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david mcadamdavid mcadam 
I recently received notification by email that my subscription for AVG internet security had been renewed. I did NOT receive prior notification and I did not give permission and nor did I want it renewed. I sent you an email on 18 May informing you of this and to confirm that I DID NOT WANT IT RENEWED. I also said I did not want any subscriptions renewed in future and requested that you confirm in writing by email that this has been done. You have not replied.
Unless I hear from you within the next 5 days I will be taking this matter up with trading standards as you have taken money from my credit card without permission and I will also intend to contact HSBC my credit card supplier immediately.
I await you response and confirmation
David McAdam
Aso you have the wrong address on my account. It is 17 Greenbank Road, Chester CH23RW
Best Answer chosen by david mcadam
Alok KumarAlok Kumar (Avast)
Hello David,
We appreciate you contacting us about this payment. This order was placed for AVG Internet Security because you agreed to automatic extensions of your Subscription Period when you originally purchased your AVG product. We can assure you that we have not processed any unauthorized payments from your card or account.

I also could not find any previous contact using your email address.

We sent an email notification 30 days prior to the order being placed to let you know in advance that this payment was due. This also contained information on how to cancel your Subscription.

May I know if you want to receive a refund for AVG Internet Security - Unlimited automatic renewal/purchase?
Howard HablerHoward Habler 
When logging onto Microsoft edge a virus alert appears with a voice warning and instructions. It cannot be deleted or bypassed. There is no such occurrence when I log onto Google Chrome or internet explorer.
I currently have AVG Free coverage and have updated frequently, including today.
Best Answer chosen by Howard Habler
Alok KumarAlok Kumar (Avast)
Hello Howard,
We can certainly take a look into this. Could you share a screenshot of the warning message to proceed further?
You can post the screenshot here on your topic. Click on 'Answer' & then click on the 'Image' [mountain symbol] & follow the instructions.
karl kieferkarl kiefer 
AVG has been update and the data safe has been replace with (sensitive data shield) and i can no longer access my data 
Best Answer chosen by karl kiefer
Alan BinchAlan Binch
@ mat eus
Mat, If applicable.. For your info, just in case that you are unaware, you can post the screenshot here in your topic. Click on 'Answer' & then click on the 'Image' [mountain symbol] & follow the instructions. 
AVG Guru
Shoji FukumotoShoji Fukumoto 
I scheduled "Schedule Scan" with setting all files, using AVG AntiVirus FREE
It started at the scheduled time, but I have the following questions
(1) What kind protection scans does it performed?
(2) Do I have to schedule "Deep Scan"?
(3) I set to report the test result configuring "report file". Where can I find the result?
(4) "Last SCAN Date" in the first page is not updated after this scan?

Best Answer chosen by Shoji Fukumoto
BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (Avast) 
The reports file should be available under the path C:\Program Data\AVG\Antivirus\Reports and it is the same for any windows operating system that you use.
To be sure, have you clicked on "Schedule Scan" and selected "Report File" option from it?
Jeffrey BratterJeffrey Bratter 
Regarding the AVG Antivirus Free program I have been using with my desktop pc and two laptops for many years. I find that I am writing on this forum about incidents of instability, more often now than in the past. My virus definitions and Program files are always up to date.

This time, the "Last computer scan: 4 days ago" indication on the lower left side of the home page, does not reflect the latest scans I have done within the last four days. Those scans were Computer Scan, File or Folder Scan, USB / DVD Scan and Deep Scan. Each completed with Infected files: 0. A similar error occurs on my Lenovo laptop, but with "Last computer scan: 6 days ago." I did various scans in the last 6 days, including a Boot-Time Scan.

Why doesn't the "Last computer scan" indication, reflect the date / time since the latest scan? It used to say "seconds ago" right after a scan.

Best Answer chosen by Jeffrey Bratter
Jeffrey BratterJeffrey Bratter
I do not want you to think that AVG has not served me well over the many years I have used it. AVG has been good to me when it comes to virus protection. It has always intercepted incoming viruses and always quaranteed infected files. I have never had a virus deliver it's destructive payload, thanks to your program. I would recommend it to anybody who wants to keep their pc safe from the bad guys. I will always use it rather than another AV program.

But you have to work on the various glitches I have experienced, that take away the efficiency, reliability and fun of monitoring my pcs.
Jagannath AdaviJagannath Adavi 
After a clean instal of Windows 10, I downloaded and installed my licensed copy of AVG PC Tuneup. I opted to scan drive C, and was prompted to restart the PC, which I did. Now the message is:"Scanning and repairing drive (C): 11% complete". The scan is stuck at 11% for about an hour. What should I do?
Best Answer chosen by Jagannath Adavi
BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (Avast) 
Hello Brett,

I understand the inconvenience.
To be sure, have you followed the steps as mentioned (here) to stop disk scan?
Cindy TranCindy Tran 
Disabling "HTTPS scanning" did fix Firefox's insecure connection issue, however, I'm immensely concerned when turning it off. I've read through many Firefox forums and none of the solutions have worked (other than this one, of course). I'm wondering what the consequences are as I don't understand this fully, and if anyone has a safe alternative fix. 
(I'm not sure if this matters, but I scanned with AVG and found no issues or viruses. I also did a reinstall of AVG)

Thanks in advance. 
Best Answer chosen by Cindy Tran
BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (Avast) 
Hello Cindy,

I understand the inconvenience.
Could you share the screenshot of "connection error" appearing on browser to assist further?
You can post the screenshot here in your topic. Click on 'Answer' & then click on the 'Image' [mountain symbol] & follow the instructions.
May I know the operating system in which you are facing this issue?
Ken RuniclesKen Runicles 
I pay a lot of money for AVG Secure VPN, and yet, during the last 2-3 days, when I click on the VPN icon, I am simply getting a blank white square where the VPN page should be. So I can't turn it on and I can do nothing, it just sits there and I can do nothing with it. Can anybody suggest how to solve this please?. 
Best Answer chosen by Ken Runicles
Bhuvaneswari VairavanBhuvaneswari Vairavan (Avast)
Ken, this issue happen when the Microsoft Visual C++ redristribute file http://download.microsoft.com/download/1/6/B/16B06F60-3B20-4FF2-B699-5E9B7962F9AE/VSU_4/vcredist_x64.exe is not up to date. Please make sure you have installed the lastest files and also check if the Secure VPN services is started.

If the issue persists, please reinstall the program once and check the status. If you face any difficulties, provide the screenshot (http://support.avg.com/SupportArticleView?urlname=How-to-create-a-screenshot) of the AVG Secure VPN screen to check and escalate the case.
Frans KruftFrans Kruft 
Hi My avg internet security says I am fully protected, but the hacker attack says I have to put on enhanced firewall. This does not work.. But going through settings components it says my enhanced firewall is on. I notice the last couple of days a lot of blocked items in the logs. Can you help please. Thanks Frans.
Best Answer chosen by Frans Kruft
Alok KumarAlok Kumar (Avast)
Hello Frans,
I understand the inconvenience caused. Could you share a screenshot of your AVG Internet Security User Interface to assist you further?
You can post the screenshot here on your topic. Click on 'Answer' & then click on the 'Image' [mountain symbol] & follow the instructions.
Best regards,
Dilip SimeonDilip Simeon 
My PC has Windows 7 Ultimate; I've been an AVG customer for 15 years, and have always downloaded PDFs from libgen. Suddenly from May 2, my downloads are being blocked by AVG, with this message: We've safely aborted connection on dl3.libgen.io because it was infected with URL:Mal

Details given are:
URL starting http://dl3.libgen.io
Process: C:\Program\Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe
Detected by Web Shield
Connection aborted

Please tell me how to fix the settings for this, as I never had any problem with the downloads, they are certainly not infected. 
Best Answer chosen by Dilip Simeon
Ranjani BakthavachalamRanjani Bakthavachalam (Avast)

Thank you for connecting with us, let's work together to fix it.

Have you tried to add that site to the exception list? Share the screenshot https://support.avg.com/SupportArticleView?l=en&urlName=How-to-create-a-screenshot&supportType=home of the threat detection with full path you received to check with it. Click on "See details" to view the full path of detected file.
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