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Jill LockwoodJill Lockwood 
Be interested in your views.  I bought and paid for driver updater for 2 years at the cost of £27.99.  That was back in September. Yesterday morning AVG decided to take (steal) £29.99 from my PayPal.  I took this up with AVG and eventually PayPal.  AVG said they were passing my submission to another department.  PayPal say I wasn't entitled to a refund as I hadn't cancelled my subscription within 30 days.  Why do people not read what is written!  It clearly stated next payment due 2021!  So I fill out another AVG online form.  What happens?  I get a refund for £27.99 and lose my driver update.  Seems no-one is actually bright enough to realise they have taken £29.99 from me unlawfully and no-one wants to refund me this money.  It may not be a lot to many of you but as an OAP I can't afford to have people just take money from me.  I have been cyber mugged!!
Best Answer chosen by Jill Lockwood
Jill LockwoodJill Lockwood
Oh and for the record no email recieved in trash spam or anywhere else.  Not even an apology!
Kevin HawkinsKevin Hawkins 
I purchased Tuneup, downloaded, and installed it.  I'm logged in.  But I can't use it because it keeps telling me I first have to buy it.  But I already bought it.  Now what?
Best Answer chosen by Kevin Hawkins
KarthikeyanKarthikeyan (Sitel) 
Hello Joe and Kevin,

I understand your concern.

If this issue takes more than a week, we will certainly help you in extending the subscription of AVG.
B. GrimmB. Grimm 
I purchased the entire AVG suite: Anti-virus, Tune-up, VPN and Driver Updater (for 2 PCs). I had no problem loading all 4 apps into my laptop, but how do I load the 4 into my desktop and how do I load the applicable apps into my Android phone?
Best Answer chosen by B. Grimm
Alok KumarAlok Kumar (Avast)
Hello Barton,
I understand your concern, I'll certainly help you with this.
-AVG Driver Updater 2 computers (which can be installed on two Windows computer) here is the instruction to download/install/activate it.
-AVG Secure VPN 1 computer, which can be installed in one windows computer. However, here is the instruction to install it.
-AVG TuneUp - Unlimited, can be installed on multiple Windows computers and Android devices, here is the instruction to download/install/activate it on Windows computers.
-AVG Internet Security - Unlimited, can be installed on multiple Windows computers and Android devices, here is the instruction to download/install/activate it on Windows computers.
To install AVG Antivirus Pro and AVG Cleaner Pro on Android phones, please follow the below instruction:
1. Open Google play store app on your device. 
2. Search for AVG antivirus/cleaner. 
3. Locate and install the free version of the app. 
4. Now open the installed app. 
5. Tap on drawer (3 lines) on top-left of the app.
6. Select AVG Account. 
7. Enter your My Account email address and password.
The paid app will be installed automatically. 
Best regards,
Frank DawsonFrank Dawson 
My Tune up has suddenly told me I need to renew my subscription when it doesn't run out untill February 2019. I followed the instructions on the web but I can't find the license number anywhere. Help me please somebody.
Best Answer chosen by Frank Dawson
BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (Sitel) 
Hello Frank,

I understand the inconvenience.
Please provide me with the (screenshot) of AVG PC TuneUp dashboard to assist further.
You can post the screenshot here in your topic. Click on 'Answer' & then click on the 'Image' [mountain symbol] & follow the instructions.
Erick PomadaErick Pomada 


Is AVG gonna supported this ?


cause I don't see AVG listed in this list


Best Answer chosen by Jan (Avast) 
JanJan (Avast) 
Hi guys, AVG 2017 is compatible and adding the registry key since 1/3/2018.
M FosterM Foster 
Browsing the Community pages I am discovering that many others are as frustrated as I am at the latest release of AVG.  With no warning, it was installed, and there are no instructions for how to use it.  It is not user friendly at all to schedule scans.  Even if I do a scan, it keeps saying Last Scan:  Never.  That does not give me any confidence.  I hope AVG fixes it, as I am a paying customer.  But I will definitely not renew my subscription when it comes time for that, the way the software is now.
Best Answer chosen by M Foster
Mike PhelanMike Phelan
I'm very much with you Madeline Foster. My patience and that of my wife is fast running out. This arrogant company and their "AVG Technologies" personnel are treating theit customers with total disdain.
The answer to your question is probably not true as I have two computers, which I rarely use other than for storage, which are both still running AVG Internet Security 2016 on my 2 year subscription. Their virus definitions are being updated correctly.
I suspect it's the Avast management trying to be clever. The update was obviously not ready for release.
Best of luck to all of us.....
Mike and Dottie.
Declan O ByrneDeclan O Byrne 
I keep getting these AVG f$^&*( pop ups appearing on my desk top.  The latest in is one which says get your PC ready for the holidays.
Does any one have any advice on how to stop these things appearing?
I was in the middle of a time assessment when one popped up, and have mnore to do, so am not feeling very grateful about its intrusion into my private space and time at the min AVG.

Best Answer chosen by Declan O Byrne
Jeff McILwainJeff McILwain
try Adblock Plus? I use it for all websites etc and its free
e se s 
AVG AV Free: Version 17.3.3011

Three items have been quarantined, I wish to recover them. From the quarantine menu, I attempt to select the three items, then proceed to restore them but they will not remained selected. If i attempt to use the "Select All Viruses" they will not remain selected either. 

Is the recover/extract features ones that I cannot use until I have purchased your application? Or can you provide a solution for extracting these files. 
Best Answer chosen by e s
Paul WebsterPaul Webster
Same issue here - the first responder has missed the problem.
The quarentine menu appears - but selected items automtically unselect after a few seconds - too quick to perform the action (such as Report because I know it is a FP).
Win 10 (1703)
Alan JarrettAlan Jarrett 
I am running windows 10 and was using AVG Free 2015. I cannot uninstall it and I cannot download anything from AVG sight. It will crash both Firefox and Internet explorer whenever I try. I cannot update AVG free 2015 as it is. Help me!
Best Answer chosen by Alan Jarrett
BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (Sitel) 
Sorry Alan, in this case, we request you to download and run AVG remover tool by booting your PC into Safe Mode.
To boot windows 10 in Safe mode, please follow the instructions mentioned in this link: http://www.howtogeek.com/107511/how-to-boot-into-safe-mode-on-windows-8-the-easy-way/ . Restart your PC and check whether you able to download AVG Free Antivirus and install it.
Please feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.
Garry CooperGarry Cooper 
Since renewing my AVG protection the Snipping tool is no longer working. When I select it the screen goes black and nothing is visible to be selected. Any suggertions?
Best Answer chosen by Garry Cooper
Garry CooperGarry Cooper
Hi Kishore,
Many thanks for your advice, which I followed. It turned out to be Trusteer Rapport which was causing the problem, so I was able to reset the appropriate setting and now everything works beautifully! I am puzzled however as to why the setting was changed, without my personal input. Many thanks indeed.
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