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Best Answer chosen by GAUTAM PUNJWANI
AvinashAvinash (AVG Technologies) 
Hello Gautam. Sorry to hear about the inconvenience caused. I would request you to reinstall your audio device drivers. If that does not help, please restore your PC settings to an earlier date as described in this article . Thank you.
John BothamsJohn Bothams 
I have been trying to purchase and there is no opportunity to put in any of the above labels so I cannot purchase!!!
Best Answer chosen by Petr (AVG Technologies) 
John BothamsJohn Bothams
It appears AVG have now opened the offer to the UK.. I got an email late this morning for £14.99 offer which would coincide Alan's finding the link now worked. So we have all been right all along - the purchase from the 99.99$ offer was blocked from the UK until today. IT may be my approach via the chat link got some action - who knows?

Thanks for your responses and efforts but I think it leaves some issues for AVG to sort out on their marketing offers. Bye for now!
Best Answer chosen by Petr (AVG Technologies) 
Alan BinchAlan Binch
Alain, Internet Security ( & PC TuneUp ( are independent programs. For info also have a look @ this link (
AVG Guru

Becky GibsonBecky Gibson 
I received an email yesterday from someone claiming to be Kate Walden, Customer Happiness Manager, Team AVG Billguard. It said that access to my bank card had changed, and the email contained a link that would "quickly fix it". I don't remember having a current account with AVG, and when I googled the AVG sign in page, it said my email address was not even on file! The email address that I use is one I've used since 2008, so I've had it a long time.

Does anyone know if this is a real AVG email, or am I being phished? It just "feels" funny - like a red flag in my brain went up when I saw the "link" to "quickly fix it". Please help!
Best Answer chosen by Petr (AVG Technologies) 
ZbynekZbynek (AVG Technologies) 
Hi Becky,

It doesn't seems to be email from us. It is wise don't click on links in emails if you are not 100% sure.

Jim JacksonJim Jackson 
i can not get back to my home page after avg ran a virus check on my computer. everytime i delete the avg status report and try to get back to my home page, the avg status report reappers, help
Best Answer chosen by Jim Jackson
Jim JacksonJim Jackson
i am checking out on this request for assistance , apparently all you do is sell the service but have no one to answer the questions of be of any help. you be assured that i will not be a returning customer.
Mark EvansMark Evans 
I have just upgraded from AVG free 2014 to AVG free 2015, but no matter how many times I install it and uninstall it I get the following error at startup

"Server initialization failed with an error 0xe001003e"

Then when windows does start up the active shield and identity protection say they are disabled even though they are turned on in the settings and I cannot update AVG.

 I have Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit

Best Answer chosen by Petr (AVG Technologies) 
Mark EvansMark Evans
It is ok, I used the AVG uninstall tool to wipe AVG compleatly from my system, then reinstalled it and it is working fine now.
Harry UnderwoodHarry Underwood 
Bought a new computer to replace the existing computer and I want to transfer my AVG protection on it. What is the procedure? 
Best Answer chosen by Petr (AVG Technologies) 
Alan BinchAlan Binch
Harry, You've actually posted your query in the wrong area! It should have been located here (!/feedtype=RECENT&dc=Windows&criteria=ALLQUESTIONS). Have a look @ this article ( from the correct area.
Best Answer chosen by Petr (AVG Technologies) 
Alan BinchAlan Binch
You've actually posted your query in the wrong area! It should have been located here (!/feedtype=RECENT&dc=Windows&criteria=ALLQUESTIONS).
Try this....
Open AVG.
In the top menu click Options, and then click Advanced Settings.
In the left part of the Advanced Settings window double-click Update to show further options.
Click Manage, and then click Delete temporary update files.
Tip: If double-clicking Update does not show the Manage option, click the [+] icon next to Update.
Restart your computer.
Open AVG again, and then click Update now to make sure your AVG is up to date.
Presume you have your automatic update schedule set up correctly?. See if it then auto updates again afterwards.
Tony AlexanderTony Alexander 
Recently had a bad download of AVG Zen and bought Express Install Support to get remote assistance. Got an invoice but no way to "Redeem Service. How do I activate this service?"
Best Answer chosen by Petr (AVG Technologies) 
Alan BinchAlan Binch
Tony, As you can see from the previous posting link the AVG Community Support don't work weekends. Perhaps you would also like to try  this new form link ( to get email/chat/phone support.
AVG Guru
Heidemarie VoigtHeidemarie Voigt 
how do i uninstall AVG free from my IMac, i tryed dozend of ways but nothing works
thanh you
Best Answer chosen by Heidemarie Voigt
Heidemarie VoigtHeidemarie Voigt
sorry but ican not click on anything on AVG
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