updated on the progress.
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