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Gertraut ZajicGertraut Zajic 
Ich wollte kein ABO nach der Testversion, aber jetzt habe ich ein Abo, das ich schnellstens wieder los werden will.
Best Answer chosen by Gertraut Zajic
Nisha SivakumarNisha Sivakumar (AVG)
Hello Gertraut,

We acknowledge your refund request.
Before we proceed with your refund request, for which you are fully eligible as per our 30-day money-back guarantee Refund policy I would like to take this opportunity to ask you what was the reason behind your decision. I’d be more than happy to assist you with anything you are facing in the shortest manner possible. 
Looking forward to your message and the opportunity to assist you further.

Note: For your convenience, we've translated the above content to your language using Google translator. 

Hallo Gertraut,

Wir bestätigen Ihre Rückerstattungsanfrage.
Bevor wir mit Ihrer Rückerstattungsanfrage fortfahren, für die Sie gemäß unserer 30-tägigen Geld-zurück-Garantie-Rückerstattungsrichtlinie uneingeschränkt berechtigt sind, möchte ich Sie bei dieser Gelegenheit fragen, was der Grund für Ihre Entscheidung war. Gerne helfe ich Ihnen bei allem, was Ihnen bevorsteht, auf dem kürzesten Weg.
Ich freue mich auf Ihre Nachricht und die Möglichkeit, Ihnen weiterzuhelfen.
Zerah SmithZerah Smith 
It's been couple of days and i'm still waiting Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia will be returned again in AVG Secure VPN. Because Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia is nowhere to be found in Asia Pacific and i hope AVG will fixed this.
The proof.
Thank you.
Best Answer chosen by Zerah Smith
Dinesh KrishnanDinesh Krishnan (AVG)
Hi Zerah,

We're glad to clarify this for you. 
Currently, the Malaysian server (location) isn't available in AVG Secure  VPN. The concerned team is already aware of it & Malaysian server might  be back in track in 2 weeks. 
Thank you for your understanding in advance!

Phat PhamPhat Pham 
Hi guys. 
The first word is the previous post I said 7 days but actually 30 days free experience. But after 3-4 days of experience, I deleted AVG, but then AVG still deducted my visa fee up to $50. I hope AVG will refund me . Thanks

Best Answer chosen by Phat Pham
Subhashri DuraiveluSubhashri Duraivelu (AVG)
Hello Phat,
We have replied to your original post. please check and revert back to us.
Thank you.
David TimsonDavid Timson 
Getting a block when loading into my Telstra modem ip saying " we've safely aborted connection on because it was infected with JS:Redirector-SE [Trj]  This is preventing me from looking at my modem settings etc, been fine up to two days ago. This is a local telecom companys modem. Is this a false positive you need to rectify as I havce done a full scan with AVG and nothing showing.
Best Answer chosen by David Timson
Rodney SammutRodney Sammut
I also have the same problem I have tried chrome and firefox browsers
Screen Shot
Marion TeichmanMarion Teichman 
So a few months ago I went to a website that I use daily and all of a sudden Threat secured popped up URL: Phishing.  I put the website on the exceptions list with zero success.  In order for me to go to the website I have to turn off the web shield.  Then it works fine. I should not have to do this for one website!  I contacted AVG though the help area and had a rep sign into my computer to try to fix the problem.  Something that he said would take a few minutes to fix turned into an hour and still not been fixed.  He could not find the issue and said I should uninstall google chrome because that was obviously the problem.  I did this, rebooted the computer, installed a fresh version with no success as well.  I tried opening the website with internet explorer and have the same problem.  I have the paid version of AVG and want this website added to the exception list.  If I am paying for a service I would like for my problem to be fixed without having to jump through several hoops (which obviously did not help).  I pay for AVG to keep my computer safe not cause me a headache.   
Best Answer chosen by Marion Teichman
-980888528-980888528 (Avast)
Hello Marian,
We appreciate your efforts & patience in trying to resolve the issue. The issue might have fixed in the recent update, do you still receive this threat notification?
Please share the screenshot of it and the version of AVG you have installed. We will collect logs and forward to senior team to determine the exact cause.
j kj k 
As the title says AVG crashes forza horizon 5. Ive added the file path as an exception but can not add the program itself due to microsoft store files are behind needing permissions to access. The only way to play the game is to turn AVG off. 
Best Answer chosen by j k
Jovana PetkovicJovana Petkovic (Avast)
Hello J K,

My name is Jovana and I'm with AVG senior support.
Thank you for reaching out. 

Our team is aware of this issue and they are currently investigating it and searching for a solution. We're sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

Meanwhile, you can either disable the shields while playing the affected game or try turning off virtualization in your AVG, which has been shown to help in some cases.

To do so, launch AVG and navigate to Menu > Settings > General > Troubleshooting > scroll down and uncheck "Enable hardware-assisted virtualization."

I hope this is of assistance for the time being until our developers can come up with a permanent solution.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Let us know how it goes, or in case there is anything else we can do for you.
Hi. I have just installed Driver Updater. When I open the 'ARE YOUR DRIVERS UP TO DATE' window and click 'SCAN DRIVES,' all I get is 'LOOKS LIKE YOUR OFFLINE' , when obviously I am not.
Can you assist please.
Best Answer chosen by GRAHAM CROCKER
Rakshith RajkumarRakshith Rajkumar (AVG)
Hi, Graham

We will help you in this.
Could you share us the screenshot of the error message? 
Refer this article for the steps to capture the screenshot : https://bit.ly/2Y6RCDP
You can post the screenshot here in your topic. Click on 'Answer' & then click on the 'Image' [mountain symbol] & follow the instructions.
hallary duffhallary duff 
I need to protect my browser. someone trying to access consistently to my pc. 
does AVG  provide such solution?
Best Answer chosen by hallary duff
Hari ShankarHari Shankar (AVG)
Hallary, may I know how do you suspect/confirm that someone accessing your browser?
We'd recommend you to install and scan using the AVG AntiVirus FREE/AVG Internet Security which is an essential security application that blocks viruses, spyware, ransomware, and other malicious threats.
Installing AVG AntiVirus
Scanning your PC for viruses with AVG AntiVirus

For safer online activities, you can try the AVG Secure Browser which contains built-in security and privacy features to keep you safe online. 

If AVG AntiVirus detects any malicious activity and shows the threat pop-up, please open the threat pop-up > Click on "See details" > Take a screenshot and share it on this post.

 If needed, please find a quick guide on how to take a screenshot here.

hallary duffhallary duff 
some time my browser working automatically I mean it start opening hundred time. once my data was hacked. I looking for solution to it so that I can protect my pc from the hacker. does AVG provide internet security plan. thank for anyone advice
Best Answer chosen by hallary duff
Nisha SivakumarNisha Sivakumar (AVG)
Hello Hallary,

We're here to help. 
May I know what browser you're referring to? 
Yes, we do have a product called AVG Internet Security. It is a Protection Software. Which Protects you from viruses, spyware and other malicious threats.
We request you click on the link below to reach our AVG billing team via live chat or call support to help you with the discount. 
Thank you in advance.
J EaglesJ Eagles 
Last Thursday, 19th March 2015 my printer worked fine. On Friday, when I tried to print something the printer took the paper then – nothing. I then spent the rest of Friday and Saturday trying to resolve the problem, uninstalling and reinstalling the printer driver and software and various other trouble shooting tactics until eventually, quite by chance, I sent something to the printer when my AVG virus checker was temporarily disabled and it worked. When my AVG virus checker was again enabled the printer did not work so a recent update of AVG must be causing my printer problems.  I have now discovered the same complaint reported several times on this Forum so I am adding my problem. I hope AVG will rectify this problem with haste. I cannot keep turning the virus checker off to enable printing.  I am using Windows 8.1.  I am not using the AVG Firewall. Is this issue being addressed?
Best Answer chosen by Zbynek (Avast) 
JanJan (Avast) 
Hi all,

We are really sorry to hear this is happening on your systems. We have prepared the hotfix which will be released as an update soon.

However you can follow below mentioned steps to fix it now.

1. Disable the AVG Self Protection (AVG -> F8 -> AVG Self Protection -> uncheck "Enable AVG Self Protection" -> OK)
2. Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers
- Show hidden files and folders if you can't se this folder http://avgclick.me/DisplayHidden
3. Replace the relevant driver on the system
- 32bit (avgwfpx.sys) -
- 64bit (avgwfpa.sys) -
4. Restart your computer and try it.

Let me know how it goes.
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