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Douglas ThorntonDouglas Thornton 
After the last Ultimate upgrade to 18.3.3051, the program fails to enable "hacker attacks" and "payments" Sometimes , upon computer start up , it shows them working, other times they are dis-abled. I initially contacted AVG tech support and they wanted to charge me to "fix the problem".
I have been using a back up I made , when the program was working, to restore it each time the 2 items are non-functional. 

I have been purchasing AVG for quite a number of years and have always liked the software.
Now I am considering switching to another company's product.

Any ideas ?

Best Answer chosen by Douglas Thornton
Douglas ThorntonDouglas Thornton
Thank you,

I was not given a case #.

I removed and re-installed as you suggested. I will be waiting for the update to resolve the other issue.

Hope this will resolve all, eventually...

Roderik SidorRoderik Sidor 
Hello guys,

So i got this problem. I turned on my computer and i got message from AVG that my license expired, though it is due to mid June. So they offered me this deal that instead of $59 for a year i can get it for $19 or something like that but thats not the point. So I was about to purchase it but then they offered me Avast Premium for like half a price the original so I bought that one and now when i try to install Avast it always shows some errors but seems like me AVG got all the additional services that were promised in Avast. My question is, should I just uninstall AVG and install Avast or just leave it like that? Also, now my AVG shows that i have license for another 60 days but i already bought Avast, any suggestions what to do about it ? 
Best Answer chosen by Roderik Sidor
KarthikeyanKarthikeyan (AVG Technologies) 
Hello Roderik,

You have an active subscription of AVG Internet Security valid till 6/17/2018.

If you have purchased Avast security, you can uninstall AVG from your computer and install this latest version of Avast program on your computer.

You cannot install both this products together, as they will conflict with each other.
Frans KruftFrans Kruft 
Hi My avg internet security says I am fully protected, but the hacker attack says I have to put on enhanced firewall. This does not work.. But going through settings components it says my enhanced firewall is on. I notice the last couple of days a lot of blocked items in the logs. Can you help please. Thanks Frans.
Best Answer chosen by Frans Kruft
Alok KumarAlok Kumar (AVG Technologies)
Hello Frans,
I understand the inconvenience caused. Could you share a screenshot of your AVG Internet Security User Interface to assist you further?
You can post the screenshot here on your topic. Click on 'Answer' & then click on the 'Image' [mountain symbol] & follow the instructions.
Best regards,
Jagannath AdaviJagannath Adavi 
After a clean instal of Windows 10, I downloaded and installed my licensed copy of AVG PC Tuneup. I opted to scan drive C, and was prompted to restart the PC, which I did. Now the message is:"Scanning and repairing drive (C): 11% complete". The scan is stuck at 11% for about an hour. What should I do?
Best Answer chosen by Jagannath Adavi
BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (AVG Technologies) 
Hello Brett,

I understand the inconvenience.
To be sure, have you followed the steps as mentioned (here) to stop disk scan?
Scott WeberScott Weber 
I have tried to scheudle a weekly scan, but after the date and time of the scheuled scan passes, AVG continues to state "Last Computer Scan:  Never"

Any idea why it will not work?
Best Answer chosen by Scott Weber
Ranjani BakthavachalamRanjani Bakthavachalam (AVG Technologies)

Sorry to hear this, we request you to repair avgclick.me/RepairAVG your AVG program, restart your device, initiate the scan and check with the issue. Please, feel free to let us know if you require any further assistance. Thank you.
Gyula ViziGyula Vizi 
Dear support!

My 'hacker attacks' icon now says i am not protected and i can't activate it. 
what is the problem?
what to do? 

Best Answer chosen by Gyula Vizi
KarthikeyanKarthikeyan (AVG Technologies) 
Hello Gyula,

We are aware of this "Hecker Protection" not active.

This was reported as bug and will get resolved in next AVG update.

Your computer will be safe and protected by AVG.
Jeffrey BratterJeffrey Bratter 
Regarding the AVG Antivirus Free program I have been using with my desktop pc and two laptops for many years. I find that I am writing on this forum about incidents of instability, more often now than in the past. My virus definitions and Program files are always up to date.

This time, the "Last computer scan: 4 days ago" indication on the lower left side of the home page, does not reflect the latest scans I have done within the last four days. Those scans were Computer Scan, File or Folder Scan, USB / DVD Scan and Deep Scan. Each completed with Infected files: 0. A similar error occurs on my Lenovo laptop, but with "Last computer scan: 6 days ago." I did various scans in the last 6 days, including a Boot-Time Scan.

Why doesn't the "Last computer scan" indication, reflect the date / time since the latest scan? It used to say "seconds ago" right after a scan.

Best Answer chosen by Jeffrey Bratter
Jeffrey BratterJeffrey Bratter
I do not want you to think that AVG has not served me well over the many years I have used it. AVG has been good to me when it comes to virus protection. It has always intercepted incoming viruses and always quaranteed infected files. I have never had a virus deliver it's destructive payload, thanks to your program. I would recommend it to anybody who wants to keep their pc safe from the bad guys. I will always use it rather than another AV program.

But you have to work on the various glitches I have experienced, that take away the efficiency, reliability and fun of monitoring my pcs.
Pauline TaylorPauline Taylor 
I keep getting the message "you are not protected" in red on AVG free - there is also a cross through the Icon. I have reinstalled it but its the same. I have also repaired it twice.
Any ideas please?
Best Answer chosen by Pauline Taylor
Alok KumarAlok Kumar (AVG Technologies)
Thank you for providing screenshot Pauline,
The issues might be because of old/previous AVG traces.
In this case, I request you to remove AVG completely along with any previous traces using the AVG clear tool/AVG Remover tool and do a fresh installation of AVG Free Antivirus.
Please follow the instruction (http://support.avg.com/SupportArticleView?urlname=How-to-troubleshoot-issues-after-upgrade-to-the-latest-AVG-antivirus-product) to run AVG Remover tool and AVG Clear tool.
After the computer reboots, you can follow the instruction to download/install AVG Free Antivirus.
Best regards,
Carlo Federico VescovoCarlo Federico Vescovo 
There is a typo in the Italian installer for mac. Your programmers wrote "Per iniziare a installare Avast fai clic su continua" (in English "To start the Avast installation click continue") but the program I'm installing is AVG and the logo is the AVG logo.  Typo
Best Answer chosen by Carlo Federico Vescovo
KarthikeyanKarthikeyan (AVG Technologies) 
Hello Carlo,

Thank you for letting us know about this typo.

This will be checked and corrected by the concerned team.

Thank you for your time and co-operation.
Ale MedAle Med 


AVG Antivirus will not open for Apple Mac High Sierra OS 10.13.2. The app simply won’t open. I have tried researching online various ways to get around this issue but as it stands, I have no protection for my MacBook Pro. Unfortunately this is a fairly serious issue for me, as I have sensitive business clientele data which needs to be protected. I have used AVG for years and I exclusively use AVG as my antivirus provider, but I cannot have my laptop unprotected. Is there anything at all that I can do to rectify this problem? If not I will be forced to switch to another antivirus provider as it is in the best interest of my clients, but I would hate to do this as I’ve been a loyal AVG user since the early 2000’s and I have always felt that it is the best protection available. 

I hope that there is a resolution for this problem. I look forward to AVG’s help and feedback. To clarify, it is not that I want to switch providers, it’s just that I cannot expect to be without protection of some kind after the next 24 - 48 hours because it would be unfair to my clients to have their information potentially exposed. I have shut off my WIFI connection on my MacBook Pro which will remain off until I hear back from AVG as this is the only way to maintain security until a resolve of some sort can be reached. 

Thank you for your time and support. I greatly appreciate it and I hope to continue using AVG. I have recommended the software to clients and other businesses which I work with as AVG has been fantastic at protecting my sensitive information using both antiviral scans and real time monitoring. The AVG team and the AVG software is bar none, the best software available to Apple Mac and Microsoft PC users. 

Best Answer chosen by Ale Med
Ale MedAle Med
Fortunately, an AVG senior team member was able to get in touch with me and fix the problem. For anybody else experiencing this issue, this is the resolution provided to me by AVG's senior technical support analyst.

First and foremost, regardless of AVG Antivirus not opening its dashboard, the AVG Antivirus real-time protection is still running so your MacBook/iMac is protected. Your data and your clientele data (if you have any) is 100% protected in real time despite the AVG Antivirus dashboard not opening. This is the most important aspect to understand. Even if your AVG Antivirus does not open, do not uninstall or abandoned the software as it is constantly protecting you.  

Moving forward, to resolve the issue of the AVG Antivirus dashboard not opening, follow the following instructions. 

1. Open Terminal app
2. Copy and paste the following command (including the quotation marks):
launchctl load -w -S Aqua "/Library/Application Support/AVGAntivirus/launch/LaunchAgents/com.avg.userinit.plist"
3. Execute the command
4. Copy and paste the following command (including the quotation marks):
launchctl load -w -S Aqua "/Library/Application Support/AVGAntivirus/launch/LaunchAgents/com.avg.update-agent.plist"
5. Execute the command

You will notice that the AVG Antivirus dashboard immediately pops up. If it does not, open the app. If the AVG Antivirus dashboard still does not pop up, restart your MacBook/iMac and try to open the app again. This resolution fixes nearly any issue regarding AVG Antivirus not opening up for iOS High Sierra but it is worth a shot to try it out if you are experiencing issues on any other iOS version as well as it will most likely alleviate the situation.

I hope this helps a ton of people.

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