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Jill LockwoodJill Lockwood 

Taking money from PayPal.

Be interested in your views.  I bought and paid for driver updater for 2 years at the cost of £27.99.  That was back in September. Yesterday morning AVG decided to take (steal) £29.99 from my PayPal.  I took this up with AVG and eventually PayPal.  AVG said they were passing my submission to another department.  PayPal say I wasn't entitled to a refund as I hadn't cancelled my subscription within 30 days.  Why do people not read what is written!  It clearly stated next payment due 2021!  So I fill out another AVG online form.  What happens?  I get a refund for £27.99 and lose my driver update.  Seems no-one is actually bright enough to realise they have taken £29.99 from me unlawfully and no-one wants to refund me this money.  It may not be a lot to many of you but as an OAP I can't afford to have people just take money from me.  I have been cyber mugged!!
Best Answer chosen by Jill Lockwood
Jill LockwoodJill Lockwood
Oh and for the record no email recieved in trash spam or anywhere else.  Not even an apology!

All Answers

BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (Avast) 
Hello Jill,

As per our record, we have already initiated refund for AVG Driver Updater £27.99 charge and an email was sent to you yesterday explaining the refund status.
If you do not see the email in inbox, do check in spam and junk folders.
Thank you.
Jill LockwoodJill Lockwood
Yes I got that refund.  But you owe me £29.99 that you took illegally from my paypal account yesterday morning for no product at all!
Jill LockwoodJill Lockwood
Oh and for the record no email recieved in trash spam or anywhere else.  Not even an apology!
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Jill LockwoodJill Lockwood
Email came in strangely last night at 9.46pm.  I am still waiting for my refund on £29.99 please.
Priyanga SekarPriyanga Sekar (Avast)
Hello Jill, 
We couldn't locate the another charge GBP 29.99 under the e-mail address you used to contact us here. 
Hence, sent an email for you to provide all possible email address and the screenshot of bank statement that shows this charge which will help us to locate the exact account. If the e-mail is not found in your inbox, do check for spam/junk folders as well. 

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